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File: u18lit_u18chan.png - (625.74kb, 1000x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
eBooks archives Aasanger 2016/07/25 04:47:24 No.1101499    [Reply]
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As other boards are slowly coming back to life, I believe we need to revitalize this quiet corner too.

First of all I'd like to thank WF, late, HoneyScoot, A Fox/probablynotafox, Scribe, JustMe, shingo, Jay "Straydog" Downer, [b][color

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Edited at 2019/07/17 08:12:08
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Furrynomous 2019/07/16 21:36:42 No.1617067
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it means that no content from the book was cut from the final audio recording
Furrynomous 2019/07/17 00:04:06 No.1617090
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Thanks was very unclear should be uncut or something never heard of unabridged before
Furrynomous 2019/07/17 04:46:05 No.1617125
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thank you! I loathed the idea of supporting a writer who would write such an awful story. I just wanted it for the illustrations (I'm a fan of the artist)
late 2019/07/17 06:23:46 No.1617141
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File: fitflexingfelines_u18chan.png - (5.79mb, 1600x2400)
added to late mediafire archive:


(edited to five separate stories, with some common elements)

Starting out Furrynomous 2019/07/08 01:46:10 No.1611064    [Reply]
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Sorry if this isn't the right board to post or if these kinds of threads are forbidden.

Do you think it might be feasible to write furry stories for a small tip? I'd been considering this for a while but obviously I don't think it would be easy. Assuming my writing quality is decent enough for people to want to buy and ask commissions for, would it work out? I was thinking I'd post my work for free on some sites like this one and once I gain some traction I'd create a patreon and continue to

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Furrynomous 2019/07/08 19:50:51 No.1611312
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go for it! Though it'll be hard if u have a niche audience so maybe avoid doing that. Also i agree, i think the main thing with furry lit is how much dependent we are on visual representation. So maybe work with an artist who's also starting out?

Personally i know a lot of people who have stories they wanna tell but doesn't have the capabilities to tell it, i think you will do fine if you're smart with building your audience and putting out diverse content

File: cover_mechanical-animals_u18chan.jpg - (310.11kb, 1332x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Mechanical Animals Furrynomous 2019/05/10 14:14:49 No.1587426    [Reply]
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Anyone have a copy of this book that they're willing to share?

Furrynomous 2019/06/16 10:09:48 No.1603151
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I'm also looking for this. Just read Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, might be something you guys will like, if you enjoyed the daemon thing in His Dark Materials.


Loved it; want to read her story in this book now, other stories look great too.

File: A41E1DD1-2463-4D4B-821C-86692F9DEF53_u18chan.jpeg - (1.93mb, 3133x1871) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Searching for smut Furrynomous 2019/04/23 11:39:27 No.1580572    [Reply]
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We all love sofurry, but is there a site that has tagging, ratings and search that isn’t strictly furry themed?
Furrynomous 2019/06/13 13:22:25 No.1601781
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Archive of our own Is pretty close It has a huge base of search tags, fandoms, fanfictions, It is very confusing at first but it literally has millions upon millions of stories only downside no ranking

File: free-audio-books-e1472412645291_u18chan.jpg - (28.23kb, 600x449) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
audio books? Furrynomous 2019/04/04 22:18:59 No.1572080    [Reply]
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i know this is a litrature section but does anyone have audiobooks to share a talkie book if you will
Aasanger 2019/04/06 13:57:50 No.1572744
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Check out links in first post of eBook archives thread, some of them does have audiobooks as well.
Furrynomous 2019/04/09 17:16:48 No.1574068
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would be nice to have a dedicated thread just for audio books though.

File: Windfall2_u18chan.jpg - (458.57kb, 1400x2164) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 2019/01/15 15:17:31 No.1539534    [Reply]
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anyone have this ebook they could share please
Edited at 2019/01/15 15:19:04
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topic yourexsex 2019/03/24 13:30:12 No.1567818
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No, but would like one too!
Furrynomous 2019/03/26 22:37:48 No.1568764
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i love this author his or her writings are unlike any i have seen before
Grayfox22 2019/04/02 17:07:42 No.1571126
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This is the books I have of Tempe O'Kun. This one isn't one I have but the rest will suffice for anyone wanting it.

