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File: 173_2_u18chan.jpg - (12.51kb, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
U-18Chan Q&A and where to get answers Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 2017/08/08 13:34:27 No.1303650    [Reply]
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Making a new thread for questions and discussion of site operations and rules.

If you have any questions on why a post was removed or other staff actions post it here. I'll keep an eye on this thread and respond when I can or find another admin or mod that can.

Official discord server link
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Furrynomous 2020/07/14 23:38:15 No.1783521
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Is there any chance of adding a board purely for visual novels? I like discussing them and reading about but, I find they often get lost in gfur.
Furrynomous 2020/07/15 07:39:24 No.1783652
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I second a VN board!
Furrynomous 2020/07/15 12:18:00 No.1783721
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Yeah, put a VN board on a trial basis at least? If it fails it can be merged into other boards again. (Like that scalie board)

File: Trans_Pride_Flag_1_u18chan.jpg - (5.71kb, 800x513) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Transgender Discussion Furrynomous 2020/07/05 04:32:57 No.1778612    [Reply]
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Any discussion regarding Transgender goes here.
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NoBrainer Nobrainer # MOD # 2020/08/03 07:58:52 No.1794716
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IF you could keep your panties in a bunch it would't be needed. But people just have to be triggered from both sides so deal with it. /d is for /d

Edited at 2020/08/03 07:59:20
Furrynomous 2020/08/03 09:15:38 No.1794744
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Okay, NMNY.
Furrynomous 2020/08/03 09:56:50 No.1794764
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I draw the line at people who try to warp the definition of homosexuality into "People who are attracted to the same pronouns."
People who are attracted to the same SEX is something one can not help and no matter amount of preferred pronouns will change that. People who act like they're still gay for being attracted to the same pronouns honestly offend me. They don't actually understand anything at all about being gay.
Luckily there's not many furry artists like this, but I do know of at least 1 with this mindset and 1 is more than enough.

File: party_u18chan.png - (7.42kb, 1655x82) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is Yiff party dying? Furrynomous 2020/04/13 15:08:33 No.1737232    [Reply]
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And I don't mean the whole donation drama. The thing is, more and more artists are simply not posting their stuff on their patreon. They are now sending straight to their stuff to e-mails, or giving google drive passwords for google drive and so on. A good chunk of what yiff party has is either patreon collection that have not been updated in a long time or just previews of the stuff the artists put somewhere else now.
Edited at 2020/04/13 15:09:30
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Furrynomous 2020/08/02 23:30:59 No.1794590
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I discover yiff party like 3 months ago was really impressed by the whole thing and it was the first time ever i gave money for porn.
Furrynomous 2020/08/03 08:58:48 No.1794741
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the problem with patreon is most artist are actually very protective of their work and dosen't want them be shared freely on the internet

the way Yiff partywork is it's get ripped a page from a patreon and then it's is posted on the site with all the joint media (image, video, etc...)

But since some artist are aware about how yiffparty, they try combat this site by actually sending their directly to their supporter instead of posting it on patreon

the problem however is this method it's very time consumming to do so because you have to sent your stuff to each individual that supported you (assuming you have at leash between 100 or 1000 patron, that a lot of supporter to care about).

Edited at 2020/08/03 08:59:45
Furrynomous 2020/08/03 09:02:11 No.1794742
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you have to look to such artist like KittyClub or Aaron to understand why this delivery method is completly bonkers since they got so much suscribers.

Edited at 2020/08/03 09:02:31

File: dave_u18chan.png - (701.55kb, 1500x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
dave overlord drama theard! Furrynomous 2020/07/30 17:40:58 No.1792583    [Reply]
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what do you think about the drama between dave overlord and the other one that I don't remember the name?
RESUME: dave overlord suppossedly groomed a underage boy (16 yo tho ) and they accuse him of drawing a +18 picture of dave fursona and the fursona of a minor .

does cancelling culture strike again or there is more things of dave that i 'm loosing?
my english is shit and insult of my english level are welcome.
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Furrynomous 2020/07/31 22:49:55 No.1793301
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I find it funny how people only complain about 'cancel culture' if it suddenly involves a celebrity they enjoy.
Furrynomous 2020/08/01 12:33:18 No.1793672
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>people tend to ignore twitter endlessly screeching about nonissues until something happens to affect them personally
You don't say.
... Some faggot. 2020/08/02 15:55:12 No.1794442
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Somehow, "cancel" culture equals this entire fucking furry community. And thus, I just can't trust anybody here, on Twitter, or in public.

File: WAR_u18chan.png - (375kb, 1056x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The war on cubs StupidSqueak 2020/06/17 10:04:02 No.1768921    [Reply]
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What do you think about the changes in various furry sites for trying to ban the cubs tag?
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Furrynomous 2020/08/01 10:12:34 No.1793541
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Im only gonna say is this: there is real pe*dos in the fandom and they doesn't like cub at all. I'm making a list with those pe*dos hope someday would let it know.

Leave cub fandom in peace. The real problem is in other place.
Furrynomous 2020/08/01 20:02:31 No.1793960
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What's that Timmy? Furries are turning on each other in a circular firing squad of Cancel Culture Fever by equivocating fantasy with reality after years of adamantly stating that fantasy != reality?

I am shocked. SHOCKED.
Bookwyrn!d1FfOYLPf. 2020/08/02 02:00:12 No.1794116
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"Furries" is a generic term and describes a very diverse category of people who will have different opinions and will disagree on things, wiseass. It's like thinking that gays all have the same views.

