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File: 173_2_u18chan.jpg - (12.51kb, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
U-18Chan Q&A and where to get answers Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 2017/08/08 13:34:27 No.1303650    [Reply]
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Making a new thread for questions and discussion of site operations and rules.

If you have any questions on why a post was removed or other staff actions post it here. I'll keep an eye on this thread and respond when I can or find another admin or mod that can.

Official discord server link http://discord.gg/qWwmrn7
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Furrynomous 2019/01/17 12:51:36 No.1540380
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Nevermind, I missed the thread below this one.
Furrynomous 2019/02/06 17:59:40 No.1548359
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I'm noticing the search function doesnt include image names, y u du dis?
Furrynomous 2019/02/15 12:42:06 No.1552268
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Yeah, is it bad i feel at home on this site

File: 20170419_023820_u18chan_u18chan_u18chan.png - (601.42kb, 962x692) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Extracurricular Activities Thread v3 Furrynomous 2018/03/18 08:23:23 No.1407978    [Reply]
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Old thread here:
Extacurricular Activities is an in-progress Visual Novel written by Dynewulf with the main artist being now CaptianGerBear (R.I.P. CursedMarked). Updates are usually twice a month (once at the start and another in the middle) unless the author announces otherwise.
Demo is available here: dynewulf.itch.io/extracurricular-activities
Dyne's dev blog: dynewulf.weebly.com/
Support his patreon here!: patreon.com/dk999
Dyne's tumblr and ask-the-cast: dynewulf.tumblr.c

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Edited at 2018/03/18 14:58:10
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Furrynomous 2019/02/17 21:38:03 No.1553145
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File: Sinttulo_8_u18chan.png - (355.5kb, 1053x901)
Does anyone know how to unlock these 3 images in the gallery?
Furrynomous 2019/02/18 02:42:25 No.1553220
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The upper two are his selfies, one with the white "Bear Belly" shirt, and the other one with the black one instead. I don't know why, but choosing the black one unlocks the white one instead of the black one, and vice versa.

The bottom one is from the LnL session, but with all of the characters wearing practical outfits instead of being almost naked. You need to finish the session for the image to be unlocked.

Edited at 2019/02/18 02:43:45
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 23:10:50 No.1554098
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Just passing by to ask if the coach's route was finished?
If not how long do you think it will take for it?
As I recall his route got pretty fat and was near its conclusion, no?
I just really want to have a full experience in one go

File: think_u18chan.png - (334.1kb, 627x971) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 2019/02/17 07:06:11 No.1552909    [Reply]
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Opinion on fursonas?
Furrynomous 2019/02/17 13:06:02 No.1552971
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Mine has the biggest cock on U18
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 06:30:32 No.1553692
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As opposed to your own?
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 17:40:27 No.1553902
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Do I look like some flaming homosexual who needs compensatin' to you? Although, admittedly I am but a post here so you cannot ascertain the size of my MONSTER cock. Forget I asked, just take my word for it brother

File: 1419147718.nayel-ie_krystalwallpaper_u18chan.png - (129.3kb, 1280x786) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Both sides of the fandom should keep politics out of the furry fandom Furrynomous 2019/01/08 18:57:00 No.1536719    [Reply]
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Because i have seen pics of nazifurs f*ck off ribbons. You don't see that shit at other conventions like Dragon con,Gencon,World Fantasy Convention and such. I heard some tried to put politics in warhammer 40K,but they get told to stfu,no one cares. People should be able to enjoy furry without having poltics mentioned. I was taught that there are two things never to bring up around other people. Religion or politics. Lets enjoy our hobbies in peace.
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Furrynomous 2019/02/13 12:22:04 No.1551511
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There is a bit of an irony here in that one of the main things driving me away from the left is the obsessive pigeonholing people into identity based categories which is frankly not something I see all that much of on the moderate right beyond occasional 'dey tuk urr jerbs' grumbling. The conservatives I know and speak to seem largely uncomfortable discussing race and are more concerned about keeping their guns owned and taxes low.

>There's a pipeline leading from "people are immigrating illegally" to "Mexicans don't have a right to exist in this country"
I have difficulty seeing how one logically follows to the other. For perspective sake, by this standard there is also a pipeline between the progressives pushing for an immigration amnesty and the crazies who are unironically in favour of a white genocide. Sure, they vaguely share wings of politics but the similarities pretty much end there.

