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Inkbunny Email Issues Mortician 2019/04/06 16:22:12 No.1572795   
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Alright, so maybe this is just me, but is anyone finding Inkbunny to be impossible to contact? Last news update on the site is from two years ago, their social media presence appears to be dead, and every email that I send just gets rebounded.

I've tried using gmail and I get the same issue.
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Anonymous 2019/04/07 00:18:08 No.1572947
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Make an alt account and contact an admin by PM

GreenReaper has a journal as young as 10 hours old as of this post
Inkbunny Email Issues Mortician 2019/04/07 12:45:51 No.1573151
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I did just that. I opened a support ticket and messaged him on Twitter as well, since it looks like he's active there.

I'm hoping he'll get back to me.

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