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File: L6nxryr_u18chan.jpg - (92.45kb, 1600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
VR Ferals Furrynomous 2016/07/24 18:40:12 No.1097515    [Reply]
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Edited at 2018/02/24 02:43:27
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Furrynomous 2019/04/04 20:39:17 No.1572045
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Fug, that link is dead
Furrynomous 2019/04/17 15:02:13 No.1577943
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anyone has a link to a newer version?
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 23:18:40 No.1581298
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FYI - I was able to get it to work on my Vive. Pressing F1 accepted the warning message and allowed me to see the feral goodness.

This was nice, but I wish they didn't hump like they were 90 years old. Needs a little more energy for me to really enjoy it.
Furrynomous 2019/04/25 00:50:44 No.1581327
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Straight stuff?

File: PQ-JFl1GRhO_nspzeaa8dUPVeoZa_lrUo9YO_htg0LZoEt0W6bQIwoL4XWyftzG1_u18chan.png - (1.22mb, 1957x1106) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Uncommon Breed (VN|M/M) Furrynomous 2018/04/15 15:33:09 No.1421850    [Reply]
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Demo for Version 0.03
The guys Patreon
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Furrynomous 2019/04/04 16:32:02 No.1572003
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He's added something to the newest build can someone give the link
Furrynomous 2019/04/23 22:22:41 No.1580902
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Anybody got walkthroughs for each guy?
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 18:43:03 No.1581222
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You dont need a walkthrough its barely any content yet why do i find people that say they need a walkthrough when there is only like 10 choices
Furrynomous 2019/04/25 00:50:30 No.1581326
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hot, where are the straight models?

File: RJ168339_img_main_u18chan.gif - (125.71kb, 560x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Club Dance Dragon Furrynomous 2016/07/25 22:00:28 No.1105611    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsedit (3)club (1)Show Less
It will take a while to download. Includes all 4 parts.
Edited at 2016/07/27 22:12:25
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Furrynomous 2019/04/23 05:23:32 No.1580478
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Furrynomous 2019/04/24 08:08:30 No.1581034
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Its surprising how little attenrion this has gotten. I only found out about it from this thread.
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 14:04:14 No.1581164
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Cause it's basic looped animation with flashy techno music and colorful overlays applied. It tricks you into believing its longer that it actually is. There is truthfully nothing special about it.
I mean, yeah it's GOOD, but it's "I'll donate to his patreon to get an animation every month" good. Not "This is a full length movie he should spend all his time working on" good.

There are better artists who publish A LOT more frequently who deserve your attention.
Furrynomous 2019/04/25 00:42:19 No.1581324
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So it's basically like most animes at this point?

File: banner_u18chan.png - (538.43kb, 864x488) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
High Tail Hall OFFLINE Tabby 2018/12/10 15:17:48 No.1526821    [Reply]
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High Tail Hall game OFFLINE package

This is a downloadable version for offline play. It's been promised by Crow for years but he just can't get shit done. So I've done one myself. And done some improvements and ton of bug fixes.

I'm not gonna upload this myself for security reasons.
Look for working download link by volunteers in this thread.

HTHvT0666.zip - outdated
Size: 922,516,365
MD5 sum: cfb04d54bb4b6f829bbeb907354b8d6a
(because you can trust no one on internet and everyone ca

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Edited at 2019/03/14 03:47:15
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Furrynomous 2019/04/24 17:20:04 No.1581197
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>as much finished and bug-fixed as you are used from official HTHstudios releases.
Then there is no reason for downloading, right?
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 17:58:10 No.1581205
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Unless you think the doom soundtrack would be the perfect backdrop for poorly animated flash furry porn, no its really not :)
Furrynomous 2019/04/25 00:06:15 No.1581319
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Is there gay content?
Furrynomous 2019/04/25 00:38:58 No.1581322
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absolutely none.

File: 1550623887.fek_6367119562-72303966_u18chan.png - (1.88mb, 1634x919) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Rack 2 v0.2.7c Furrynomous 2019/02/20 23:47:23 No.1554473    [Reply]
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Submit your ideas / species:

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Furrynomous 2019/04/24 13:46:59 No.1581162
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Same issue here, though if I clear my saves, how do I save my character so I can use that same character in a brand new game? I spent allot of time designing my main character because there is no easy way to place a damn decal with out having to delete it, move ever so slightly, and replace, rinse and repeat.

