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File: 1481153629236_u18chan.jpg - (299.14kb, 675x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Out and In by JammyJam Anonymous 08/12/2016(Thu)09:39:44 No.1188344    [Reply]
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Out and In by JammyJam Anonymous 08/12/2016(Thu)09:44:31 No.1188355
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miekeowhShow Less
File: 1481153900297_u18chan.jpg - (415.17kb, 675x900)
Out and In by JammyJam Anonymous 08/12/2016(Thu)09:44:33 No.1188356
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miekeowhShow Less
File: 1481153932545_u18chan.jpg - (353.14kb, 675x900)
Anonymous 15/6/2017(Thu)02:17:48 No.1276572
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...That's my fetish.

File: 4f03797785bdfff0eb0c01b2ab29a2c9_u18chan.jpg - (67.73kb, 647x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Female Gore Anonymous 16/8/2016(Tue)04:22:22 No.1132477    [Reply]
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We need more female stuff...
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Anonymous 13/6/2017(Tue)11:15:07 No.1275735
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Anonymous 13/6/2017(Tue)11:15:44 No.1275736
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Anonymous 13/6/2017(Tue)11:16:08 No.1275737
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File: 1481358412.jade-robin_headcrush_u18chan.png - (217.95kb, 951x737)

File: image_75_u18chan.png - (930.21kb, 1180x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Xenomorph life cycle (Gore) Anonymous 31/7/2016(Sun)01:45:55 No.1117060    [Reply]
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1. Sex with a Facehugger, Xenomorph, predalien, etc

2. Belly expansion is allowed (optional)

3. Bursting both inside the belly or the chest!
Anonymous 12/6/2017(Mon)05:09:48 No.1275444
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(131.67kb, 1280x1114)
(84.51kb, 1280x854)
(974.91kb, 1097x1280)
(87.42kb, 1280x1046)
Some old stuff with my character
Anonymous 12/6/2017(Mon)05:12:49 No.1275449
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Last one

Anonymous 25/5/2017(Thu)12:55:37 No.1266679    [Reply]
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(1.24mb, 1821x1809)
(1.3mb, 1821x1809)
(1.11mb, 1821x1809)
(1.48mb, 1821x1809)
Why do I have to give a comment on every post? Also, if anyone has the latest pages it would be pretty sweet.
Anonymous 25/5/2017(Thu)12:56:38 No.1266683
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>I make a new thread by accident
fuck's sake. Mods?

File: jameshoward-396898-Vore_Story_01-00copiar_0_u18chan.jpg - (1.15mb, 1821x1809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Vore Story - Chapter 1: The Watermelon - By jameshoward Anonymous 25/5/2017(Thu)12:54:17 No.1266678    [Reply]
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New comic from Jameshoward.

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