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Belly gurgles Anonymous 19/3/2017(Sun)04:01:36 No.1237561    [Reply]
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(1.84mb, 1139x1469)
(95.34kb, 828x1280)
(165.68kb, 1270x1280)
(213.09kb, 1000x750)
ITT gurgles. Just gurgles.
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Anonymous 22/3/2017(Wed)09:27:48 No.1238870
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(78.28kb, 529x595)
(771.97kb, 800x1280)
(209.11kb, 806x962)
Post all your goodies then.
Anonymous 25/3/2017(Sat)08:04:31 No.1239987
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(167.85kb, 961x1280)
(140.65kb, 1011x1280)
(202.73kb, 1280x960)
(210.99kb, 1013x1280)
(122.99kb, 1280x610)
Here you go. my stomach's doing the same thing here
Anonymous 26/3/2017(Sun)09:27:29 No.1240782
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(315.2kb, 926x987)
(102.17kb, 777x1100)
(254.38kb, 1067x1280)
Good stuff.

File: front_u18chan.gif - (405.64kb, 2728x3762) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
kokuryu/garyu art Anonymous 05/9/2016(Mon)05:26:25 No.1144559    [Reply]
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I don't know if they are the same person, but the style and the story behind the art is the same, so I'm putting all their/his/hers (dunno their gender) art here
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Anonymous 08/9/2016(Thu)03:18:41 No.1146623
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Kokoryu and Garyu are indeed the same person! You can also find them as Souryudo.

Their pixiv has even more of their work: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=18259

As far as I know, all of their comics, including RW2 are available in digital download from their Booth: https://souryudo.booth.pm/

They're really cheap, though you do need a credit card (or else be initiated into the arcane mysteries of bank transfer to Japan).

And I discovered that IS the COMPLETE 'Return World' - it's 9 pages total. The story begins there, with the line "One day I woke up, and I wasn't human..." which is as good a way of starting a story as any, I suppose XD

In the version uploaded here, pages 01 and 02 must've been blank, or copyright info or something.
return world kuzan 11/10/2016(Tue)04:06:58 No.1161934
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anyone got the rest?
kokuryu/male dragon gore kukuryu/pussy sex 14/3/2017(Tue)10:09:43 No.1235281
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(235.14kb, 555x591)
(828.97kb, 805x700)
Very sexy

File: 1_77_u18chan.png - (1.19mb, 2728x3762) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ruckwarts - English Anonymous 05/3/2017(Sun)01:44:42 No.1230978    [Reply]
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Translation WIP, original here: https://e-hentai.org/g/574449/39af0c781c/
Edited at 06/3/2017(Mon)09:59:51
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Anonymous 10/3/2017(Fri)06:47:33 No.1233666
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File: P12_0_u18chan.jpg - (119.29kb, 855x1200)
Anonymous 11/3/2017(Sat)05:54:57 No.1233801
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thanks a ton!
If by any chance you have return world 4 translated, please post as well, if possible
Anonymous 11/3/2017(Sat)07:35:27 No.1234036
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Thanks for posting the original translation, didn't know there was one, but it's good for comparing to, as I said I'm still learning myself. Someone had asked for a translation of it in RS before moving it here.

File: 08P_u18chan.jpg - (297.69kb, 855x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anonymous 10/3/2017(Fri)06:40:52 No.1233661    [Reply]
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miss post
Edited at 10/3/2017(Fri)06:42:01

File: IMG_1692_u18chan.jpg - (430.55kb, 928x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Farting furries Anonymous 26/1/2017(Thu)01:44:41 No.1211061    [Reply]
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No fatties
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Anonymous 03/3/2017(Fri)02:41:55 No.1230097
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File: IMG_1954_u18chan.jpg - (243.08kb, 1000x750)
Anonymous 03/3/2017(Fri)02:42:30 No.1230098
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File: IMG_1955_u18chan.jpg - (196.98kb, 1000x750)
Giant kitty
Anonymous 03/3/2017(Fri)02:43:08 No.1230099
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File: IMG_1953_u18chan.jpg - (207.26kb, 908x1174)
Dragon fire

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