I think you have that reversed. Why would a moderate conservative radicalise towards a basically impossible goal when they would be satisfied with a realistic and far more acceptable one? However an ethnostater might back the more moderate position on the presumption that they think it is a step towards their crazy ideal. It isn't, but that won't stop them deluding themselves.

>It's 100% fitting to lump them together because, especially on an anonymous image board, it doesn't matter if the person posting radical posts is a radical or a moderate who was duped into spreading radical thoughts and language.
It really isn't because there are no moderates in favour of ethnostates. The implications of what creating one would require makes you a radical by definition.

>What matters is there's people spreading radical right-wing messages which are immediately harmful to the userbase of this site.
Harmful how? Distasteful certainly, but the words aren't going to jump out of the screen and bite you. Nor are they a magic spell to suddenly make someone start reciting the 14 words. It is far easier to ridicule and dismiss an outspoken radical than someone hiding their power level. I'd rather have them screaming like chimps where everyone can see and ignore them than pretending to be something they're not and slipping under the radar.

>Its invariably he far right assholes starting it
>If you take care of the them then you won't even see the left-wing people because the left-wing people are only coming in to try and tell the right-wing people to shut up.
Nah. I see lefties passive aggressively sniping and taking shots at people all the damn time, be it artists with opinions they don't like, news, link spamming, memes, activist flavour of the week shit etc. Admittedly I do see more right wingers on this site than elsewhere in the fandom. This is a fucking imageboard after all, but it is far from a one way damn thing. Personally I'm not against politics discussions if they could 1) be civil, and 2) not result in one side trying to ban the other but since that is never going to happen it would be a nice voluntary standard to check it at the door, or organisers to remain neutral.
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 08:08:47 No.1553727
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Y'all are both missing what I'm trying to say. Basic bitch conservatives don't want an ethnostate necessarily, not consciously and certainly not out loud, but they're *pushing for one anyway* without realizing it, and that's why it's important to recognize and stomp out those dogwhistles when they start to crop up.

If you really don't think that blatant white supremacy is being couched in talk of immigration to make it more paletable to "rational moderate" types then you're being willfully stupid. I'll point out Tucker Carlson again, look at the evolution of how he's talked about immigrants over the past approximately 4 years. It goes from complaining about immigrants to complaining about illegal immigrants to just calling them "illegals" up til the point where he just starts complaining that there's too many hispanic people in the US. The transition was subtle enough over a long enough time that people somehow don't clock that saying "Arizona has a high hispanic population, it's basically part of mexico now!" isn't actually about immigration anymore, it's about America not being white enough.

The difference between the pipeline I'm describing and the theoretical one between progressives and people for "white genocide" (another neo-nazi dogwhistle, whoops!) is that the right-wing version is easily provable and already exists on a large scale. It's not like moderates are getting more radical for the hell of it, it's the far right figures already in place in the government, the media, etc slowly dripping them misinformation to drag them over one step at a time, demonizing any ideology that's not theirs, until push comes to shove they can rely on the "center" to side with the fascists over anything remotely left wing.

And that is not up for debate. Historically, "centrists", "moderates", whatever you want to call them, have ALWAYS sided with the fascists.

Genuine leftists don't even have a place at the table in American politics but even if they did, even if they managed to pull the exact same shit the far right is doing right now, radical leftism is about creating a classless society, not about total domination of out-groups. The opposite of the fascism isn't fascism but with a different target.
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 08:29:58 No.1553741
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I'll also say again, because I think you're not getting this part either, I'm saying it's not about what you believe it's about what you're *doing.*

I really and for truly don't think that every mildly conservative person secretly thinks Hitler was right, but by not recognizing when people way further right than them are using them to push the narrative they are, in fact, supporting those horrible ideas. That doesn't make them bad people, but they need to realize what's happening and how it's hurting people.

As that relates to the original topic, it doesn't matter if people here are actual nazis, by not having a hardline stance against them, we're tacitly encouraging them to post more.

