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File: 1833341_Chirmaya_page-1-teaser_u18chan.jpg - (305.9kb, 920x1306) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chirmaya's comic 09/3/2017(Thu)03:49:46 No.1233035    [Reply]
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Aogami is releasing a cub comic but its only for sale. Anyone got something?

Anonymous 27/3/2017(Mon)02:07:28 No.1241029
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Yeah I'm interested in this too.

Anonymous 24/3/2017(Fri)05:26:41 No.1239686    [Reply]
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(1.16mb, 1000x1000)
(214.32kb, 922x875)
(289.78kb, 1121x1225)
Question: Does Lilo count as cub if she's in experiment-form? And... if the answer to that question is yes, does she count as cub in her human form?

Basically I'm asking if I create a Lilo & Stitch thread, will I get banned if there are humans in it.
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Anonymous 26/3/2017(Sun)02:39:55 No.1240469
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well kitsune the artist which I've been following said its haft and haft.
Anonymous 26/3/2017(Sun)06:41:27 No.1240732
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(2.89mb, 1280x1490)
(5.73mb, 3300x2550)
(2.77mb, 2251x3300)
Cool, just wanted to be sure.
Anonymous 26/3/2017(Sun)06:43:00 No.1240735
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(3.88mb, 3000x2390)
(2.92mb, 3000x2390)
(5.57mb, 3000x2390)

Female Cub Thread Anonymous 19/2/2017(Sun)10:20:20 No.1224213    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsloli (1)Show Less
(74.44kb, 251x300)
(335.48kb, 920x699)
(40.62kb, 426x600)
(153.17kb, 480x491)
(351.36kb, 729x800)
30 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 25/3/2017(Sat)02:41:57 No.1240089
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(370.55kb, 920x562)
(360.51kb, 920x562)
(377.94kb, 920x562)
(364.9kb, 920x562)
(3.4mb, 4500x2750)
Anonymous 25/3/2017(Sat)02:45:14 No.1240095
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(419.65kb, 920x562)
(395.18kb, 920x562)
(200.78kb, 920x974)
(254.28kb, 920x920)
(156.01kb, 920x518)
Anonymous 25/3/2017(Sat)02:48:47 No.1240102
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(754.32kb, 920x1687)
(318.53kb, 920x920)
(67.13kb, 300x300)
(605.31kb, 920x1303)
(1.88mb, 582x800)

Male cub tread Anonymous 04/3/2017(Sat)09:48:28 No.1230650    [Reply]
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(101.97kb, 1280x777)
(293.28kb, 800x565)
(119.91kb, 800x606)
males only
Edited at 04/3/2017(Sat)09:48:58
2 post(s) and 6 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/3/2017(Thu)02:37:00 No.1239128
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File: 1490294619276_u18chan.png - (813.87kb, 700x1104)
Anonymous 23/3/2017(Thu)04:50:09 No.1239164
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(1.86mb, 1280x1152)
(97.45kb, 720x1262)
(468.44kb, 719x880)
Anonymous 25/3/2017(Sat)11:25:19 No.1240035
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(774.76kb, 1000x1500)
(89.59kb, 996x720)
(200.95kb, 706x864)
(342.63kb, 1260x1199)
(216.78kb, 836x1490)
More boys ^_^

File: 1_185_u18chan.jpg - (607.16kb, 1280x1818) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
STUDY OF XXXXX せいじのお勉強-自習時間- Decensortor 10/3/2017(Fri)03:17:08 No.1233392    [Reply]
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Decensored from https://u18chan.com/board/u18chan/rs/topic/1232581
11 post(s) and 6 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/3/2017(Thu)03:57:12 No.1236276
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Somehow the only uploads of that one appear to be in Korean. To my knowledge, nobody in the world understands Korean. Not even Korea.
Anonymous 16/3/2017(Thu)05:36:44 No.1236308
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There's got to be some person in the world who speaks that particular brand of moon runes
Anonymous 24/3/2017(Fri)04:46:28 No.1239369
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Ah man, now i want to know what the first doujin is about. Looks like it lead into this one.

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