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File: 1637525_cycanine_jovee_cyandbullguysmallfinal-1_u18chan.png - (759.89kb, 989x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Bugchasing Anonymous 26/9/2017(Tue)11:15:12 No.1325955    [Reply]
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or anything related to the scene.

PnP, biohazard tattoos, faulty condoms, general sluttyness.
Edited at 26/9/2017(Tue)11:21:54
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Anonymous 06/4/2018(Fri)09:04:21 No.1417887
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I don't think it's really bugchasing if you've already been converted to poz.
Anonymous 27/7/2018(Fri)12:21:48 No.1472187
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Today I learned what bug chasing is.
Today I wish I never l learned what bug chasing is....
Anonymous 16/8/2018(Thu)12:28:08 No.1481092
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Regardless, it is a big part of the gay community.

File: miranda_dragon-224725-mirfwa4_u18chan.png - (637.27kb, 1280x1154) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Scat Anonymous 06/2/2018(Tue)02:56:25 No.1387891    [Reply]
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Male or female. Let's see some dirty stuff
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Anonymous 01/8/2018(Wed)09:46:37 No.1474242
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Anonymous 12/8/2018(Sun)07:30:26 No.1479202
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Anyone else wanna share?
Anonymous 14/8/2018(Tue)02:34:16 No.1480300
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File: 28218254400-1533361331_u18chan.jpg - (21.61kb, 400x300)
More I found

File: 1_5039777950124212234_u18chan.jpg - (85.11kb, 667x677) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Whitekitten Commissions Anonymous 24/2/2018(Sat)05:37:42 No.1396831    [Reply]
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Been digging around looking for some of whitekitten's lesser seen commissions, despite the fuckedness. I have more content to share later as I'm traveling around right now, but any niche pieces commissioned by wk would be appreciated here
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Furrynomous 11/6/2018(Mon)06:59:09 No.1450386
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C'mon someone's?
Anonymous 12/6/2018(Tue)03:49:47 No.1450948
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this going to be a bit complicated since we don't know how he's handling his patreon
Anonymous 11/8/2018(Sat)11:15:49 No.1479110
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Don't suppose anyone got a grab of it when the link got leaked? I thought I got it all and instead just got one of the 1.7 GB videos rather than the images.

File: jameshoward-442758-Vore_Story_03-00copiar_u18chan.jpg - (1.22mb, 1821x1809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Vore Story 3: Punishment Anonymous 24/2/2018(Sat)10:50:00 No.1396886    [Reply]
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Here's some of the first pages!
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Anonymous 05/8/2018(Sun)06:20:59 No.1475940
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File: 51_31_u18chan.jpg - (515.8kb, 1821x1809)
Anonymous 08/8/2018(Wed)11:45:22 No.1477313
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File: 52_31_u18chan.jpg - (534.45kb, 1821x1809)
Check out e621 too... they are page ahead Anonymous 10/8/2018(Fri)05:49:45 No.1478476
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File: a2b4728c513c56c948723078178770f8_u18chan.jpg - (139.01kb, 800x794)
Here yall go

File: 1517673634.bryanfang_99e60741-0fd0-4aa1-93a3-8f8d3df4b1bf_u18chan.jpeg - (319.51kb, 905x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furdemic Adavi123 07/4/2018(Sat)12:59:03 No.1418028    [Reply]
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What's up everybody? Doesn't seem like there's much good stuff on the Gore board so how bout I fix that?

This is "Furdemic" a comic written by bryanfang and artwork done by cat on Facebook.

It's about a zombie apocalypse that breaks out during a gay pride parade. Should be fun!

Here's the writer's FurAfinity page
The artist I don't think has an FA page.
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Anonymous 04/7/2018(Wed)01:57:00 No.1461302
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I like it, the pacing seems to be slow, which is good if the artist doesn't quit before it's finished. I'm just a little disappointed that we don't have a proper character introduction. Other than that, it looks promising.
Anonymous 04/8/2018(Sat)02:40:01 No.1475593
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Cool story, bro.
Anonymous 07/8/2018(Tue)01:41:42 No.1476779
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