File: people-154111_640_u18chan.png - (59.51kb, 640x636) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Three... is a crowd? Furrynomous 2018/12/14 18:09:01 No.1527953    [Reply]
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I always been a defensor of monogamy and traditional values in relationship even risk of being consider antiquated or a "fossil"

But everytime I see more and more people that choose polyamorous as an option. Last one was Keyll Gold and his husband (I can't read this guy same way I used to anymore)
Also not like "opened relationship" either.

I don't really underestand it and keep defending the same values, but would like to know your opinion about it.

Have you ever get or try this kind

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Edited at 2018/12/14 18:09:16
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Furrynomous 2019/02/10 12:23:06 No.1550260
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I think it works well if no kids are involved. I think it falls apart if kids do become involved.
Furrynomous 2019/02/12 13:23:48 No.1551168
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>I also had a friend growing up who's mom married two guys
That is impossible, because MARRIAGE is between 2 persons. (and thankfully laws still preserve that tradition), except in mulism countries, but that can't be the case, because in tha-t countries is the MEN who has a lot of WIFES.
It's like in the quoted author, he's married to one guy, the other guy LEGALLY has no rights because laws protect marriage between 2 persons, so you probably don't express yourself correctly.

>The creator of Wonder Woman was also in a long-term relationship with a man and another women
The creator of Wonder Woman WAS a MAN, not a woman.
And he was in a poly with 3 woman and a man, not just a man and a woman as you said (tough just 2 of them were their true partners, 2 woman one of them his wife, the LEGALLY accpeted; so at the end would be more bigamist, but whatever). But he was also a sadomasochistic person (not to mention he died of cancer at 53) so this should not be a model to imit.
If you're going to put examples, at least investigate better.

The other guy put two examples (because the creator of Wonder Woman had kids with both) that this is not always truth, but as this guy said (and I think is truth)
Polygamous are usually between gay people (I don't discriminate, but usually just a small portions of the gay community want kids) and the new-gen straight people that don't want kids. So most of the time are no kids involved.

For finish
>But that is not, never has been, and never will be an excuse to say it's bad period
I don't think is bad, AS LONG AS married are not involved.
Because where's the values of marriage? (and I believe in the marriage between gays and lesbians, precisely after the fight a lot of people to archieve that right, now the marriage is being dishonored)
Is married a thing nowbody respects nowdays? As I said, I defend traditional values in this field as laws do.

So as long people in the polyamorous or open relationship are not married, I don't think is bad at all.
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 08:17:36 No.1553738
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I hate to be the one to break this to you but marriage, the legal institution of marriage, is literally just some paperwork that gives you hospital visitation rights and makes filing your taxes easier. If you believe marriage has a deeper meaning, ethically, spiritually, whatever, that's between you and your partner. Marriage meaning something different to someone else will never take that away from you, and it meaning something else to you doesn't give you the right to take that away from them.

File: download_26_u18chan.jpg - (9.43kb, 227x222) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How did the "stereotype" of slut fox begin? Furrynomous 2019/02/13 07:15:29 No.1551444    [Reply]
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I mean, most writers and artists love to portray foxes as massive sluts. How did this begin exactly? Aren't there animals that are more promiscuous than foxes?
1 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2019/02/15 17:34:12 No.1552351
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File: imageedit_3_6054903265_u18chan.jpg - (15.05kb, 156x273)
Uggh. I hate that stereotype so much. Not only is it annoying, seeing as everyone from Chicobo to Zaush has done it to death, but it's also inaccurate to real life. In the real world, it's not uncommon for foxes to form lifelong bonds with their mates, even raising their children together. Some would even argue that foxes are some of the most loyal animals in the world because of that. And yet despite that, people just see them as weasely sleazebags because they happen to hunt at nigh

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Edited at 2019/02/15 17:40:30
Furrynomous 2019/02/16 06:06:17 No.1552579
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It's kinda weird that countless artists, one day, simply decided to make foxes be sluts. was there an rtist that was this trend setter and people just followed them?
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 07:44:15 No.1553715
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At best guess, there were simply a lot of fox characters before the fandom really coalesced into a thing, so once the fandom formed there was just a lot of general interest in foxes. The early fandom was also an *extremely* sexually-charged place, and obviously the sexually open parts of the fandom is still one of the major tentpoles. A wire got crossed early in the fandom's life (iirc one of the first recorded fursuiters at one of the very first furcons was a fox in dominatrix gear) and it just snowballed into where we are now.

