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Site cleanup, new rules, and more. Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 22/1/2017(Sun)03:58:05 No.1209299    [Reply]
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We have been getting emails and seeing posts here about the declining quality of posts and the general shittyness of the comments on many threads.

Going forward there will be a new set of rules that we will be enforcing once finalized. I am looking for input and concerns on the new proposed rules. You can find a google docs link below with the proposed new rules. Gentlemen Protocol will no longer be a thing, it has always been a pain to enforce and edit posts rather than deleting and issuing

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Please just enforce the rules! Furrynomous 24/6/2017(Sat)04:00:58 No.1281259
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I used to be a frequent poster here but the selfishness and down right hateful behavior here has gotten WAY out of control! A certain group keeps trolling a couple of comics they don't like on the /gc/ and are not harassing those who actually upload here! It's not enough to just clean up threads mods need to remind some here to stop the shitty attitude and appreciate that some here are providing content! If not content provides will leave and this site will die just as Paws.ru did, all because a small number of entitled children were allowed to treat everyone and everything they don't like shit and get away it!
Attention Admin Furrynomous 24/6/2017(Sat)06:41:46 No.1281333
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Admin! Please do something at:


One person there will not stop attacking others and repeatedly goes on long rants about his hatred for Transgender people! It's not free speech it's hate speech and serves no other purpose than disrupt this site! Please enforce the rules here! This is illegal behavior in the country this site is based in!

Edited at 24/6/2017(Sat)06:44:03
Furrynomous 25/6/2017(Sun)12:15:50 No.1281438
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File: jp_u18chan.jpg - (183.04kb, 492x669)
Since when did that word have a capital T? Why are you so buttdevastated? Can't you go back to e621 or reddit?

File: FoxxerAvi_u18chan.jpg - (70.99kb, 528x447) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
U18-Chan Bugtracker and Feature Requests Foxxer # ADMIN # 17/2/2017(Fri)05:17:03 No.1223291    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmiekeowh (6)Show Less
I have set up a site to track bugs and feature requests:

Changes made to the site that are minor will appear in the changelog for the current version (2.0):


If there are some changes you would like to suggest, feel free to do so here [in this thread]. Don't be an ass about it.
Don't try to hijack this thread with /bi board shit. There is already a thread for that...
Edited at 17/2/2017(Fri)05:23:31
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Drift # MOD # 05/6/2017(Mon)08:39:32 No.1272116
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https://u18chan.com/chat2/ message a mod or admin for help.

Edited at 05/6/2017(Mon)08:41:24
Furrynomous 08/6/2017(Thu)09:48:43 No.1273538
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hey for some reason only half the page will load ex: Gayfurry comics only goes down to about half way on any page and then the rest of the threads are not there it just stops
'Please Anonymous 24/6/2017(Sat)11:29:08 No.1281404
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Could someone among the admins tweek the tag lockdown to not include racist slurs?

Edited at 24/6/2017(Sat)11:29:27

File: luka_u18chan.gif - (5.6kb, 100x94)
Luka Whereabaouts andreasmrbill 19/5/2017(Fri)11:40:01 No.1264331    [Reply]
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Anyone got a solid update on him? hes the first ever comic artist that drew me to this fandom and would love to know what happened to him.
Furrynomous 19/5/2017(Fri)03:26:30 No.1264398
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Somebody posted this a while back:

Furrynomous 25/6/2017(Sun)02:41:21 No.1281635
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So basically, the entitled communist millennials drove the dude away?

File: 688-1400035620-3998bf2192b679c0d505b680cebd7a06_u18chan.jpg - (289.75kb, 700x802) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Las Lindas Discussion Furrynomous 24/7/2016(Sun)04:34:22 No.1096635    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsalice (1)Show Less
So... Did anyone think to archive the thread in some way, or is it all lost forever thanks to this site not allowing Wayback to display their archived copy for whatever fucked up reason?
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Furrynomous 24/6/2017(Sat)01:40:47 No.1280918
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Furrynomous 24/6/2017(Sat)03:06:39 No.1280935
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Oh hey, is Taffy about to remember she was supposed to be trying to go back to school herself?
Adavi123 24/6/2017(Sat)02:36:03 No.1281235
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You know I had totally forgotten about that plot point. We could probably make a really long list of interesting plot points that the writers just dropped or forgot about.

File: 239_u18chan.gif - (3.5kb, 50x50)
Нужно удалить тему holiday101022 24/6/2017(Sat)01:10:31 No.1281202    [Reply]
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File: cub-Cheetah_u18chan.jpg - (27.3kb, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
For Research Curious Guy 08/6/2017(Thu)04:19:14 No.1273409    [Reply]
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Do you believe in animal rights?
What do you think of these so-called animal rights activists against animal ownership and research?
Edited at 08/6/2017(Thu)04:32:09
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Furrynomous 19/6/2017(Mon)02:17:11 No.1278659
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Oh yeah, I never advocated veganism or vegetarianism. I love meat: I just think it's possible to have more ethical meat, and that I'll always eat meat.
Curious Guy 19/6/2017(Mon)02:00:02 No.1278879
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My bad, that free-range term confused me. Still, I couldn't miss the opportunity to do some needed bashing on the face of vegan zealots.

