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File: KuroododOversexedEeveelutionsVol1p001_u18chan.jpg - (205.18kb, 1280x1646) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oversexed Eeveelutions NotKuroodod 18/11/2016(Fri)09:14:07 No.1179271    [Reply]
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I can't believe this wasn't re-posted after the accidental purge
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Anonymous 14/1/2017(Sat)04:27:37 No.1205291
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that's not what a power bottom is
Anonymous 14/1/2017(Sat)08:59:08 No.1205428
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Yeah, I think I misused the word.

What is called a partner who is smaller than you but he is top?

Edited at 14/1/2017(Sat)09:01:44
Anonymous 16/1/2017(Mon)07:42:06 No.1207061
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File: 64_1_u18chan.png - (735.49kb, 920x1183)

File: 1_120_u18chan.jpg - (307.38kb, 1116x1464) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Brother Bear Kenai x Tug Shirokuma 17/10/2016(Mon)09:02:19 No.1164471    [Reply]
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Can someone translate this comics
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Anonymous 15/12/2016(Thu)06:26:04 No.1191286
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Naw m8, it's obviously a Hispanic cartoon.
Anonymous 15/12/2016(Thu)10:40:25 No.1191361
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ShirokumaZz 16/1/2017(Mon)05:31:18 No.1206571
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(221.86kb, 928x1344)
(207.1kb, 928x1344)
(241.14kb, 1012x1344)
(210.84kb, 928x1344)
(203.9kb, 928x1344)
I found the rest

File: 001_65_u18chan.jpg - (140.05kb, 936x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No harm no fowl? Anonymous 09/11/2016(Wed)06:34:39 No.1175112    [Reply]
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Any idea why the comic kinda poofed from u18? Had been being updated pretty fast by a contributor or two
Edited at 09/11/2016(Wed)06:41:23
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Anonymous 13/1/2017(Fri)09:45:29 No.1204269
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File: monty_python_god_u18chan.jpg - (153.93kb, 1073x836)
Optimism level: It's over 9000 LordProtector 13/1/2017(Fri)10:59:18 No.1204293
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So soon? I don't think so :D *evil laugh*
Anonymous 15/1/2017(Sun)03:43:05 No.1205544
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Surprised to see Sef misplace the eurethra on a dog cock. You'd think somebody who makes so much 'feral' porn would know where it is.

File: Cover_0_u18chan.png - (259.51kb, 1089x1516) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Monster Addict: Adventures of a Pokephile Tora 06/11/2016(Sun)10:02:26 No.1173506    [Reply]
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Artist: GreasyHyena http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19561268/
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Tora 17/12/2016(Sat)09:18:58 No.1191938
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File: 1481936005.greasyhyena_ma_pg._9_u18chan.png - (458.12kb, 874x1240)
Anonymous 17/12/2016(Sat)06:37:56 No.1192082
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Some of these pokemon were drawn okay. Thanks for posting!
Anon 13/1/2017(Fri)02:34:14 No.1204032
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It's good

File: 3f3a5b37715672aa0271ca90db47fb0b_u18chan_u18chan.jpg - (551.92kb, 1300x1837) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Littlest Pet Shop Anonymous 08/1/2017(Sun)09:26:01 No.1201545    [Reply]
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why was this thread got deleted? all the characters are feral
Anonymous 08/1/2017(Sun)09:26:59 No.1201546
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File: 1771389_NekoStar_cashmere_velvet_u18chan.png - (289.7kb, 1180x837)
Anonymous 08/1/2017(Sun)09:28:03 No.1201547
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File: 811968_SmittyG_sscomic_u18chan.png - (2.67mb, 1715x3500)

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