The game also seems wonky, for a while the new animations was working, then they stopped altogether and I get the message "not implemented yet" I think it is the old saves doing it. It also seems to somewhat "lag" a bit.

The previous version works great though so I would probably back that up and wait a bit for the kinks to be worked out, if I can bring in my old characters to the new game, that be great.
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 18:04:23 No.1581206
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Is there any way to edit things like the texture masks? The horse's nostrils being connected kinda bugs me and I found which nose mask it is, but editing it in the appdata folder AND in the game install folder do nothing and it remains the same.

Edited at 2019/04/24 18:04:48
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 21:30:27 No.1581267
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Is the Racknet forever just bugged at 0% or is it just unusable as of the current build?
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 23:41:34 No.1581305
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I can connect, you having other issues? It might be hard to nail down the issue.

File: 2_241_u18chan.jpg - (56.41kb, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Acheroth/CantStopGrowing Acheroth/CantStopGrowing Patreon I AM AN UNIMAGINATIVE TWAT 2017/10/14 04:24:47 No.1333470    [Reply]
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growthShow Less
Thread Tagsgrowth (4)balls (1)rat dick (1)davi (1)andre (1)Show Less
For the Growth-Fans. Can anyone add some of his patreon-stuff?
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Furrynomous 2019/04/24 13:26:37 No.1581154
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I too am surprised that there hasn't been either a mass exodus of supporters due to overwhelmingly meager updates to content (7 seconds added to an animation that'll end up being around 5 MINUTES is considered 'focusing on it'? What?).

I'm more surprised, that her supporters haven't just started telling her to stop fucking about with two or three different animations at a time, rendered stills, and bullshit almost nobody cares about like pins, and instead just work on ONE animation so it's not another year before she has something to show for all this time.

Especially when the MLK animation's got the ENTIRE SFW version in it, just with male junk slapped on.
That whole animation was about a third or more done from the get go and yet here we are, YEARS later, and it still has a few months of work left.
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 13:34:21 No.1581161
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And before anyone starts throwing the 'but she has a full time job and crunch time' crap at me;

I get it, she's concerned about possibly losing her job at the moment. That hasn't been the case for the last few YEARS though, has it?
What's the excuse for that? Even just counting the months these were worked on doesn't look good when you realize that a single animation is months away from being finished...and is the one that 2 out of the 5 or so minutes was already 80% done right out the gate.

Frankly, if she's as bad at getting a workflow set up, getting sidetracked with unrelated projects, and generally spreading her time so thin that she can't meet a SINGLE deadline, or have any finished thing to show for it...well, it's not hard to see why she might be let go.
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 21:19:58 No.1581261
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Stop calling him a She.
Furrynomous 2019/04/25 00:46:29 No.1581325
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While I can't say that I'm not slightly disappointed that things are taking so long, I think it's a rather egregious to claim that these projects suffer from such a flagrantly irresponsible mismanagment of time and focus that it warrants Acheroth losing all support.

There has been a steady stream of development and communication without huge pauses between, and while in a layman's view it doesn't seem like much content has been created, it doesn't mean that a lot of time and work hasn't been put into it. There's clearly been a lot of fine tuning of the existing characters being done in the last couple months, and that's on top of small amounts of content being added to the videos.

Besides that, the idea of patrons being 'owed' guaranteed content is ridiculous unto itself. I think people forget that the rough idea of patronage is to support a 'creative' to follow passion projects. Doesn't mean it's going to be the content you specifically want, and at that point if it's too much you just stop support.

As it is, Acheroth is supporting a very narrow niche. The content is good quality, the development is slow but overall steady, and if people want to support that to be able to see more it's completely their prerogative, whether you personally agree with it or not.

And before anyone assumes, no I'm not a patron myself. But if I wasn't a poor fuck and had cash to burn, I probably would be even despite the 'slow' progress.

