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File: 1857368_ThunderousErections_chap2cover_0_u18chan.png - (252.41kb, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chapter 2 27/3/2017(Mon)05:56:39 No.1241111    [Reply]
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Anonymous 19/4/2018(Thu)09:27:49 No.1423530
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fucking who cares
Anonymous 19/4/2018(Thu)09:48:48 No.1423535
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The artist already set up the scene in front of lockers and started to fade the lockers' details out of the background so that the focus could be on the characters. I get what you're saying but sometimes less is more.

Edited at 19/4/2018(Thu)09:49:09
Anonymous 20/4/2018(Fri)03:26:40 No.1423637
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Ehh, if it was updated once a week i'd feel you but it's updated basically daily so I'm fine with a few story dumps.

File: 609_u18chan.png - (225.75kb, 451x567) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Boys, boys, boys! Anonymous 28/8/2017(Mon)03:05:16 No.1313285    [Reply]
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Honor the best type of cub. Boys only thread!
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Anonymous 17/4/2018(Tue)03:49:57 No.1422606
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halcyon is so good, i need boys like that in my life
Anonymous 18/4/2018(Wed)01:47:04 No.1422783
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They're too old for me.
Anonymous 19/4/2018(Thu)05:05:58 No.1423433
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This thread is so big it lags to scroll. LOL

File: 1737925_marcleonhardt_teddyandtoy_u18chan.jpg - (378.9kb, 824x1100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cubs in Diapers Anonymous 28/2/2018(Wed)01:25:08 No.1398666    [Reply]
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I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but for those of you who enjoy this could we have a thread for it?
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Anonymous 16/4/2018(Mon)09:34:21 No.1422301
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File: JAKKOFEBR7_u18chan.png - (1.24mb, 1500x1436)
Anonymous 17/4/2018(Tue)03:17:09 No.1422446
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not cub funny enough. thats the race of midget lizardish people from the guild wars game series
Anonymous 19/4/2018(Thu)06:03:14 No.1423229
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Anybody got anything with missypaws? She deleted her stuff on inkbunny.

File: Fuf_dessybear1_u18chan.jpg - (550.32kb, 1000x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The Honey Pot by FUF Anonymous 04/10/2017(Wed)11:48:07 No.1329727    [Reply]
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Anonymous 15/4/2018(Sun)03:34:29 No.1421852
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Actually, it takes more than a google search. Be specific.
Anonymous 16/4/2018(Mon)03:47:00 No.1422181
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The high school I went to had one such case. Guy's life was ruined even though he was later exonerated. Another nearby middle school had three girls all claim sexual abuse which resulted in a professor committing suicide shortly before his imminent conviction (there was no question regarding the inevitable outcome of the trial). Later, one of the three bragged to her friend about how she got the guy fired and he killed himself and was outed that way.

It's possible I'm more wary of this shit and keep track of such things because it happened close to me in the past and because I've also been targeted by people making false accusations. The worst part is that, in my experience, the people who make the false accusations are almost never punished.

Edited at 16/4/2018(Mon)04:01:41
Anonymous 18/4/2018(Wed)05:04:52 No.1423062
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File: 00_11_u18chan.png - (113.36kb, 767x760) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Kyle the Fox Runs Away (compfive) 14/12/2016(Wed)03:07:02 No.1190531    [Reply]
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The stranger sees a cute fox kid approach him while he is walking back to his house.

"Hey mister. I ran away from home and need a place to stay tonight. You look nice, can I stay with you?"

The gears are turning and nasty plans begin to appear in the stranger's head on how to take advantage of the situation.

"Of course you can, squirt. It's just a block away. What's your name?" He asks the Boy.

"I'm Kyle! Thanks a bunch!"
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Anonymous 03/12/2017(Sun)03:23:00 No.1356154
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Halyconwinter is compfive however its purely really cub nowadays soo yeah
Anonymous 10/12/2017(Sun)03:42:37 No.1359336
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have a seat over here weShow Less
Anonymous 17/4/2018(Tue)10:02:17 No.1422732
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File: 1483381969729_u18chan.png - (228.65kb, 500x590)
If anyone is reading this, I'm looking for an archive of compfive's hidden/deleted works. The description for:


includes a link, but that link is dead and I was wondering if anyone else had it or could perhaps upload his works elsewhere? His *rough* stuff was pretty hot and it would be terrible to miss anything.

Edited at 17/4/2018(Tue)10:02:55

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