I've seen my fair share of ooc Nick Wilde's but you might wanna be careful with your phrasing here, bud. Being gay, a bottom, or even kind of a whore aren't antithetical to being strong, loyal, and trustworthy. It's bad writing that causes mischaracterizations, not just people thinking foxes are hot.

File: holdthefuckup_u18chan.png - (691.4kb, 1006x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 2019/02/19 06:23:18 No.1553690    [Reply]
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Furriends, get ready for the craziest, dumbest question you'll ever hear. Ready? Ok:
Do you know of any furry/anthro communities that are NOT centered around porn?

Not to be a puritan or some shit, I love porn, but sometimes I wish there were more to it to the fandom, you know? I'm looking for an art community focused on storytelling and worldbuilding. I looked on DA but all groups I could find are barely active and the subreddits I discovered have writing as their medium, not art

If you

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 688-1400035620-3998bf2192b679c0d505b680cebd7a06_u18chan.jpg - (289.75kb, 700x802) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Las Lindas Discussion Furrynomous 2016/07/24 16:34:22 No.1096635    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (2)Show Less
So... Did anyone think to archive the thread in some way, or is it all lost forever thanks to this site not allowing Wayback to display their archived copy for whatever fucked up reason?
334 post(s) and 123 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2019/02/11 23:33:05 No.1550974
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It's not just you. Over the past four pages, they grew, shrank, and grew again.

Also, yet more confirmation that anyone who wants us to believe these characters don't understand a word of any human language can kindly go fuck themselves and stop treating us like idiots. And yet, at the same time, I STILL do not understand why Mora and ONLY Mora keeps using gratuitous Spanish when 100% nothing suggests it's her first language, outside of it just being because it's Chalo's. Shit, Alejandra even has a Spanish name and SHE doesn't do this.

Edited at 2019/02/11 23:46:53
Adavi123 2019/02/19 00:14:40 No.1553589
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Here comes the bride.
Adavi123 2019/02/19 00:28:57 No.1553595
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And yet another Ask the High Prime where Challo totally answers an important question about the Las Lindas Universe. Because we totally needed to see Geecku eating Ambar out instead of answering any lore questions that would have been actually interesting.

File: promo_u18chan.jpg - (69.87kb, 900x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
DonPig 2019/02/18 17:36:08 No.1553519    [Reply]
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Hi! Not sure if I'm allowed to post this here or not o_o I created a Bara image and comics site, in case you like those contents too, feel free to check it out :D

The site is more focused on Bara, but it allows all kind of LGBT+ content in it, users can upload their art and images into galleries (like facebook's albums), you can also participate in the forums and it allows all the artists and users to add links to all of their other social platforms and support sites!

I hope you like it :)
DonPig 2019/02/18 17:37:10 No.1553521
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I forgot to put the link there xD
The site is https://baraaddiction.net

File: img000009_u18chan.jpg - (820.89kb, 900x1380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
List of furries in anime/manga Furrynomous 2016/08/23 11:19:40 No.1136914    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (1)Show Less
In order for this list to be valid, the anthros mentioned must either be part of the main charcaters or at least a secondary charcaters that appear more than 2 times in the series. So avoid mentioning anthros that oly appear in 1 chapter or episode.

The manga of this picture is Niehime to Kemono no Ou. Plot is that a human girl was going to be sacrificed for the monsters and the king ended up liking her. The king is "half human", but he reminas in his furry form 90% of the time.
122 post(s) and 193 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 2019/02/16 06:09:39 No.1552581
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Thanks for the aditions, but, in the first one, the wolf girl is nekomimi and nekomimi is not furry. But there are other furries in the manga, so it's okay
Furrynomous 2019/02/18 11:33:45 No.1553354
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Nekomimi means cat ears. Kemonomimi means animal ears.
Furrynomous 2019/02/18 13:10:22 No.1553444
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True. But my point is that this thread is either for full anthros, werewolves and such or sentient animals.
kemonomimi and the like cannot ever be considered furry.

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