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File: 51ZC8L1ykyL_u18chan.jpg - (55.47kb, 328x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
All the furbooks that I've collected so far. A Fox 25/7/2016(Mon)04:00:31 No.1101419    [Reply]
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Since all the stuff got taken down, here's all the furry related ebooks that I've managed to collect over the years, including the entire Kyell Gold collection and all of Rukis' books:
They're not sorted at all since it was made as personal back up... So use the find function on your browser :3
Edited at 25/7/2016(Mon)04:04:47
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Furrynomous 10/1/2017(Tue)04:50:22 No.1202562
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I live in a part of the world where a physical copy of Waterways once cost almost $100 to two different people before it landed in my hands.
late 11/1/2017(Wed)04:57:50 No.1202899
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"The Time He Desires" was definitely one of the best stories Kyell has written.
and that without even one sex scene.

but authors being awkward when meeting flaming fans? maybe he's just not that much of a people person. he even wrote a story about it, "The Real World". it's not in any of his collections, but you can find it in the omnibus collection i made - see the other thread for link:

though, is he still wearing that horrible trilby? almost as bad as calling yourself "Kyell", because spelling it "Kyle" is way too pedestrian.
Menage I AM AN UNIMAGINATIVE TWAT 12/1/2017(Thu)05:30:27 No.1203736
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Even though he's kinda boring and has horrible fashion taste. But he's a pretty nice guy, and sweet too. His husband is also a sweet guy to talk to. He maybe the type of guy I want to have a brunch with, but not party with. Can't blame him tho, judging by his looks, he's probably on his late 30's.

Edited at 12/1/2017(Thu)05:31:49
A Fox 15/1/2017(Sun)05:53:28 No.1205594
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His newest work is definitely good, non of the long, slow pacing buildups that most his longer books has. Though my favourite is still "Green Fairy", that got everything right for me.

Personally, I think he looks pretty good when he wears his leather beret thing instead of the trilby. He gives off this stylish grandpa vibe with his fashion choices.

Edited at 15/1/2017(Sun)05:54:54

File: cupcakes11_1_u18chan.jpg - (546.3kb, 647x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
NEW BOOK?! Furrynomous 14/1/2017(Sat)07:23:50 No.1204922    [Reply]
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have you guys seen this?! O_O https://furplanet.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=888
Furrynomous 14/1/2017(Sat)09:46:52 No.1205043
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Furrynomous 14/1/2017(Sat)09:47:02 No.1205045
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Furrynomous 14/1/2017(Sat)09:47:10 No.1205046
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Furrynomous 14/1/2017(Sat)01:09:08 No.1205152
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One of the big threads have a discussion about it, yes.

File: silmarillion_u18chan.jpg - (400kb, 1500x2274) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 04/1/2017(Wed)01:42:34 No.1200194    [Reply]
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What good books have you read lately? When U18chan went down, the last thread about this was lost, too.
I read The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion and enjoyed them.
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Furrynomous 05/1/2017(Thu)08:41:07 No.1200693
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Why not? What's your native language? I'm curious.
Furrynomous 06/1/2017(Fri)04:51:38 No.1200835
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File: MutualDisinterest_u18chan.jpg - (61.33kb, 900x720)
My native language is Russian.
Although my current English level is more than sufficient for reading furry smut, it still isn't quite good to fully enjoy more serious kind of literature (even I have no serious problems understanding it).
Furrynomous 09/1/2017(Mon)10:47:14 No.1202049
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so is War & Peace good?
rumour has it, if you like plot and action stories, you'll find it boring.
does it help to be russian to enjoy it?
Furrynomous 12/1/2017(Thu)02:32:57 No.1203696
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File: AllDogsGoToHeaven_u18chan.png - (311.03kb, 642x428)
I kinda liked it, actually. It isn't mandatory to be Russian to enjoy it (like it is not required to be French to enjoy Les Misérables), you just need some basic knowledge on history and society of late XVII - early XIX century Russia, and reading Wikipedia article would be sufficient.
You may want to pass long walls of text on first read, but you may enjoy them if you like detailed and good-written text (not sure how it looks translated though).
For me, parts full of Frenc

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: tmp_2324-91nQK7xyA5L._SL1500_-218202426_u18chan.jpg - (370.84kb, 1000x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Twelve Sides Furrynomous 06/8/2016(Sat)12:32:58 No.1125761    [Reply]
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Does anyone have the book ? Or at least the story of Waterways ?
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Aasanger 14/8/2016(Sun)04:45:55 No.1131555
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File: TwelveStoriesTOC_u18chan.gif - (39.1kb, 763x635)
I've checked the table of contents on BadDogBooks, and it seems that most of the side stories were included in latest versions of most ebooks available from links in abovementioned thread (with the only exception of very recent books).

