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File: merenhor_u18chan.gif - (7.47kb, 100x86)
merenhor Anonymous 16/10/2017(Mon)09:57:01 No.1334627    [Reply]
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Looks like Merenhor got spooked by something and deleted all his art. Anyone got a dump of it?
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Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)06:47:53 No.1335780
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File: 1508016167302_u18chan.png - (633.56kb, 597x1142)
this is the second time they deleted everything. I wonder why. It's always cub artists that have a meltdown and continuously delete everything without explaination.
Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)06:49:03 No.1335781
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I see that they had a drop box leak. Seeing how some of the images in here were never posted elsewhere, I'm assuming they're all from that drop box link
Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)09:48:42 No.1335859
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We could use this board to our advantage in finding the pics we've been looking for when it comes to cub porn. I managed to get a hold of Justvisitingg's artwork on here and I think we should use this board for this.

File: 1857368_ThunderousErections_chap2cover_0_u18chan.png - (252.41kb, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chapter 2 27/3/2017(Mon)05:56:39 No.1241111    [Reply]
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Chapter 3 Anonymous 18/10/2017(Wed)09:54:59 No.1335536
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File: 2066391_ThunderousErections_sp3-2_u18chan.png - (311.46kb, 800x1200)
My bad. THIS is page 2.
Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)07:36:50 No.1335798
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File: 2067628_ThunderousErections_sp3-3_u18chan.png - (178.47kb, 800x1200)
Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)08:15:07 No.1335807
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File: tuck_u18chan.jpg - (8.77kb, 246x234)
what are we staring at

File: Stickys_u18chan_u18chan.jpg - (25.35kb, 201x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Nay Jayor Anonymous 14/12/2016(Wed)08:01:49 No.1190909    [Reply]
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Pepperidge Farm remembers...

I guess we will never see it completed.
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Anonymous 25/9/2017(Mon)07:51:48 No.1325448
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File: heavy_stare_u18chan.jpg - (82kb, 1680x1050)

T-that style...

No way in hell Jay would draw that. He wouldn't have the guts, even back then. This has to be a tracer's work. It has to be.
Anonymous 25/9/2017(Mon)09:48:29 No.1325470
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(22.21kb, 254x550)
(33.64kb, 321x480)
(31.8kb, 312x411)
(72.68kb, 612x792)
(57.34kb, 391x807)
Some more sort of on topic stuff
Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)06:37:15 No.1335776
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Man, been another month already. Anyone got anything else to share while we wait?

File: 609_u18chan.png - (225.75kb, 451x567) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Boys, boys, boys! Anonymous 28/8/2017(Mon)03:05:16 No.1313285    [Reply]
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Honor the best type of cub. Boys only thread!
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Anonymous 18/10/2017(Wed)06:04:43 No.1335437
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I think it's just ARCC
Anonymous 18/10/2017(Wed)08:50:19 No.1335500
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File: TCC26_u18chan.jpg - (269.84kb, 720x508)

Errrr, you are quite mistaken

She stopped drawing cub because it fell out of vogue and the atmosphere was really against it, when FA and fchan banned it those years back

Even if we argue that her characters were high-schoolers, it's still considered cub by most

Even the pic you commented was titled "Daddy's boi" or something like that as, far as I remember
Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)02:33:36 No.1335705
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File: 0247b9d88b442eb0641219ed1af35cad_u18chan.jpg - (571.72kb, 800x1000)

File: 1397612_kuroodod_telemonster_doodle_2_no_juice_u18chan.png - (1.39mb, 2258x2141) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Telemonster Anonymous 14/9/2017(Thu)06:00:32 No.1321099    [Reply]
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they look like cubs
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Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)11:21:19 No.1335663
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Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)11:21:21 No.1335664
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File: 1508364856.virate-chip_yoss_u18chan.png - (78.01kb, 869x1280)
NSFW? Anonymous 19/10/2017(Thu)02:15:29 No.1335702
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