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Cub Games and where to find them Anonymous 2019/04/01 14:50:07 No.1570746    [Reply]
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Hey I was wondering what games (text, twine, flash, html, java, etc) are out there that feature cubs or has content with cubs in them? I know a few have been shared in threads past but single thread about them would be great.

But yeah recommendations would be great as well as links to where to find and play them.

Request outside of request. Will be moved.
Edited at 2019/04/03 02:59:28
Anonymous 2019/04/16 12:46:03 No.1577414
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Text games with cub. Way of the Beastmaster is awesome
Anonymous 2019/04/24 19:51:38 No.1581246
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not a bad selection. please feel free to share more that you know of.

File: Screenshot_20190421-200121_u18chan.jpg - (707.98kb, 1080x2260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Request/source Anonymous 2019/04/23 09:57:47 No.1580544    [Reply]
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Does anyone know what this is from our have it?
Anonymous 2019/04/24 11:30:02 No.1581114
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im lookng for this one

File: gdfdg_re-up_0_u18chan.png - (1.17mb, 899x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cub Edits Thread 1.0! PN 2019/01/01 22:32:25 No.1533948    [Reply]
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Edit of a request I made and I'm creating and moving to the correct topic ...
Edited at 2019/01/01 22:33:01
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Anonymous 2019/04/24 05:25:24 No.1580997
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Female version, please.

Many thankies
Anonymous 2019/04/24 05:28:13 No.1580998
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bumping my old request
Anonymous 2019/04/24 09:30:46 No.1581061
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He needs to be changed to Big Mac

File: paraphore0999_u18chan.swf - (19.61mb)
Paraphore Kittery 2018/03/11 16:26:52 No.1404998    [Reply]
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gore warningShow Less
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Hey, I'm Kitt, I wrote most of this game.

Paraphore is a fairly massive text-based furry game set inside another ero game. Some characters are aware that they are in a game. Paraphore has a ton of vanilla content, plotty story content, and a ton of extremely kinky content (young cub, cub, gore, scat, vomit, abuse, snuff with respawns.) Use the in-game warning symbols to avoid scenes with kinks you don't like.

Contains commissioned art by Snofu, Aogami, Fuf, Lamia, and more. Thanks for play

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Edited at 2018/03/11 16:30:01
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Anonymous 2019/03/07 14:07:54 No.1560884
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Art Kfraven 2019/03/14 21:20:42 No.1564158
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Any chance of someone ripping the art out of the game and posting that please?
Anonymous 2019/04/24 05:45:31 No.1581001
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Interphore 0.1.4


File: IMG_20190303_100353_473_u18chan.jpg - (176.16kb, 984x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looking for a text based game, help? Anonymous 2019/03/08 15:03:10 No.1561424    [Reply]
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Not really for sure if this is the right way to do this, but I'm looking for a game where you play the role of a male cub. I think you're some kind of bounty Hunter? You have a dog with you also that stays by your side always and gets upset when you let others touch you sexually. If you know of this game, please help me find it. I didn't get to finish it q.q
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Anonymous 2019/04/20 14:41:43 No.1579246
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think hes the rat from the back alley, (or the fountain at night time). dunno why the author decide to flesh im out instead of the cute corgi or the dragon
Anonymous 2019/04/20 15:28:04 No.1579256
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From what he's said, he planned to do the Rat, the adventurer dude (Wyatt I think) and the corgi, but it was a lot of content so he stopped at the first one he did and did more story-related stuff.

On his IB he said he'd be doing the other two in the future.
Anonymous 2019/04/24 03:59:32 No.1580976
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So... What's the secret scene?

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