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File: IMG_1645_u18chan.jpg - (243.24kb, 1629x1081) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Final Fantasy XIV Zanthus Voyager 08/1/2017(Sun)05:42:57 No.1201515    [Reply]
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Anyone play Final Fantasy XIV? I'd love to chat about it, be it classes, zones, characters, etc. Feel free to post a picture of your character - Here's a photo of my cute Miqo'te character for all of you! <3
Edited at 08/1/2017(Sun)05:43:28

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Video Games with Anthros Furrynomous 27/10/2016(Thu)04:11:29 No.1168627    [Reply]
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Same as title. Games where you play as anthros or has anthros in a significant capacity.
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Furrynomous 13/11/2016(Sun)08:00:44 No.1177259
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Star Fox
Furrynomous 16/11/2016(Wed)03:51:11 No.1178395
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File: SI_NDS_Solatorobo1_u18chan.jpg - (186.6kb, 1000x500)
I've played Solatorobo on a DS flashcart for a bit.
It's pretty good except for the flying sections.
I have a problem with finishing games sometimes because something new is always coming out.
Video Games with Anthros Furrynomous 18/11/2016(Fri)10:55:58 No.1179295
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I loved this game from bloody roar 1-4
Furrynomous 30/12/2016(Fri)03:23:13 No.1197489
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The Breath of Fire series is a good series (especially 3) and usually has at least one anthro character. And I guess Ryu (the main) can count as a scalie. 1+2 are GBA while 3+4 are Playstation (3 has a PSP port) all systems with great emulators.

File: 15297065494104768512_screenshots_2016-02-20_00002_u18chan.jpg - (426.75kb, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Guild Wars 2 Kajex Surnahm 05/8/2016(Fri)10:47:21 No.1125730    [Reply]
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Anybody around here play Guild Wars 2 at all? :3 Wanna talk 'bout it? Also, have a cute little Asura. <3

Any thoughts on the new Living World content? (August 1st)
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MetroSexual Hipster # MOD # 30/11/2016(Wed)05:05:38 No.1184516
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female charr engineer
<3 Gw2 wish they bring player housing soon though
Kajex Surnahm 05/12/2016(Mon)11:39:35 No.1186457
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File: 20161127163319_1_u18chan.jpg - (351.65kb, 1920x1080)

Engineer is so fun- forces you to be very active and to be prepared for any situation. :3

I have 9 of each class at this point, including a pair of cute asura twin brothers: one Elementalist and one Warrior. ^^

Best part of the game for me is the exploration. The game has been out 4 years and I'm still finding new things I never knew. <3
Kajex Surnahm 05/12/2016(Mon)11:39:36 No.1186458
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File: 20161127163324_1_u18chan.jpg - (347.47kb, 1920x1080)
Furrynomous 17/12/2016(Sat)08:08:23 No.1192176
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I binged an 8-hour session once and decided that the only part of it that appealed to me was designing an adorable asura dude. I don't know if it was that the completely open world made everything feel completely open meh, or the 'you have all these weapons with all these skillsets and all of them are boring' necromancer playstyle, but it really didn't have near the desperate, actiony combat appeal of the original guild wars and it didn't have the same sort of 'I can feel myself getting stronger' appeal that its contemporary mmo's had. All it had going for it was its admittedly innovative completely open world concept that just felt like an entire continent's breadth of milk delivery quests.

File: ILOVETHE90S_u18chan.jpg - (69.93kb, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Best Video Game of the 90's Furrynomous 26/7/2016(Tue)07:22:31 No.1110834    [Reply]
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here you can state your opinion on what was the best video game from the 90's that you have played.
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Furrynomous 14/9/2016(Wed)12:26:03 No.1149468
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Phantasy Star 4, Lunar: Eternal Blue, or Final Fantasy 7 for me.

Whenever I rented a regular side scroller beat 'em up type game that it was too easy to play through and finish in no time, whereas with the JRPGs I could go on for 50+ hours, which as a kid seemed like such a great thing.

Lunar: Eternal Blue in particular seemed pretty cool though with how its dungeons were setup. Playing on a ROM more recently kinda showed me just how disorienting an effect random battles can be especially when coupled with a dungeon with paths that wind around. Made it seem a shame that when they ported the game from the Sega CD to Playstation that they cut out the random battles for stationary mobs that initiated fights as well as simplifying the dungeons.
Furrynomous 14/9/2016(Wed)05:37:42 No.1149558
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Simplification really is a sad thing sometimes. It's one reason why I'm so hesitant to play Japanese games without knowing Japanese: sometimes when a game is finally released in the US years later, it's simplified too.
Furrynomous 27/10/2016(Thu)04:13:13 No.1168628
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Let's see... Crash Bandicoot comes to mind at least. Another one is Metal Gear Solid. Now that was a thrilling experience for sure.
Furrynomous 27/10/2016(Thu)01:47:01 No.1168693
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From the 90s, I'd have to say that the PC-98 Touhou games were pretty enjoyable. I like Highly Responsive to Prayers.

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Ternn Kimggo 09/9/2016(Fri)10:37:23 No.1147033    [Reply]
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Trove by Trion Worlds. Mario583 31/7/2016(Sun)12:19:45 No.1117982    [Reply]
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Anyone play this fun game?


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