Password: Furry

Link: https://links.snahp.it/6fCCRNaTKmIUelzvwnrhXZOnGyEirUzDcOr

Edited at 2019/04/02 17:21:59
Furrynomous 2019/04/03 18:51:00 No.1571598
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thank you so much

Edited at 2019/04/03 18:51:20

London Calling Furrynomous 2018/10/21 05:31:08 No.1508147    [Reply]
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Anyone got this one?
Furrynomous 2019/02/07 23:04:00 No.1548763
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Been a few months, anyone got this by chance?
Furrynomous 2019/03/26 22:39:13 No.1568765
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no but i will keep looking when i find it i will upload

File: sp_161213_01_u18chan.png - (134.42kb, 1200x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
K.M.Hirosaki's Blue Forest Furrynomous 2019/03/22 02:26:04 No.1567055    [Reply]
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Is there by any chance anyone who has these stories saved somewhere on a dusty harddrive?

Despite the author's opinion, I think soo so fondly of them, and have always been slightly bitter over him removing them from the interwebs.

Pic related how I feel about not being able to read them again.
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K.M.Hirosaki's Blue Forest Furrynomous 2019/03/24 08:52:03 No.1567755
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6 stories in so far and they are everything good that I remember, I get the biggest hate-boner over how he manages to swing my feelings from joy and positivity to the deepest sadness and depression

Story might be a bit disjointed and sprawling, but I cannot for the life of me understand why he thinks this is sub-par. Almost every character stands out strongly, their personalities, their struggles. .

Fuck I am nostalgiaing so hard, I read these when I was 18 and in a really hard place in my life and I remember storming through the entire story, reading until very late night and revelling in how strongly my feelings of hopelessness corrolated with these stories.

Such a shame he didn't complete the story, I already feel for the protagonists the same way I did back then.

K.M.Hirosaki's Blue Forest Furrynomous 2019/03/24 13:18:07 No.1567817
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Phew what a read.

Now that I got into it and through it, I get the nagging feeling that maybe there were a couple chapters more, but I am not sure.. I have these storyparts in my head that I "think" should be there, but maybe were just imaginations from my first time reading them and adding additional storylines.. Like I am pretty sure the domestic abuse dingo had another part in the story but I might be completely wrong..

I tried the archive for yiffstar, but it seems kinda broken, lots of pages not willing to load, but maybe You could have more luck?
Maybe I am wrong and that was that, still a great read, a massive unfulfilled promise of a sprawling story coming beginning to come together in the later chapters.

Once again, thank you a bunch for sharing this great piece of furry litterature history, internet hugs and kisses coming your way ^^
Aasanger 2019/03/24 14:39:25 No.1567854
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Glad I could help. However The Internet Archive has Blue Forest page on YiffStar last archived on 16 January 2006 http://web.archive.org/web/20060116085424/http://www.yiffstar.com/index.php?pid=2381, so the story series seems to be complete. Sadly that Archive crawler couldn't dig out anything from the early SoFurry due to mature content filtering.

You may also check Hirosaki's older posts on LiveJournal http://web.archive.org/*/kmhirosaki.livejournal.com/, his FurRag page http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.furrag.com/viewuser.php?uid=30 or browse contents of his FA profile archive available via TOR http://vj5pbopejlhcbz4n.onion.pet/fa/kmhirosaki/stories/, but I doubt you'll get anything else besides you already have found.

Edited at 2019/03/24 14:45:30
K.M.Hirosaki's Blue Forest Furrynomous 2019/03/25 12:45:52 No.1568193
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Yup it does seem that way, guess 12 years after a speedy read does lead to false memories lol

Btw, for you guys watching me sperg out, this is m/m erotica mixed with drama, mixed with big-city depression mixed with thriller, with some very strongly defined characters (some less so), intesting background plotdevices, semi-unwilling crossdressing, dozens of characters, drug abuse and ear use, and much more

The Dog series by Christopher Veidt aka Aux Chiens Furrynomous 2018/06/23 13:50:28 No.1456218    [Reply]
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I was wondering if anyone had these stories as they were deleted on sofurry
Furrynomous 2019/01/05 23:57:50 No.1535425
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Furrynomous 2019/03/10 20:32:04 No.1562395
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Old ass-thread, but it came up on Google when looking for Aux-chiens. This scraping website looks like it backed up at least some of it: https://sofurry.anthro.fr/stories?q=aux-chiens&page=3

File: Forge-HAIL-TO-THE-KING-BABY_u18chan.jpeg - (80.96kb, 514x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
King Wolf Heretic by John C. Furrynomous 2019/01/29 23:26:59 No.1545420    [Reply]
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Anyone has this book, in epub or some other format? Haven't seen it anywhere else, only on amazon.

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