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File: FoxxerAvi_u18chan.jpg - (70.99kb, 528x447) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
U18-Chan Bugtracker and Feature Requests Foxxer # ADMIN # 17/2/2017(Fri)05:17:03 No.1223291    [Reply]
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I have set up a site to track bugs and feature requests:

Changes made to the site that are minor will appear in the changelog for the current version (2.0):


If there are some changes you would like to suggest, feel free to do so here [in this thread]. Don't be an ass about it.
Don't try to hijack this thread with /bi board shit. There is already a thread for that...
Edited at 17/2/2017(Fri)05:23:31
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bad gateway Ignotum 20/2/2017(Mon)09:03:27 No.1224871
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Regarding the current uploading-system, if i select 5 images to upload at once, i always get sendt to a "u18chan is down; bad gateway"-page, but the images get uploaded,
if i only select 1-4 images this doesn't happen
Furrynomous 21/2/2017(Tue)12:49:24 No.1225119
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Who would decide that? Also, what about making something like the appchanx where when you click on someone to respond to them, the text box appears on the right? So you wouldn't need to go allll the way back up and all?
Furrynomous 22/2/2017(Wed)12:27:45 No.1225563
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File: u-18chan_add_tag_u18chan.png - (5.28kb, 361x107)
When I add a tag to an image that I've already uploaded. When I press the add tag button after writing in the tag, "ImageRelated.PNG" I am then taken to a blank screen. I have to then reload the page in order to get back to the thread.

Now, the tag is placed, so I guess that it's not too much of a bug, but it gets kind of tedious. Is there anything you can do about it, or should I just nut up, and shut up?

File: cFvMcu7_u18chan.gif - (451.36kb, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Site cleanup, new rules, and more. Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 22/1/2017(Sun)03:58:05 No.1209299    [Reply]
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We have been getting emails and seeing posts here about the declining quality of posts and the general shittyness of the comments on many threads.

Going forward there will be a new set of rules that we will be enforcing once finalized. I am looking for input and concerns on the new proposed rules. You can find a google docs link below with the proposed new rules. Gentlemen Protocol will no longer be a thing, it has always been a pain to enforce and edit posts rather than deleting and issuing

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Furrynomous 17/2/2017(Fri)07:33:06 No.1223047
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Just a little suggestion but can we have a better way in addressing bans?

Some how I got banned for something I didn't do and had to wait 4 days even after it suggested the ban was 1 day. Still kinda pissed off that it took this long for one of you admins to look at my appeal but there needs to be a better response to appeals than the usual "when we feel like it" bull shit.
Foxxer # ADMIN # 18/2/2017(Sat)12:16:07 No.1223417
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Foxxer # ADMIN # 18/2/2017(Sat)12:19:52 No.1223418
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I can work with you on the reupload.

File: pong_u18chan.png - (7.51kb, 1000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 26/8/2016(Fri)01:00:41 No.1138598    [Reply]
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Thread Tagshas no argument (2)obvious troll (2)look how moral i am (2)relevant-image (1)trans people are predators (1)not to be taken seriously (1)Show Moreclearly a troll (1)degenerate being (1)nobodys actually that stupid (1)delusional (1)y r u not quarantined yet? (1)i want trans people to die (1)you must be trans urself (1)being trans makes you homeless (1)meaningless post (1)seems legit (1)you dont agree with me? (1)lol sure (1)Show Less
Removing the T from LGBT:
When will it finally happen?
453 post(s) and 29 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)06:44:54 No.1226193
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>authentic lives
they are mentally incapable of such a thing, you are refusing to acknowledge the true nature of dysphoria as a mental disorder, a very severe mental disorder. You will never be able to remove ostracism from society. The purpose of an asylum is to shield them from that.
>lock them up and throw away the key
You keep referring to asylums as though they're prisons. That couldn't be further from the truth. Think of it like a vacation resort with lots of doctors. It isn't a prison, they aren't being caged. Relax. It's perfectly humane and history has shown us that people with mental disorders live far longer and more happily in asylums.
We have tried your method, getting rid of these institutions and it gave us a homeless problem because these people did not have the capacity to care for themselves.
Your idealism has brought nothing useful to the table, it has had a net negative effect on society. My suggestions have historically had a net positive on society. You can pretend all you want that if we preach 'acceptance' everything will work out. But these problems aren't imaginary.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)07:10:47 No.1226203
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>they are mentally incapable of such a thing

No, you believe they are. There are plenty of trans people who do live authentic lives - that is, lives true to who they are, not what other people say they should be. That you believe otherwise shows a staggering amount of either hubris or ignorance (or both).

