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It's Official ! BlackSad is going to be adapted into a videogame ! Furrynomous 24/6/2017(Sat)03:41:02 No.1281255    [Reply]
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recently, Pendulo studio (the dev behind the Runaway Games) had annonced they have been working on a videogame based on the comic of the same name

from what we know, the game is going to be released in 2018

source: https://phoneia.com/blacksad-is-the-new-adventure-from-pendulo-studios/
Edited at 24/6/2017(Sat)04:13:15

File: 71745d7f411ba2ba01f43fb357f72be6_u18chan.jpg - (63.35kb, 736x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Minecraft Furrynomous 26/3/2017(Sun)05:51:44 No.1240506    [Reply]
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Any interest in a u18chan minecraft server? I used to play on the old one, but now I can actually afford to fund/run one.
Minecraft Furrynomous 16/4/2017(Sun)01:47:10 No.1249341
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I'm interested, any news on this?
Furrynomous 24/6/2017(Sat)10:16:22 No.1281175
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File: maxresdefault20_u18chan.jpg - (110.3kb, 1440x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Morrowind Furrynomous 14/2/2017(Tue)03:05:43 No.1221189    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmiekeowh (6)Show Less
Hey, guys, do you like this game? Me a lot. I still regularry play this and follow modding community.

First times long ago I always playing as Argonian female, but now I mostly playing like "canonical" dunmer from cover, but I always save Kajiit and Argonian slaves.
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Furrynomous 15/4/2017(Sat)10:03:07 No.1249086
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Oblivion was just some dude.
Furrynomous 20/5/2017(Sat)02:26:57 No.1264637
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I've played many old games with accuracy system instead of insta-hit, like Diablo II and others, and also in real D&D but in Morrowind it's somehow especialy frustrating.
Furrynomous 04/6/2017(Sun)01:38:55 No.1271354
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Maybe because morrowind animations are not very good due to segmented bodies, and fakt that most people waiting direct-hit from 3d arpg game. And because most players take wrong skills and use different abilities than they peaked at start.
Furrynomous 16/6/2017(Fri)06:45:37 No.1277074
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File: 2017-05-01-145618-screenshot_u18chan.jpg - (300.67kb, 1920x1080)
Meanwhile in multiplayer

File: -1_u18chan.jpg - (427.31kb, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Video Games with Anthros Furrynomous 27/10/2016(Thu)04:11:29 No.1168627    [Reply]
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Same as title. Games where you play as anthros or has anthros in a significant capacity.
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Furrynomous 08/4/2017(Sat)09:20:28 No.1245979
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File: 1470206712397_u18chan_u18chan.png - (1.09mb, 1366x768)
Beast Light, a boy love visual novel with the particularity to have a cast of anthro character

For the moment all we know is it's a mobile phone game and not a single english has yet been a Annonced (it's was realesed in japan a few week ago)

There already a thread in the gay furry section here: https://u18chan.com/board/u18chan/gfur/topic/1122344#

Additional site:

http://www.beast-light.com (official website)

https://beastxlight-translations.tumblr.com (a non-official english inf

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Edited at 08/4/2017(Sat)09:22:15
Furrynomous 18/4/2017(Tue)08:48:56 No.1250432
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File: iubh9y4_u18chan.png - (714.87kb, 1000x563)
It's not out yet, but "Tooth and Tail" looks like it will be a pretty fun if simple RTS.
Furrynomous 27/5/2017(Sat)12:50:36 No.1267550
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File: TESV2017-03-3117-51-19-31_u18chan.png - (3.07mb, 1920x1080)
How about yiffy age mod for Skyrim?
Furrynomous 14/6/2017(Wed)01:00:25 No.1276246
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Crowfall will have Minotaurs, Centaurs, and anthro deer-people (Elken) and guineapig-people (Guinecean).

File: G_20170409_0338273_u18chan.gif - (177.91kb, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Gabe Newell Furrynomous 17/5/2017(Wed)02:34:52 No.1263153    [Reply]
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Furrynomous 17/5/2017(Wed)09:51:56 No.1263377
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File: 14948788520840_u18chan.png - (2.64mb, 1920x1080)

File: new_zerglings_u18chan.jpg - (125.93kb, 457x285) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Starcraft: Brood War Furrynomous 28/4/2017(Fri)12:09:31 No.1254403    [Reply]
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anybody start playing Brood War now that it's free and Remastered has been announced? I didn't really play much nineteen years ago but have started the long process of picking the game up.

File: 20001_u18chan.jpg - (416.07kb, 1535x2126) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Shiness: the lightning kingdom 20/4/2017(Thu)05:39:08 No.1250967    [Reply]
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Shiness: the lightning kingdom was released on 18 april. Anyone playing?
Furrynomous 22/4/2017(Sat)10:12:56 No.1251745
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Not me but I hope that the game will have a success.
Furrynomous 23/4/2017(Sun)08:25:02 No.1252446
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File: taquaritinga_u18chan.png - (463.11kb, 808x988)
It looks like a good game, above average at least. And definitely great for a indie, considering what we got with Mighty Blunder 9 and Yooka Laylee. I'm planning to pick it up next week, people say it'd be best to wait for a eventual battle system optimization patch but I want to support them.
Shiness the manga prequel Shiness: the lightning kingdom 24/4/2017(Mon)04:17:54 No.1252606
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It definetly is a good game, and it really shows that the devs put a ton of work while having a limited budget. The Kickstarter raised only 139,865 dollars while the game is in development from 2014, and the game needs to have high sales in order pay off. And it would really suck if good indie games like Shiness flop while bland ripoffs like Mighty No. 9 get overfunded. The game seems to go pretty well for now in sales and gets decent ratings from critics, but one of the problems is that it lacks a decent advertisement campaign. Everyone I tell about the game thinks that it looks interesting, but are suprised that they didn't know about it before. So the fans need to step up and make sure the game doesn't remain unnoticed.
Furrynomous 26/4/2017(Wed)01:21:55 No.1253743
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Also fun fact, the game was produced in France

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[email protected] travis 25/4/2017(Tue)10:33:57 No.1253549    [Reply]
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hi gay furry

File: Embedded Video
travis 25/4/2017(Tue)10:32:37 No.1253546    [Reply]
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File: 1111_0_u18chan.png - (298b, 92x100)
1 Zarr 17/4/2017(Mon)02:48:13 No.1249600    [Reply]
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Edited at 17/4/2017(Mon)02:54:23
1 Zarr 17/4/2017(Mon)02:48:14 No.1249601
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File: 1111_1_u18chan.png - (4.12kb, 92x100)

Edited at 17/4/2017(Mon)02:55:13

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