File: kuja1_u18chan.png - (320.19kb, 898x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
that is not dead which can eternal lie Furrynomous 2017/07/17 01:00:51 No.1291559    [Reply]
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The Legend of Goddamn Krystal has clawed its way back from the fucking grave once more, like an evil overlord returning to his dark fortress and swearing blackest revenge. Except this time maybe good? I don't know, I like the art and the animations are solid, but no sex scenes yet, which baffles me. They're also really weird about advertising for some reason.

451 post(s) and 50 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2019/04/22 20:10:45 No.1580290
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can anyone tell us what the patreon post is about?
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 11:43:58 No.1581125
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Did it finally died?
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 12:23:36 No.1581138
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Don't think so. As I post they're doing a live art stream.
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 20:57:51 No.1581258
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Not at all. They just couldn't make their April release deadline, so they're bundling April's content into May.

File: LP6qgOR_0_u18chan.gif - (73.07kb, 1497x878) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cloud Meadow Furrynomous 2017/02/10 12:53:57 No.1218926    [Reply]
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cloud meadowShow Less
Thread Tagsmacro (3)cloud meadow (1)moron (1)Show Less
Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/CloudMeadow

New Version 1.04.1 - https://mega.nz/#!OlFwTSSL!Ynel_Z3UlXzc7hoWFXmp9ckH9pYzsPnbo4D4gv6BfKQ

Gallery Code - "BrontidesBlade"
Edited at 2017/02/10 12:55:14
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Furrynomous 2019/04/20 16:01:34 No.1579267
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do you guys buy the game versions and talk here about it or get the game versions somewhere else?

if so, can you please tell me? :3
Furrynomous 2019/04/23 12:07:30 No.1580583
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Anyone have a rar of the complete artwork of the gallery of the patreon
Furrynomous 2019/04/23 20:57:54 No.1580877
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>an actual dog chick
about fucking time
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 17:12:55 No.1581195
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I feel like someone does have the artworks but sadly, we're gonna stick to the lowres ones..
I know it's for ppl who pays that can have it but sometimes, when you're mad tight on money, it's hard

Edited at 2019/04/24 17:15:56

File: tumblr_oywlr2nUNj1vozk0bo1_500_u18chan.gif - (1.73mb, 444x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wild Life new character preview 2017/11/07 14:35:19 No.1345125    [Reply]
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Guess this is about to belong in u18/a/ now

This game has some great animation


190 post(s) and 20 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2019/04/20 00:54:20 No.1579055
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Here's a fucking galaxybrained idea: Why can't people like both?
Furrynomous 2019/04/20 11:54:52 No.1579183
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Furrynomous 2019/04/24 08:09:59 No.1581035
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I don't know if I can handle that!
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 12:41:06 No.1581142
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What the fuck are you talking about?

File: YXOdY7v1_u18chan.jpg - (1004.25kb, 6356x3600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Custom Maid 3D2 General - Furry Maid Waifu Simulator Tokai 2017/04/18 21:08:52 No.1250441    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (5)versatile (1)Show Less
Links copied from the /trash/ thread

Game Files and Furry Mods Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/yKrxtnb1

Full CM3D2 DLC collection torrent - https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=2241904&showfiles=26757998

CM3D2 update merger (CUM): automatically combines updates and DLC into a single installer, trimming bloat and checking file integrity, can integrate new updates into your single file.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
584 post(s) and 506 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2019/04/23 01:56:29 No.1580433
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File: img20190226001841_u18chan.png - (968.13kb, 1366x705)
Furrynomous 2019/04/23 05:58:06 No.1580481
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File: easter2019_u18chan.jpg - (247.68kb, 1559x914)
Sorry for the late reply.
Sometimes the uncensoring plugin has to be toggled off and on again to work. I think it was F1 that toggles the mosaic.

Have you tried my mod reuploads? I got some penises there.
The bodies are all slider settings, there are also body mods but I don't have those.
There are some presets with loli/shotas.
Check out LilithLaudas presets (Lithla19 I think), he also did the original furry mod:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Does anyone have this? Furrynomous 2019/04/24 09:47:20 No.1581070
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I can't find a link to the loli mod. It just shows a screenshot and a video of them dancing.
Furrynomous 2019/04/24 11:15:12 No.1581104
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This thread ain't dead. just really... really slow.

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