>you are refusing to acknowledge the true nature of dysphoria as a mental disorder

No, I am not. I am saying that people with dysphoria, with the proper treatment, can live in society - and that said treatment should not have to include being locked away in a mental institution only because of their dysphoria. That is the kind of thinking that created an cottage industry of psychologically (and sometimes physically) torturing gay people until "patients" either kill themselves or say they are no longer gay - a practice otherwise known as "conversion therapy".

>You will never be able to remove ostracism from society. The purpose of an asylum is to shield them from that.

So rather than work to lessen the ostracism that trans people face and increase societal acceptance of trans people, we should just lock all trans people up in special "trans asylums"? Rather than treat trans people as human beings who deserve proper (and better) medical care and psychological treatment to help them improve their lives, we should just segregate them from society without any thought as to the effects such a move might have on them?

You are suggesting that we treat trans people as a combination of "dangerous animal in need of being caged and kept away from people" and "infant who requires constant care and supervision". There are only a handful of words I could use to describe this line of thinking, and none of them are what you would call "positive".

>It isn't a prison, they aren't being caged.

So you do not believe locking people up in a mental institution for an indefinite period of time (possibly for the rest of their lives) to keep them segregated from society counts as imprisonment? And for what - being trans?

There are people with various kinds of mental illnesses walking around in society right now. Some of those people are violent and a threat to either themselves or others; that, I cannot deny. But some of those people are also medicated and stable and able to exist in society outside of a mental institution. And even amongst people who share a similar dysfunction - gender dysphoria, for example - there is often no "one size fits all" treatment or "cure". (Some trans people may want to transition, others may not.)

To suggest that locking trans people up because they are trans will solve all their problems is illogical on its mere face. That does not even begin to address your discriminatory hubris in thinking that treating them all the same way - and your method of "treatment" - will help all trans people everywhere. Your certainty that you know what is best for trans people is the certainty of a god - infallible, omniscient, and omnipresent. And as I have said before, you are no god.

You are a disguting bigot who believes trans people should be locked out of society. The only justification you can possibly offer for that position is your own discomfort at the mere idea of trans people being out in society. If you actually wanted to help trans people, rather than condescend and demean them to make yourself feel better, you would do more to actually help trans people instead of doing more to make yourself sound like a sociopath.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)08:09:51 No.1226224
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Look, you can hurl ad homs at me all day, but in the end. We didn't used to have a homeless problem, then bleeding hearts like you came along, defunded asylums and mental health institutes using your exact same line or reasoning. And now look where we are? a decaying society with a homeless epidemic and suicides on the rise.
Because of people like you. Your ideas only sound good on paper but do not work when applied to society.
Mine does. People with severe mental health issues are no different then people that have contagious diseases, the solution is to quarantine them away from the general public. I don't need to be a god to know that that works, I just need to be able to actually look at the history of mental health treatments throughout the western world. And my solution works, your solution is non existant. The only reason you are freaking out is because you find the truth uncomfortable. I'm sorry but life is not fair and it's not pretty and this is how things are. There's nothing you can do to fix them, it's best to keep them out of society.

File: tumblr_nr8bc9DKmO1repty6o1_1280_u18chan.jpg - (196.48kb, 682x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Public nudity Furrynomous 21/2/2017(Tue)07:01:55 No.1225257    [Reply]
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So, what do you guys think of public nudity and/or public displays of sex?
Should it be legal or do you think it's unsanitary, give me your general thoughts on laws concerning this.
10 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)07:38:01 No.1226208
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For me Yes and no...

Yes because too many people in the US still view sex as bad,naughty a negative that unfortunately has a strong drive to be done as proven by previous comments above.

Personally I think that these people these cunts that see sex in such a way deserve a VERY shocking wake up call in the form of seeing a random dick/tits on the street and if they dont like it they can just off themselves and rid the world of their antiquated zealotry.

No:Because I dont want to see som

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)07:39:40 No.1226210
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>too many people in the US still view sex as bad,naughty a negative
Yeah, because the US is a Christian nation, unfortunately. Christianity is a semitic religion.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)08:02:50 No.1226218
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I think this is the biggest problem. Ugly people.
It would be great if in the future we could be like Rome where it's culturally ingrained that physical fitness is a virtue to be strived for by all. Because public nudity and sex is great when everyone's hot.

