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Fap Mode

What is Fap Mode?
Fap Mode is a new feature that you can toggle on and off. When it is on you will only see posts that have images that are not tagged "macro".
How do I use Fap Mode?
To use it just click on the text "Fap Mode" in the menu at the top of the site. It will be red when it is off, and green when it is on and hiding text/macro posts.
Why make a Fap Mode?
This tool was created because no one figured out how to use the existing hide posts button at the top of every thread and then click the macro tag to hide those posts too. Also - using this "Fap Mode" makes the topics load a hell of a lot faster as it doesn't even load in the hidden posts in the first place.
This was just implemented at the topic level. I will work on making it function on the main board pages where it lists all topics for that board as well as the counts of "posts not shown". It works via a cookie named fap_mode. This cookie expires in 24hours. If it gets bugged and stuck on you can just delete that cookie.
Your welcome. - Foxxer
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