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Chubby cubs & daddies Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)01:18:47 No.1308638    [Reply]
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(162.91kb, 600x847)
(181.06kb, 600x847)
(178.14kb, 600x847)
Does anyone have more pictures about chubby cubs having sex with older or middle aged men?

Justvisiting's old artwork Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)04:35:19 No.1308223    [Reply]
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(1.43mb, 1054x1000)
(161.51kb, 1000x850)
(144.62kb, 1350x1300)
(197.28kb, 683x768)
(159.08kb, 600x950)
Did anyone manage to save any of his old art work?
Here's what I have.
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Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)06:22:35 No.1308520
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some of the .swfs have more than one scene
Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)06:23:13 No.1308525
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Aaaaand that about taps me out. You're welcome.
Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)09:54:39 No.1308581
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Wow thanks dude!

File: 1833341_Chirmaya_page-1-teaser_u18chan.jpg - (305.9kb, 920x1306) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chirmaya's comic 09/3/2017(Thu)03:49:46 No.1233035    [Reply]
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Aogami is releasing a cub comic but its only for sale. Anyone got something?


I apologize for the ban, I didn't check the board when making the ban.
Requests made in the basement boards can be made in their respected boards.

(Request outside of /rs/. Will be moved withing 48 hours.)
Edited at 03/4/2017(Mon)04:48:32
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Anonymous 20/7/2017(Thu)07:07:49 No.1293865
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Anonymous 23/7/2017(Sun)11:01:41 No.1295774
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Pretty retty please?
Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)12:01:59 No.1308404
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File: 1991603_Chirmaya_tjgf-p06_u18chan.jpg - (1.81mb, 2894x4250)

File: 1857368_ThunderousErections_chap2cover_0_u18chan.png - (252.41kb, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chapter 2 27/3/2017(Mon)05:56:39 No.1241111    [Reply]
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Anonymous 16/8/2017(Wed)01:45:26 No.1307336
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File: 1999774_ThunderousErections_sp2-75_u18chan.png - (272.15kb, 800x1200)
Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)05:00:17 No.1308237
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l-lewdShow Less
*everyone silently fapping*
Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)11:53:50 No.1308400
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nothing "silent" about it over here!

File: cobaltsynapse_PleaseStay_comic_frontpage_u18chan_u18chan.jpg - (659.95kb, 1000x1303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cobalt Synapse - Please Stay Comic Anonymous 14/8/2017(Mon)07:12:34 No.1306551    [Reply]
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Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)09:29:36 No.1308114
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looks awesome
Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)11:43:53 No.1308145
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Hasn't been updated in over 4 months. Still collects patreon money. Be wary of this artist.

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