>semitic religion
yeah, jewish cults are a bitch aren't they

File: 10_0_u18chan.gif - (9.28kb, 100x100)
bestdish CindyQK 23/2/2017(Thu)04:45:02 No.1226151    [Reply]
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adrenalineShow Less
Thread Tagsadrenaline (1)Show Less

File: 1359474971-63908200_u18chan.gif - (34.66kb, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Controversial Topic: Circumcision Adavi123 13/1/2017(Fri)08:01:16 No.1204677    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsdirty furry (1)Show Less
Since we've had a thread on /GC/ get flamed repeatedly I thought it was about time that somebody finally did something and just made a discussion thread for this topic already.

So Circumcision, do you hate it or are you indifferent? Does it bother you in furry porn when artists draw dicks this way? Let's discuss!
Edited at 13/1/2017(Fri)08:07:03
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Cultural, moral relativism is the cancer of society ModusPonens 20/2/2017(Mon)09:00:19 No.1224869
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>You fail to see that what you're seeing as mutilation other societies could see as no more significant than a haircut. Is the Korean attitude of shaving the heads of male children at a certain age mutilation? When your parents took you to the barber shop as a kid, did they need your consent?

I wonder, do I need your consent to blow your brains out? You have the mental aptitude of a child, as evidenced by your arguments, so I'm sure you'd argue you have no rights over you own body, since you are a child. Don't worry though, in my sub-sub-culture of just myself (how many people determine a culture or a society btw?), killing you would be no more significant than swatting a fly.

Edited at 20/2/2017(Mon)09:01:38
Nobrainer 23/2/2017(Thu)09:08:19 No.1226041
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Good thing that the cut dicks in comics are made on fictional characters and makes no difference on reality.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)02:40:13 No.1226106
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File: F6UcY_u18chan.gif - (395.87kb, 500x333)
Does it matter ?

> Hint: No it doesn't but people whine to impose taste. Which is a subjective thing in a subjective conscience that is nothing than a recollection of more or less predetermined memories. Do you see how pointless this is ?

I just like dicks. Prefer cut tho.

Edited at 23/2/2017(Thu)02:40:42

File: passing_love_meesh_u18chan.png - (115.19kb, 335x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
/gc/Passing Love - Discussion Foxxer # ADMIN # 29/1/2017(Sun)03:17:32 No.1212745    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (23)troll (1)shitpost (1)whiny asshole (1)Show Less
Main commic

This is where any/all discussion of the Passing Love comic will be moved to. Please refrain from commenting in the /gc thread. Thank you.
344 post(s) and 26 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 21/2/2017(Tue)10:41:34 No.1225334
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I guess your right. Words can also impact others though.
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)10:36:17 No.1226054
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At this point the mods show that they are bifags by letting a comic with more disgusting straight porn than gay porn to be put in the GAY BOARD instead of the straight board because oh no 2 pages of gay sex would trigger straights but nobody gives a shit about gays to make a bi board for those disgusting comics
Furrynomous 23/2/2017(Thu)01:26:44 No.1226089
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>moves all discussion to the /d/ board because too lazy to deal with drama in the comic thread
>drama continues to ensue and no "on-topic" discussion to be seen

Sometimes, I wonder if the mods of this place are just trying to put it out of its misery.

File: 300px-Extant_reptilia_u18chan.jpg - (35.05kb, 300x236) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Scalies board Ketaxis # MOD # 22/2/2017(Wed)08:21:47 No.1225497    [Reply]
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Some time ago me and a few staff members talked about how much some boards are useful. The Scalies board was the most questionable in this regard. Before the site crash there were two dragon comics in /c/ and now there is the "Servants of the Serpent" comic, for which almost no one (if no one at all) really minds that they are outside of /scale/. What is more, the board currently does not get a lot of content anyway. I talked with LeonFox, and he told me of past drama that resulted in the adding

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 22/2/2017(Wed)11:02:29 No.1225869
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There is really no reason for it to exist as most of the other main categories in the site just separate content by "gender" anyway
Scaly stuff is posted in those categories too, and with absolutely 0 complaints about it not being in the "correct" one

No one visits the board because it's so much simpler to use the other ones. It's much more pleasant to, say, find a gay scaly comic in /gc/ by looking through other gay ones, than to find the same content on /scale/ by looking through all types of content
The entirety of /scale/ is rendered useless by a tagging system in the "gender" boards
Furrynomous 22/2/2017(Wed)11:05:17 No.1225870
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>it's less stuff people don't want to see
It's not like we're talking about diaper fetish art. People post scalie art in the main boards all the time and I never see complaints. I doubt many people even acknowledge scalie art as a genre distinct from furry art. It's more sensible and convenient to create scalie themed threads rather than having a separate board.

