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File: 0bf8bbf770f51a45cae6ec83e9b1705a08d50bfcac367cd9dfa44d0a0eccbf57_u18chan_u18chan.jpg - (394.3kb, 1600x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sharue's cub art 13/12/2018(Thu)03:57:43 No.1527583    [Reply]
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Looking for Sharue's cub art if anyone has a link.

File: 0bf8bbf770f51a45cae6ec83e9b1705a08d50bfcac367cd9dfa44d0a0eccbf57_u18chan.jpg - (394.3kb, 1600x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Need to know the artist PLZ SumerianDragon 15/10/2018(Mon)06:23:40 No.1506309    [Reply]
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i can't remember the name of this artist, plz i need the name and if you have art of him i'll be really happy.
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Anonymous 10/11/2018(Sat)05:12:25 No.1515850
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A lot of it is definitely Sharue: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/sharue/

Probably WhiteKitten commissions, from the looks of the content in the SMB folder. Azirik did the third image in this thread, though.

... You'd know it was Sharue if you looked at the file names, in fact.I recognized her art, but the files are tagged with it as well. It's obscured as "just a name of one of the cubs", but hers is a pretty unique name in the furry-artist biz.
Anonymous 10/11/2018(Sat)05:14:41 No.1515851
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It is solidly, without fail, Sharue for all but that Azirik piece. She still draws a lot of extreme shit too, so I imagine the cub-stuff is just kept to private commissions.
Anonymous 13/12/2018(Thu)03:42:22 No.1527581
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Can anyone repost a link? Been looking for these.

File: 1857368_ThunderousErections_chap2cover_0_u18chan.png - (252.41kb, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chapter 2 27/3/2017(Mon)05:56:39 No.1241111    [Reply]
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Anonymous 09/12/2018(Sun)03:14:22 No.1526421
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do you or anyone have a link to where I can read the new chapter?
Anonymous 10/12/2018(Mon)08:00:17 No.1526888
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Anonymous 12/12/2018(Wed)03:30:09 No.1527415
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The new chapter is super worth following. It's a really sweet romantic story told through e-mails sent back and forth between pen pals, one who is a student at the same school as the main cast and another who is an aquatic Anthro living in the ocean off the west coast.

Pictures sent back and forth reveal more about the characters as it goes. All in all, it's really lovely and TE has really thought out how aquatic mammals work in his world.

File: 2046272_misterpickleman_01_u18chan.png - (1.35mb, 1080x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sleepover Anonymous 05/11/2017(Sun)04:29:11 No.1344031    [Reply]
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incest loli mf mmShow Less
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From Mister Pickleman
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Anonymous 12/12/2018(Wed)01:21:14 No.1527257
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"I love this page so much. But I hate it so much, too. Half the time, I would look at the file and think it looked fantastic. The other half, I would hate every pixel. Why did I want to try animating again? I'm well aware that it's outside of my abilities. Hell, I'm still having issues with ANATOMY!

I'd love to blame the animation as the cause of the delay on this page, but I can't. Every time I opened this file, I felt a little panicky. It took me a long time to get over that fear and just FINISH this."
- Pickleman on IB
Anonymous 12/12/2018(Wed)07:40:38 No.1527319
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Man, this was the longest 2 weeks so far
Anonymous 12/12/2018(Wed)12:26:21 No.1527376
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Dude, well done. Dont be afraid of it. You got some talent, knw that there are more than haters here. Keep it up loving all of it so far.

File: Fuf_dessybear1_u18chan.jpg - (550.32kb, 1000x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The Honey Pot by FUF Anonymous 04/10/2017(Wed)11:48:07 No.1329727    [Reply]
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Anonymous 05/12/2018(Wed)07:44:26 No.1525141
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I don't even mean the subjects Fuf draws. Just the shit style her art is drawn in.

Edited at 05/12/2018(Wed)07:44:45
Anonymous 05/12/2018(Wed)09:22:42 No.1525174
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That's... literally what I said. Fuf isn't an especially good artist. The reason she's kinda popular is because she draws pretty much anything.

Edited at 11/12/2018(Tue)12:11:15
Anonymous 12/12/2018(Wed)08:06:30 No.1527321
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File: Fuf_ceebear14_u18chan.jpg - (438.63kb, 1000x1500)
No wonder it was called the "Honey Pot"

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