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Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 2018/04/14 16:07:06 No.1421405    [Reply]
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Coming soon: the crypto coin no one asked for.
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Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 2018/06/11 10:37:00 No.1450135
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It really is, but I am working on this project to try and show that any idiot can make a coin, shill it, get it listed on some exchange, and cash out.

Other than that, maybe implement tipping on this site using the pretty much worthless coin.
Furnonymous 2022/08/16 10:42:29 No.2169800
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lol this is brilliant.
Furnonymous 2022/08/16 20:43:08 No.2170030
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How about making "$lit coin". a currency for the gynocentric investor.

Edited at 2022/08/16 20:43:38

File: 1520431378134_u18chan.png - (283.33kb, 480x451) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 2018/04/17 10:42:29 No.1422521    [Reply]
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Starting off with the design of the coin here is what I'm thinking of doing:
-SHA265 so that ButterflyLabs miner you bought forever ago can stop collecting dust
-5 minute block time
-12 hour diff re-target time
-10000 coins per block
-halves in 5 years
-~10,512,000,000 total coins

Progress so far:
-Build environment setup for Windows and OSX.
-Compiled Electrum wallet for testing, but not fully customized yet.
-Forked Bitcoin 0.9.5 and changed some number to see what happens.

To d

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Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM # ADMIN # 2018/05/17 08:48:31 No.1436890
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Some updates:
Got peer discovery working.
Made a basic mining pool that works with cgminer.
Got one full node running.
Finished setting up a Linux build environment.
Furnonymous 2022/11/07 21:28:40 No.2210637
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Furnonymous 2023/03/06 23:29:33 No.2260608
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Anything ever come of this coin? Mining with a pi would be cool for this. Just for shits.

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