Edited at 14/8/2016(Sun)04:47:55
Furrynomous 02/10/2016(Sun)04:40:13 No.1157549
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i count three stories that we haven't seen...
Furrynomous 06/1/2017(Fri)08:35:17 No.1201040
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I could maybe buy it. How does one do to remove DRM from Amazon bought Kindle books and convert them to epub/mobi?
Aasanger 07/1/2017(Sat)06:16:13 No.1201195
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The easiest way is to use Calibre ebook manager with Apprentice Alf's DeDRM plugin. It used to work with MOBI and AZW3 files, not sure if it will work with newest .KFX file format.

Edited at 07/1/2017(Sat)06:16:32

File: u18lit_u18chan.png - (625.74kb, 1000x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
eBooks archives Aasanger 25/7/2016(Mon)04:47:24 No.1101499    [Reply]
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a fox ebook epub late wfShow Less
Thread Tagswf (2)ebook (1)epub (1)late (1)a fox (1)save the day (1)Show Mored j fahl (1)superhero (1)Show Less
As other boards are slowly coming back to life, I believe we need to revitalize this quiet corner too.

First of all I'd like to thank WF, late, A Fox/probablynotafox, Scribe, JustMe & all other uncredited contributors for their work in past few years and hope to see them all here once again.

To start with, there're li

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Edited at 07/1/2017(Sat)01:30:12
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Furrynomous 26/11/2016(Sat)10:41:16 No.1182411
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These are missing several pages each :<

Does anyone know where scanned volumes of Heat or Hot Dish exist? I really want to read them and I'd pay for them in a heartbeat if they were available in ebook form, but they're print only and I don't want to own them in print
Furrynomous 30/12/2016(Fri)09:53:40 No.1197604
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File: 1481148884.kuma_alteredstates_u18chan.jpg - (400.72kb, 647x1000)
did anyone buy this collection, and be willing to share?
Furrynomous 30/12/2016(Fri)09:55:57 No.1197606
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File: M-Kindle-eBook_u18chan.jpeg - (1.06mb, 1950x3000)
also, this looks very promising.
i'd buy it, but i really dislike kindle...
Aasanger 31/12/2016(Sat)12:52:53 No.1197675
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Just a sidenote that H.A. Kirsch is/was known as HawkWolf back then, so it should be some heavy BDSM stuff.

Trick or treat by ianus j wolf Furrynomous 13/12/2016(Tue)07:23:56 No.1190300    [Reply]
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Has anybody got scans of trick or treat by ianus j wolf, even a site where i can purchase the book cheap as i dont want to pay $20 + shipping for i on rabbit valley, I know it sounds like im being cheap but it would cost me around £36 for it
Edited at 18/12/2016(Sun)04:39:11

File: 1461714010.angrboda_escape_cover_small_u18chan.jpg - (430.18kb, 850x1100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Escape from the Zone Furrynomous 18/9/2016(Sun)03:11:32 No.1151245    [Reply]
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Does anyone have this ?

Furrynomous 07/9/2016(Wed)04:42:19 No.1146024    [Reply]
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Anyone got twelve sides yet?

File: 1469683705407-1194097844_u18chan.jpg - (54.87kb, 2048x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chefjeffbadger (Cub Snuff Stories so yeah) Furrynomous 28/7/2016(Thu)12:29:02 No.1112859    [Reply]
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Anyone has his stories? He deleted all his things on ib

File: KajexSyrraNorm_u18chan.png - (396.6kb, 1888x788) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Story Series on SoFurry Kajex Surnahm 27/7/2016(Wed)05:24:31 No.1112767    [Reply]
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Right, so... because I'm a sucker for punishment and because I managed to get a modicum of confidence from people that liked it, I figured I might as well plug a thing here on U-18Chanchan and see who gives it a read.


The series' title is Path of the Sentinel. It's a sci-fi adult series set in the Star Wars: Legends continuity (which I prefer over official canon) and starts about a year after the events of Lucasart's 2003

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Edited at 27/7/2016(Wed)05:27:56

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