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Jun!!JzZ0ZmExzk 31/5/2018(Thu)12:30:35 No.1444606    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsomg (2)dakeaki (2)yes plz (1)overexaggerating (1)true (1)nostalgic (1)Show Morewtf assholes (1)ask kimiharu again! (1)report this shit (1)who are you? (1)at least your honest (1)probably ryo tn? (1)keep on kizuna (1)im so sorry (1)you did! (1)tears (1)Show Less

This makes me sad
Bye Bai Kimiharu ;_;

srry I just saw this now I thought he don't do subs anymore

Kimiharu translated muzzle-lab songs for first time and many other utau vocaloid songs before he was bullied badly by them and many
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Furrynomous 31/8/2018(Fri)03:51:22 No.1488389
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Who is ryo tn?

Furrynomous 01/9/2018(Sat)02:55:52 No.1488885
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I can only get what I see from this thread but shouldn't you ask or give them to the original person or artist who did them since in a way it was a product of their hard work,
just as a form of respect, since this Muzzlelab person did bad things to people using their music
Furrynomous 03/9/2018(Mon)06:24:02 No.1489953
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omgShow Less
kimiharu was not alone, in the vocaloid commu someone else was targeted and harrassed and given unneeded drama by other producers/[people;
Hazuki no Yume she did the same thing as kimiharu but for the vocaloid community likewise.
Which is much larger.

This need to end how sick are producers that post work publicly
Many people post their content without their knowing but as re uploads with the original nico links but it still continues even out of Japan.

The world is obvious rotting

Furrynomous 12/10/2018(Fri)01:29:20 No.1504962
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He is a really great and kindhearted guy, very selfless to others.

It is really sad people like him are easily targeted

File: musictest4_u18chan.mp3 - (124.89kb)

Looking for a song Furrynomous 18/8/2018(Sat)01:25:49 No.1481893    [Reply]
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and this the only sample I got
Furrynomous 18/8/2018(Sat)01:28:09 No.1481894
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File: musictest3_u18chan.mp3 - (219.83kb)

a slightly longer sample
De5 19/8/2018(Sun)09:30:53 No.1482955
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File: Embedded Video
It's Under The Sun by Roosevelt

you're welcomed.

Edited at 20/8/2018(Mon)01:42:38
Furrynomous 20/8/2018(Mon)09:07:18 No.1483515
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thank you very much
yeah this track kinda reminds me of animalympics

Edited at 20/8/2018(Mon)09:16:47

File: Embedded Video
David Liebe Hart Furrynomous 14/9/2018(Fri)05:15:17 No.1494133    [Reply]
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What's his endgame? I came for the memes but stayed after listening to the lyrics, 10/10.
David Liebe Hart Furrynomous 14/9/2018(Fri)05:18:01 No.1494134
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File: Embedded Video
Also this

Hush my darling
Don't fuss my angel
What is an Anaconda?
What is it to be strangled?

File: Blackgate_Moons_u18chan.png - (47.4kb, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Blackgate OST and Similar Good Soundtracks Furrynomous 03/9/2018(Mon)10:46:29 No.1490049    [Reply]
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Blackgate has a pretty bad reputation nowadays, but I never hear people saying anything about how good the soundtrack is. Shit's top-notch
Any other furry visual novels with really good soundtracks?


File: Embedded Video
Full track of this Furrynomous 02/9/2018(Sun)09:48:38 No.1489592    [Reply]
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if there is any.

I'm also looking for a old music video
by the same 3d artist kanaban.
where theres these cg bears.

File: Embedded Video
Scandroid - Thriller (Michael Jackson cover) Furrynomous 23/10/2017(Mon)05:04:06 No.1337837    [Reply]
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Though you guys might like this.
Furrynomous 19/7/2018(Thu)11:41:18 No.1469002
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This is damn good. Thank you op <3

File: Embedded Video
Furrynomous 16/7/2018(Mon)02:50:22 No.1467372    [Reply]
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A great show, wish I could've been there. Also kinda wished they'd have played Trans-Atlantic Drawl, but I can understand that B-sides aren't very popular

File: barto_u18chan.png - (2.64mb, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What do you think about this ?? Furrynomous 31/5/2018(Thu)09:01:53 No.1444847    [Reply]
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Furrynomous 21/6/2018(Thu)05:43:45 No.1455272
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Not bad. It could be a nice soundtrack.
Furrynomous 14/7/2018(Sat)12:45:33 No.1466221
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yeah it's good, but imho would be better if wubs was on higher frequency

File: 55451755_p0_u18chan.png - (1.57mb, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 20/7/2017(Thu)08:30:16 No.1293954    [Reply]
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3 attention whores furfags great music bad artistShow Less
Thread Tags3 (1)cancer (1)furfags (1)pirate that godawful shit (1)attention whores (1)kek loser (1)Show Moreits call torrents (1)they fake they suck (1)die (1)arrogant artist (1)great (1)disgusting! (1)woah (1)f-live wasnt that great (1)kek (1)wow (1)love this place (1)seriously?! (1)lol (1)Show Less
Anyone listen to muzzle-lab songs?
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Kizuna-P 20/5/2018(Sun)09:27:08 No.1438852
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Yes, and I didn't mean to spam. Meant to edit the post but accidentally posted a second post instead. I was originally going to the wallpaper section when I accidentally tapped on music instead.

The Malaysian flag is like a bootleg American flag.
Furrynomous 21/5/2018(Mon)02:23:45 No.1438972
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File: Embedded Video
Did you...come here to flap or just because your name was brought up and this is about the people who ruined you socially?

Kizuna-P 21/5/2018(Mon)07:39:43 No.1439048
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woahShow Less
Of COURSE I came to a website filled with furry pornography just so I could look for the latest scoop about what others think about my skirmish against a rude artist!

There are only few reasons people come to this website. I am not egotistical to the point that I only start popping my head in because I had been mentioned.

Edited at 21/5/2018(Mon)07:41:39
Furrynomous 23/5/2018(Wed)03:45:09 No.1439949
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kek love this placeShow Less

Can you share the mp3 files and if you have the other albums can I have please

File: media_u18chan.png - (22.11kb, 512x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
/YTMP/ YouTube music playlist collab Furrynomous 13/4/2018(Fri)12:35:09 No.1420888    [Reply]
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/YTMP/ YouTube music playlist collab

Hi I come from 4chan /trash/. I wanna bring this board into here too.

Stupidly large album torrent from Kanye to Björk: https://mega.nz/#F!bxkgkJZa!L6TnaNwBBjJIZMCMNkNOqQ

>EVEN BIGGER PASTE BIN WITH ESSENTIALS ALBUMS: https://pastebin.com/zgin2a5g

>RETRO WAVE RADIO FOR ALL YOUR RETRO NEEDS!: https://radio.newretrowave.com/

Previous threads: https://desuarchive.org/_/search/text/%2FTrash%2F%20YouTube%20music%20playlist%20collaboration/

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