PETA, HSUS, their filiates and similars are such a cancer. I'm flabbergasted these groups in US go so far as to pressure legislators for laws/bans based on emotional and/or anecdote evidence generated from propagandas while ignoring experts/scientists. The ones most affected by the insanity of these groups are small farms and, surprisingly, the animals themselves (their anti zoo agenda and 'every captive animal is better of dead' aka 'wild animals belong in the wild' motto is very bad for the future of endangered species).
Curious Guy 22/6/2017(Thu)12:43:04 No.1280217
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This sums up animal rights hype nicely. Recommended.

File: 1497231863.sabretoothedermine_ych_salad_u18chan.jpg - (287.74kb, 1125x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
SaberToothedErmine is going to shit, like MilesDF SomeFuckingGuy 20/6/2017(Tue)03:47:44 No.1279302    [Reply]
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ychShow Less
Thread Tagsych (1)300dollar (1)Show Less
$220 and $300 YCHs with fur-texture that are the same quality as the "speedpaint" commissions this artist does.
SaberToothedErmine is going to shit, like MilesDF SomeFuckingGuy 20/6/2017(Tue)03:49:45 No.1279303
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300dollarShow Less
Guess I can't put all of them on the starting post.
SaberToothedErmine is going to shit, like MilesDF SomeFuckingGuy 20/6/2017(Tue)03:50:57 No.1279304
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SaberToothedErmine is going to shit, like MilesDF SomeFuckingGuy 20/6/2017(Tue)03:50:59 No.1279305
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File: phell_u18chan.jpg - (71.7kb, 300x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Patreon Discussion SadLicks 12/5/2017(Fri)06:48:36 No.1260952    [Reply]
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What do you have to say about this new era?
Got something to rant about that pay wall called patreon?

Let's discuss!

(Let's try to not defame the artist, ok?)
(I don't know if one already exists, if there is, I will delete this one. Too lazy to look up to 16 pages...)
7 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
SadLicks 16/6/2017(Fri)02:40:54 No.1277194
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seems like Pixiv(site design) but full hentai
I agree, and this is what I was talking about
from tips to bills
Furrynomous 17/6/2017(Sat)02:36:22 No.1277726
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Pretty much

and to add to that there is a good example and a bad example of using patreon

Good example: Hey guys if you like my stuff support me on patreon, you get access to my works 2 weeks ahead of it's public release, various sketches that and there will be patreon exclusive content, you will also get a discount on commissions as well. Also at the start and end of every month i will have a a colored sketch raffle. The patreon tiers are $1, $5, and $10 bucks so pl

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Furrynomous 18/6/2017(Sun)09:49:57 No.1278504
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Seen too many artists just post commission work on Patreon to get around having to make actual content to say it's good.

File: d20ea74350d8f9a2df182e0f06a69ea5_u18chan.jpg - (192.95kb, 610x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Garnet Furrynomous 20/5/2017(Sat)07:12:50 No.1264705    [Reply]
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I'm very curious about some artistic trends in furry artwork.

For example, what's the origin of the black canine cock? No real canines have black penises, yet this was a common trend until very recently.

Same with the mid-testicle hair I'm seeing in many bara furry pics lately.
12 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 18/6/2017(Sun)08:01:59 No.1278428
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Well done proving that you're both a stupid n****r AND a newfag.
Furrynomous 19/6/2017(Mon)04:50:34 No.1278711
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Nigga, you're too chicken-shit to even use n****r, unless the mods are blocking it on their side, which is probably what's going on.
Furrynomous 19/6/2017(Mon)04:52:25 No.1278714
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Samefag here, now proven newfag, my bad >>1278428

File: passing_love_meesh_u18chan.png - (115.19kb, 335x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
/gc/Passing Love - Discussion Foxxer # ADMIN # 29/1/2017(Sun)03:17:32 No.1212745    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (346)im a fucking babyman (1)troll (1)salty (1)shitpost (1)salt (1)Show Morei want to kill gay people (1)angst (1)Show Less
Main commic

This is where any/all discussion of the Passing Love comic will be moved to. Please refrain from commenting in the /gc thread. Thank you.
895 post(s) and 85 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/6/2017(Wed)12:06:23 No.1276217
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woah, a person with intelligence.thank you good sir to put it very clearly in words.
Furrynomous 14/6/2017(Wed)02:45:19 No.1276308
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I didn't say you said that, but there is a large portion of this thread who think Dennis is a monster because of how he treats Travis.
Anyway, "fuckbuddy" is a pretty broad term and I would say they are because I define it as someone you fuck and know. They don't need to be friends or anything, just someone to meet up with to fuck.

I agree with your second point. I think Dennis is gonna get pissed, (maybe drunkenly?) confront Travis about it, and Joe will save the day.
Furrynomous 17/6/2017(Sat)09:33:32 No.1277902
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I lol'd at the last page when Dennis threw him to the side. Sucks for Panther guy, but you snooze, you lose, dumb faggot.

Honestly, the situation feels real for the age they're supposed to be, and situations I've been apart of at that point in my life. People are retards until they're not, so that's pretty much what I see from every character here.

Travis wants the D, he got it, and he can decide not to pursue further with Dennis and go elsewhere if he really wanted, but of course, the D is too strong, and he might not have the willpower to think of that at the moment, so he goes with what's easiest. Dennis KNOWS he wants dat ass, and he gets it when he can, so I don't fault him for not knowing what Travis wants, even if he knows Travis wants to hang out more, but hasn't been told that Travis actually likes him more than that. Joe is just a closeted faggot that can't get it up w/o thinking of dick anymore, so he's gotta sort that shit out for himself, maybe using Travis' ass to do so, so I can't wait for that.

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