Edited at 22/2/2017(Wed)11:30:40
MetroSexual Hipster 23/2/2017(Thu)10:18:20 No.1226052
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Scalie board is completely useless because if I try to move a full scalie comic to /scale where by logic it's suppose to be people raise the argument that scalie comics are okay to post in the main comic boards because them being comics make them relevant to the board. In that case why would anyone post a scalie comic in /scale and not in /c or /gc where most users browse. I've also seen a lot random scalie posts in threads that wouldn't make sense to move/delete because they are single images that a relevant to the thread.

If scalie comics can be posted in the comic boards and scalie images can remain in other threads because of relevance to the thread's topic, whats the point of even having a scale board? The board hasn't been updated like the rest of the site and gets very low traffic. If people don't wanna see scale they can just hide the thread if that's the case.

Edited at 23/2/2017(Thu)10:29:51

File: 56789_u18chan.jpg - (18.04kb, 657x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furry Twitter Reactions to Trump Victory Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)06:00:04 No.1175104    [Reply]
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dunning-kruger effect furries discussing politics on a porn board sad individualsShow Less
Thread Tagssjw (6)nazi (6)likes to prevaricate (2)has literally no argument (2)lol (1)typical nazi scum (1)Show Moreon a porn board (1)sad individuals (1)dunning-kruger effect (1)hypocrite (1)false flag attacker (1)little child (1)obvious bait (1)Show Less
Civil reactions by furs on twitter to Trumps Victory.

also any thoughts on the overall outcome?
Edited at 09/11/2016(Wed)06:02:39
754 post(s) and 149 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sabel!!2SHgbkG83s 20/2/2017(Mon)10:08:55 No.1224905
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Hey, if the States survives Trump, it may yet happen.

But that might be unlikely as Bannon the Chief Strategist for Trump is a real nutter. If anyone gets Trump to push the button, it would be him. Then the world will be a Very Different Place... then again, if enough furries survive the apocalypse, there may be a Furry President... of whatever little kingdoms rise out of the ashes.
Furrynomous 20/2/2017(Mon)11:28:49 No.1224934
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Dun worry friendo. Donald loves us. We'll make America yiff again
Furrynomous 21/2/2017(Tue)08:03:22 No.1225276
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File: 199e2d784f1d6df8d6a2b70e231ffffb_u18chan.jpg - (130.72kb, 752x900)

I guess I'm sorry if I lumped you together with those that you sounded like. It's usually a really safe bet. Still don't understand what the purpose of your "u mad" comment was supposed to be.

>The Conservative government plundered our future to make themselves look good enough to reelect. All while our infrastructure was being left behind to rot.

So I guess you want to burn Trudeau on a cross or something, you must absolutely hate him (if you are cons

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 13813813138_u18chan.jpg - (572.88kb, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tokyo After School Summoners Furrynomous 16/12/2016(Fri)12:16:49 No.1191639    [Reply]
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New mobile game with fairly lewd furries.

If you have an iphone its https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/dong-jing-fang-ke-housamonazu/id1014364534

If you have Android download QooApp and then look up Lifewonders.

Twitter page is https://twitter.com/4jhapp_lw

Yes its all in Japanese.
49 post(s) and 2 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 20/2/2017(Mon)01:54:19 No.1224539
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nevermind, i think i found something about it


go check the last paragraph, it's talking about the back-up data
Furrynomous 20/2/2017(Mon)02:29:24 No.1224549
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The question now is, what's an Authkey and how do I obtain and use it to keep my game data backed up?
I have some pretty good summons and I really don't wanna lose my game again...
SadLicks 21/2/2017(Tue)08:13:48 No.1225033
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late response :'v
this means the game is on maintenance (the second word means maintenance)
I don't know about the authkey too, I used the smart way and printed the password

Edited at 21/2/2017(Tue)08:14:59

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