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File: 1_5039777950124212234_u18chan.jpg - (85.11kb, 667x677) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Whitekitten Commissions Anonymous 24/2/2018(Sat)05:37:42 No.1396831    [Reply]
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Been digging around looking for some of whitekitten's lesser seen commissions, despite the fuckedness. I have more content to share later as I'm traveling around right now, but any niche pieces commissioned by wk would be appreciated here
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Anonymous 24/3/2018(Sat)10:39:59 No.1410948
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he deleted his patreon post on his account (tough, the account itself is still active)
Anonymous 13/4/2018(Fri)12:35:18 No.1420889
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the google link has been deleted as well
Anonymous 19/4/2018(Thu)04:25:12 No.1423216
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he posted a new post on patreon

File: Untitled3_1_u18chan.png - (749.33kb, 800x426) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Gay/Yaoi/Bara Soft Vore Gray2p 03/3/2018(Sat)12:23:36 No.1400492    [Reply]
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For muscle manly furs being swallowed by other manly furs or male beasts
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Gay/Yaoi/Bara Soft Vore Gray2p 03/3/2018(Sat)12:36:02 No.1400497
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File: Untitled3_5_u18chan.png - (754.57kb, 620x800)
Gay/Yaoi/Bara Soft Vore Gray2p 03/3/2018(Sat)12:42:00 No.1400499
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File: Untitled3_6_u18chan.png - (557.11kb, 703x800)
Anonymous 16/4/2018(Mon)03:26:30 No.1422177
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The artist of the file at the top has put out an art pack. If anyone has bought it please do share it


File: FSLucidDreams00_u18chan.jpg - (1.17mb, 1800x2400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Lucid Dream Anonymous 11/4/2018(Wed)07:01:58 No.1419782    [Reply]
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soft vore
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Anonymous 11/4/2018(Wed)07:17:54 No.1419810
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File: FSLucidDreams27_u18chan.jpg - (1.21mb, 1800x2400)
FF96 11/4/2018(Wed)08:18:28 No.1419818
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Thank you so much for this!
Anonymous 16/4/2018(Mon)07:11:13 No.1422064
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If she call him a pervert, she should get a mirror

File: 1517673634.bryanfang_99e60741-0fd0-4aa1-93a3-8f8d3df4b1bf_u18chan.jpeg - (319.51kb, 905x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furdemic Adavi123 07/4/2018(Sat)12:59:03 No.1418028    [Reply]
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What's up everybody? Doesn't seem like there's much good stuff on the Gore board so how bout I fix that?

This is "Furdemic" a comic written by bryanfang and artwork done by cat on Facebook.

It's about a zombie apocalypse that breaks out during a gay pride parade. Should be fun!

Here's the writer's FurAfinity page
The artist I don't think has an FA page.
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Anonymous 15/4/2018(Sun)05:52:06 No.1421630
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I don't hear this insult too often when its not in cringe comps, but lol, shouldn't be surprised to find it on a furpage.

Comic looks cool to, gl to artist.
Furdemic Adavi123 15/4/2018(Sun)11:32:54 No.1421723
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Anonymous 15/4/2018(Sun)03:18:06 No.1421840
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LGBT parade <-> incoming zombie outbreak.

I KNEW gays will bring the end of the word!
xD haha

File: Page_1_u18chan.png - (3.58mb, 1987x3075) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Going all the Way - Silkysworld 18/7/2017(Tue)05:56:56 No.1292613    [Reply]
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Awful surprised this wasn't uploaded sooner.
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A dumb vore fan 02/9/2017(Sat)12:37:23 No.1315393
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Edited at 03/9/2017(Sun)08:58:25
Porn James Dandrea 15/3/2018(Thu)03:58:08 No.1406862
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Just a loser who likes thicc gurls
Anonymous 13/4/2018(Fri)07:04:15 No.1421117
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So...just to ask..how many would actually go through with it? Like if it was real...and the option to be swallowed whole was possible...would a vore fan go all the way? Or would they rather be coughed up to relish In the opportunity? Personally I'd want to be coughed up...that way I could brag about the experience later

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