File: adastra-build-1_u18chan.jpg - (198.1kb, 1265x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Adastra Furrynomous 2020/04/27 17:00:55 No.1745157    [Reply]
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Making an Adastra discussion thread, since the thread over on /gfur/ should ideally be limited to news or developments related to the game, official art, and questions concerning the route.

For reference, I'll post the Patreon for the game itself:

As of the date this thread was made, currently on build 16, with another build expected to complete the game. A sequel has been confirmed.

Have at it, Anons.
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Furrynomous 2020/05/19 14:20:11 No.1756355
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I tough Adastra was finished
Furrynomous 2020/05/19 15:32:28 No.1756376
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It should be complete now, with the new update posted 2 days ago.
Furrynomous 2020/08/02 00:22:13 No.1794075
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File: Amicus-laughing_u18chan.jpg - (63.31kb, 874x874)
Links for Khemia:




File: C94FDE2E-03AB-470A-BC63-005FA66C9CC1_u18chan.jpeg - (66.63kb, 700x671) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anthropomorphise = to make more human Furrynomous 2020/07/26 16:08:00 No.1789757    [Reply]
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A big thing people get wrong about furries is assuming they're animals when they're ultimately just very fancy humans. Even most of what's in /feral gives human expressions/behaviours to the characters. Discuss?
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Bookwyrn!d1FfOYLPf. 2020/07/29 17:18:34 No.1791786
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>anthro toaster
Some people should never be allowed to write movie scripts.
I guess that Sausage Party movie also qualifies as anthropomorphic food.
Furrynomous 2020/07/30 19:47:22 No.1792662
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You wouldn't be dissing The Brave Little Toaster if you actually saw it. That shit's a classic.
Bookwyrn!d1FfOYLPf. 2020/07/31 09:55:53 No.1792905
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Indeed, I haven't seen it. I had honestly had never heard of such a thing before. I looked it up out of curiosity and holy crap it's actually from disney. My mind is blown.
It just sounds very weird as a concept.

File: 5hc1oor9yw641_u18chan.jpg - (109.94kb, 1401x1142) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This fuckin' image board Furrynomous 2020/07/26 02:37:10 No.1789161    [Reply]
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Why da fuck does this site choose nazi symbolism to represent itself. Its so backwards to itself and compared to like 99% of sites on the internet. Why can't I look at some porn without worrying about people thinking I might be a nazi or a nazi sympathizer d:
3 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2020/07/26 15:03:40 No.1789728
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Honestly if you took a poll or something, I'm sure the vast majority of this site would choose to fight (or at the very least speak out against it) Nazism if it ever cropped up again.

People aren't as stupid as the "woke" twitter heads elsewhere.
Well.. NoBrainer # MOD # 2020/07/29 18:45:20 No.1791862
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Literaly you surf on a furry porn site. If you share that with people the mascot is the least of your worries
> Let's be realistic. The only reason this site hasn't gotten flooded by Internet protests [yet]
The reason is because we permanently ban such mentally challenged people
Furrynomous 2020/07/30 01:57:33 No.1792065
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You are entirely welcome to go find porn elsewhere if it bothers you that much. Personally I've been lurking this site since the folks who made it migrated from aurorachan and have yet to see unironic nazi support. If peole want to infer that from the imagery they need to lurk more before firing off their cockholsters.

File: LifeofExpenseandLuxury_u18chan.png - (219.46kb, 312x507) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Whats your thoughts on aritsts that price gouge? Furrynomous 2020/07/11 15:50:30 No.1782074    [Reply]
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There seems to be an uproar among the community on artists who like charge 3,000 or more on simple art pieces that probably artists of similar artist talent and look probably charge a reasonable 300-200 for the same amount, and maybe 500, if your pushing it?

Though, from my buddy in the picture here, seems to be all set for life?
17 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2020/07/29 13:44:08 No.1791707
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Yeah...our currency is in the gutter and 100 dollars is roughly 600 reais. For those nnon-Brazillians, our minimum wage is 1.045 reais. So a single picture is almost 2/3 of a minimum wage here when converting the currencies.
Bookwyrn!d1FfOYLPf. 2020/07/29 17:15:10 No.1791784
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Holy mother of currency, that sucks. I can see why so many automobile manufactorers moved their plants from Europe to Brazil. On the other hand if a Brazilian artist manages to set a decent pricing for their work, they're in for a sweet deal (that would kinda also mean giving the middle to his fellow countrymen, though)
Furrynomous 2020/07/30 20:44:01 No.1792686
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i mean if you pay him that you're encouraging to keep those prices and basically you're stupid if you're complaining about it. if you know there are other artist that offer the same quality for less then go to them, why making this a big deal?

File: monster_0_u18chan.jpg - (46.92kb, 479x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
cesspit category for the basement Furrynomous 2020/07/28 15:29:16 No.1790933    [Reply]
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some stories are to repulsive in either story or fetish to keep with the general porn, right now there is a discussion in comics featuring the zootopia and the cuck fetish

should cuck and other generally undesirable fetishes be placed in a new category in the basement?
current suggestions are

other suggestions
1 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bookwyrm!d1FfOYLPf. 2020/07/28 17:02:25 No.1790962
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Zoophilia is the word you're looking for, unless you really hate Disney
Furrynomous 2020/07/28 17:56:48 No.1790975
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It'd be nice to have all the body waste stuff in its own board, at least scat, piss, and diapers. Those three seem to go together and be very specific.
Furrynomous 2020/07/29 10:47:00 No.1791643
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it seems a minimum
, but what about the other topics, the cuck comic is getting more than a little hate

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