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File: 483213_SashaBelle_csmut130224_u18chan.jpg - (1.07mb, 1200x1716) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sashabelle Art gepito 2017/12/06 07:11:03 No.1357614    [Reply]
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Post Sashabelle/Sethpup's cub art here. Gay or straight is fine
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Muhammad Ibn Talik 2019/07/18 13:15:40 No.1617695
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How do Western governments justify their right to rule? It is based on how much economic growth they preside over. What happens if the economy cannot recover due to peak oil? The entire paradigm will change.

Most people are far too shallow and cowardly to accept that life is non-teleological. Virtually everyone who calls themself an nihilist has a life-denying religion of some kind. They hide their cowardice under oceans of beautiful sounding theories and literature, and the stupider ones try to avoid thinking about it by distracting themselves with entertainment and shopping. A noble, philosophical idea is therefore necessary to impose a life affirming religion and give society a "purpose" and direction. The left and the right both fight actively for this role, while we are speaking.

Libertarianism, Communism, Socialism, Anti-Statism, Anarchism are RELIGIONS. When people claim that they support separation of church and state what they are actually implying is that their moral code must supersede any mystical moral value system. It is the religion of materialists. All of the rational arguements on youtube about what is the "best" form of government ignores the fact that all of these arguments are over whose moral biases are "best".

Edited at 2019/07/18 13:16:08
Anonymous 2019/07/18 13:19:59 No.1617696
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This sums it up nicely.

"Most people do not understand it. They will however come to understand it in the future. Everybody will be against everybody. No common ground will be found. There will be nothing to agree."

Friedrich Nietzsche - about the end democratic processes (11.09.1878)
Anonymous 2019/07/18 13:22:30 No.1617697
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lol. i really like these discussions.

File: IMG_6202_u18chan.png - (186.17kb, 648x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Zaush Cub Content Anonymous 2019/06/08 00:56:31 No.1599543    [Reply]
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I'm just curious cause I don't think this was ever solved.

Is there a uncensored version of this image? Also any other cub stuff
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Anonymous 2019/07/08 18:51:05 No.1611300
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That's 'cause he wants to pretend she's a kid when he fucks her. Dude's an idiot, doesn't even know how to find a lass into ddlg who won't call it creepy.
Anonymous 2019/07/12 07:23:29 No.1612811
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File: cynthia-outfits-1_u18chan_0_u18chan.jpg - (146.76kb, 1500x709)
I suppose this is the place to ask now.

Back when Daddy's Little Secret was being posted, I remember someone was re-editing and re-writing it to remove some of the cuckoldry stuff Zaush loves putting in his comics. Don't suppose anyone still has them... or if they were ever finished. I didn't save them at the time.
Anonymous 2019/07/18 08:12:52 No.1617576
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Would this be it?

File: 00_25_u18chan.png - (787.13kb, 906x1374) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
MadHatterMonster - Spyro's Deja Boos Anonymous 2018/11/14 01:34:33 No.1517243    [Reply]
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Pretty sure this comic is nowhere else on this site.

I'm not exactly sure of how old Spyro is meant to be.. So I am going to put t here in /cub/ just to be safe. Though I doubt most people would really mind if this one was posted in /gc/.. oh well.
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Anonymous 2018/11/15 04:51:28 No.1517715
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I like it too but since the link is going to a 2016 version of this comic theres aktually no hope to color this.

This comic would be much greater if there were more than simple shades.

Someone out there please bring it to an end!!°°
Anonymous 2019/07/17 23:17:07 No.1617459
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This was in ferals originally. Why the fuck is it in cub?
Anonymous 2019/07/18 00:52:07 No.1617471
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I'm not sure, why are you necroing this topic 9 months after the thread died to ask a stupid question of someone who wasn't responsible for moving/reposting the comic?

File: patreon_LG_00_hd_u18chan.png - (687.71kb, 889x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Lions Over All Anonymous 2017/11/07 18:54:44 No.1345196    [Reply]
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Anonymous 2019/07/17 07:56:54 No.1617160
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Next pages?
Anonymous 2019/07/17 17:59:32 No.1617326
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That's to say nothing of her hips...

Mind you, the only thing around the cleavage of both lionesses I noticed that they're becoming freckled...whereas the cover and first four pages have them unblemished.
Anon 2019/07/17 22:52:07 No.1617453
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He did the same with Sarabi as well same design different face

File: littleasriel_u18chan.png - (474.56kb, 1519x2116) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Asriel and Ralsei Cub art Anonymous 2019/06/28 02:00:36 No.1607126    [Reply]
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Can we get a cub Asriel/Ralsei thread started?
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Asriel and Ralsei Cub art Anonymous 2019/06/28 02:22:26 No.1607144
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File: c5f5b7c7626fdc32e1194ec2cf003ef6_u18chan.png - (908.42kb, 1700x1200)
Anonymous 2019/07/16 03:04:23 No.1616760
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File: 06a7fcef5eea77b99bc83cf1b678ead2_u18chan.jpg - (140.6kb, 1500x1126)
Let's keep this going.
Anonymous 2019/07/17 22:47:36 No.1617451
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File: 2781555_MrAnonArtemis_drai_com4_u18chan.jpg - (996.42kb, 2346x4000)
Found this good one

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