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File: 1497993192.saltytart_steakout_u18chan.jpg - (416.8kb, 618x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Steakout 20/6/2017(Tue)09:48:43 No.1279587    [Reply]
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Can we discuss this??

Steakout by salty_tart
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salty_tart 19/8/2017(Sat)02:19:10 No.1309159
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I'm being honest when I said I had nothing to do with it or its creation. People are a lot more cathartic when they can remain anonymous with their comments but they sometimes leave feedback that I consider important, which is why I look to see if my work gets posted elsewhere on the web without my knowledge.

This thread, however, was only created for people to express how disgusted they were by the comic which doesn't really hold significance of any kind.

So...enjoy your rumors and trash talk, I guess. That's about all this site seems to be good for.
Anonymous 19/8/2017(Sat)03:44:53 No.1309177
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He is right about that, U18 is trash and toxic, full of people who bitch and whine. Plus the mods suck too.
Anonymous 19/8/2017(Sat)04:20:55 No.1309192
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the fact that he's monitoring this thread is kinda proof enough

File: Page_1_u18chan.png - (3.58mb, 1987x3075) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Going all the Way - Silkysworld 18/7/2017(Tue)05:56:56 No.1292613    [Reply]
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Awful surprised this wasn't uploaded sooner.
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Anonymous 04/8/2017(Fri)04:09:37 No.1301786
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File: 78_11_u18chan.jpg - (729.48kb, 1987x3075)
Anonymous 04/8/2017(Fri)04:10:17 No.1301787
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File: 79_10_u18chan.jpg - (1.02mb, 1987x3075)
79, the Last Page
Anonymous 05/8/2017(Sat)09:11:52 No.1302352
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Thanks for uploading it.I'm kind of disappointed that the boys didn't have sex there before being digested.

Necrophilia Anonymous 16/7/2017(Sun)07:32:28 No.1291404    [Reply]
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(19.67mb, 11200x8400)
(847.91kb, 920x620)
(497.61kb, 920x723)
(1.08mb, 1200x1200)
(1.1mb, 1200x877)
You know the drill (>*3*)>
Anonymous 24/7/2017(Mon)08:52:40 No.1296162
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Anonymous 26/7/2017(Wed)08:12:20 No.1297193
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artist? patreon link? more? SUMMON CAPTAIN
Anonymous 29/7/2017(Sat)03:37:51 No.1298967
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(828.32kb, 800x1000)
(920.62kb, 1372x1324)
Here's two I have.

File: 139784334883_u18chan.png - (401.06kb, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Drowning Anonymous 31/7/2016(Sun)05:16:52 No.1117405    [Reply]
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StarFox (rape, blood, fire, etc) / スターフォックス (暴力) - both male and female ♂♀ Anonymous 21/7/2017(Fri)09:17:25 No.1294951
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(628.72kb, 1200x1200)
(807.69kb, 1280x896)
(211.71kb, 1138x592)
Some of the darker StarFox pictures...

(are these in their own thread?)

Edited at 21/7/2017(Fri)10:28:24
Anonymous 23/7/2017(Sun)08:15:14 No.1295744
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Anonymous 24/7/2017(Mon)12:37:22 No.1296013
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In that case the threads need to be separated... :(

I have a problem where I think I'm posting inside/outside a thread when it's the other way around. If there was a notice at the top saying "New thread" or "posting in..." it would be easier.

File: 1479268162.saltytart_cover_u18chan.jpg - (220.65kb, 464x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ADITL A Day in the Life - Scene: Evan 1 15/11/2016(Tue)10:08:13 No.1178185    [Reply]
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Mm26543 [email protected] 23/7/2017(Sun)10:02:59 No.1295964
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Mm26543 [email protected] 23/7/2017(Sun)10:06:15 No.1295966
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Anonymous 06/8/2017(Sun)12:09:44 No.1302847
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bump bump bumpity bump

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