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File: 21D8E54B-1EC2-4854-BDB1-A5F3ABF47B01_u18chan.jpeg - (349.25kb, 900x1278) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tigress Infect Adavi123 20/6/2018(Wed)11:15:13 No.1455152    [Reply]
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A new comic by DaiGaijin. According to him this is an alternate event series from the Better Late Than Never comic. I am not sure what this will be but I assume it will be nasty and something the guys at C won’t like.

File: jameshoward-442758-Vore_Story_03-00copiar_u18chan.jpg - (1.22mb, 1821x1809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Vore Story 3: Punishment Anonymous 24/2/2018(Sat)10:50:00 No.1396886    [Reply]
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Here's some of the first pages!
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Anonymous 23/5/2018(Wed)03:01:41 No.1440282
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File: 45_41_u18chan.jpg - (3.19mb, 3642x3618)
New Input ^^
Anonymous 29/5/2018(Tue)06:03:01 No.1443607
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New pages are out!
Anonymous 17/6/2018(Sun)10:19:29 No.1453901
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Anone got the updates?

File: 1479268162.saltytart_cover_u18chan.jpg - (220.65kb, 464x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ADITL A Day in the Life - Scene: Evan 1 15/11/2016(Tue)10:08:13 No.1178185    [Reply]
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Anonymous 06/2/2018(Tue)06:21:02 No.1387969
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Anonymous 24/2/2018(Sat)06:07:04 No.1396835
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It's now on his FA
the patreon is still a mess though, so dont expect stuff to come out of there the way he distributes

Furrynomous 15/6/2018(Fri)08:40:07 No.1452588
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Does anyone have anything else of his? Mostly I just want to watch him sperg out again.

File: 1Gettheundies_u18chan.png - (196.54kb, 1070x1070) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dragon Bait (A Male Wet and Mess Comic) Notkastar 09/10/2017(Mon)03:22:28 No.1331751    [Reply]
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A spur of the moment and passion project comic I wiped together outta the blue after remembering this was a thing. https://lparchive.org/Mother-3-(by-Mega64)/Update%2047/64-090.png

I have no clue either why a one time only monster from a GBA game spur this wave of inspiration.

Inspiration's as weird as me I guess =)
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Dragon Bait Notkastar 10/4/2018(Tue)03:13:09 No.1419340
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File: 6StandOver_u18chan.png - (217.62kb, 1000x1000)
Dragon Bait Notkastar 10/4/2018(Tue)03:13:26 No.1419341
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File: 7DoorSlam_u18chan.png - (333.62kb, 1050x1050)
Dragon Bait Notkastar 15/6/2018(Fri)12:02:18 No.1452451
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File: text819-5_u18chan.png - (421.74kb, 1042x1406)

File: B0B93CFC-4B68-42D1-A672-FCECFE18F6B5_u18chan.jpeg - (323.44kb, 900x1287) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Freya’s Descent Adavi123 30/5/2018(Wed)02:22:54 No.1443865    [Reply]
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By DaiGaijin.

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Anonymous 08/6/2018(Fri)07:41:11 No.1448471
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Well yes, yes it did. But the cliche rescue was even bigger disappointment. Like i said in the comment under the hanging picture - look up the commissioner. I knew from the 3th page when i noticed his name how will it go. In next pages Freya will be loved and cared for and they will all live happily ever after! :|
Adavi123 08/6/2018(Fri)04:16:12 No.1448653
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Yeah I didn't look at the guy who commissioned this short series. And I was disappointed cause the artist had done snuff before, not many but he had a few.
Anonymous 14/6/2018(Thu)08:42:42 No.1452348
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Can you, uh, hook me up with his snuff stuff?

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