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File: venom_u18chan.jpg - (30.06kb, 256x574) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)07:47:54 No.1240912    [Reply]
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Anyone know where this WFA pic is? He posted this teaser on twitter at the beginning of the month but idk where it's supposed to be.
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Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)11:30:41 No.1240995
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35$, huh? Well, another artist who has fallen to the pits of greed. Couldn't care less for her art. These people nowadays only want money... and retards fall for it. Because fuck bills, food and comfort, right?
A guy with no life 27/3/2017(Mon)11:55:34 No.1241002
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Hence the reason why I fucking hate these n****rs who ask for a shitload of money.

Money grabbing Jews.
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)12:48:34 No.1241012
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35$ for this shit? And people actually pay? How much autism does one need to have to get scammed this easily?

Edited at 27/3/2017(Mon)12:52:01
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)05:08:23 No.1241093
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WFA's prices have always been pretty high.
Ironically, $35 for access to two images (alongisde a few other things mentioned on her Patreon) is still less costly from a single consumer's standpoint than one commission from her, by almost two thirds.

Edited at 27/3/2017(Mon)05:09:01

File: 1401860-Fox_McCloudStar_Foxsource_filmmaker_u18chan.png - (1.15mb, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)04:47:34 No.1241073    [Reply]
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I'm looking for a 3d Starfox animation with Fox and Wolf, you could switch the cameras and one of them was in Wolf's POV.

The artist, who's name I can't remember, had 2 animations up, afaik.

I am pretty sure that the model in the pic was used.


File: xpr_wennie2017_color2_u18chan.jpg - (591.23kb, 1063x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Xpray Patreon Herm Alts. Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)12:58:28 No.1241014    [Reply]
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Requesting any of Xpray's herm/TG alts from his Patreon.
e money 27/3/2017(Mon)04:42:44 No.1241068
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I agree with the guy who made this thread. We need more hot spray art is hot herm/TG characters. I wish I could see Veronika come back
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)04:46:59 No.1241072
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Ohh God yes.

File: 2a2da5a9240069c7789f667ab3b42f99_u18chan.jpg - (41.13kb, 500x554) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)03:29:20 No.1241052    [Reply]
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Can anyone find the artist that made this one? I tried for weeks but couldn't find a thing, I also don't know how to write japanese.
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)04:46:20 No.1241070
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This one was made by aoiuchuu, who also made a whole series of Fox x Falco pics with a cute, bishonen streak to them. You can find them here: https://e621.net/post/index/1/aoiuchuu
(The third one from the left in the last row isn't by them, by the way).

They completely disappeared off the face of the Internet after deactivating their tumblr, sadly.

Edited at 27/3/2017(Mon)04:48:56

File: 1489433862.xnirox_lucaripaws_sized_1_u18chan.png - (274.71kb, 1100x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 17/3/2017(Fri)10:09:08 No.1236944    [Reply]
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Requesting full??
19 post(s) and 42 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Jake 26/3/2017(Sun)05:14:57 No.1240703
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anyone have the full?
Furrynomous 26/3/2017(Sun)07:00:08 No.1240746
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Who has this
Furrynomous 26/3/2017(Sun)07:07:09 No.1240750
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Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)02:52:08 No.1241044
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Anyone have this?

File: 1490086026.dnapalmhead_boob_camp_15_promo_u18chan.jpg - (693.17kb, 1280x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dnapalmhead Boob Camp 15 bubs 21/3/2017(Tue)04:29:38 No.1238429    [Reply]
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Welp, another comic by Dnapalmhead.
Dont know if people will get interest in this but, its better than nothing.

Anyone got this? :c

Edited at 21/3/2017(Tue)06:10:31
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Furrynomous 25/3/2017(Sat)06:52:04 No.1240217
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please someone
Wishful 26/3/2017(Sun)10:56:37 No.1240568
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I Wish, I Hope, I Pray, that this comic will be posted.
Furrynomous 26/3/2017(Sun)08:24:28 No.1240771
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keep dreaming son, keep dreaming
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)11:36:26 No.1240997
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for the love of boobs, someone plz :c

File: DIjLmbQ_u18chan-1_u18chan.jpg - (389.4kb, 3000x3000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)09:48:08 No.1240944    [Reply]
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Does anyonr has the colored version?

File: Instinct-Cover1_u18chan.jpg - (1002.46kb, 816x1056) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Instinct Portfolio by Rukis 25/3/2017(Sat)02:21:05 No.1240077    [Reply]
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Someone has scans of this ?
Furrynomous 26/3/2017(Sun)04:24:24 No.1240691
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Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)09:27:47 No.1240936
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File: h_2_u18chan.jpg - (2.81mb, 1000x3547) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My Digital Trades DK 27/3/2017(Mon)09:17:07 No.1240928    [Reply]
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Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VZnzKpd424LQE19swYCdy2Qzv0tGjpK1PMeHGR-aJJk

Check the pictures for the doujins and the GoogleDoc for corresponding link with previews. At the bottom you can switch between the 'Haves' and 'Wants' tab.

Send me a message (E-mail: [email protected]) if you either want to trade stuff or if you want to save money and do some shared purchasing.
My Digital Trades DK 27/3/2017(Mon)09:17:08 No.1240929
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File: w_1_u18chan.jpg - (523.85kb, 1000x630)

File: 35f16658112510b0b6a14b138c10bbcbba8c-h_u18chan.jpg - (292.08kb, 373x526) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
なきむしちゃんとつんでれちゃん Furrynomous 26/3/2017(Sun)12:16:33 No.1240391    [Reply]
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Is anyone bought this one yet? I don't have money so...

Furrynomous 26/3/2017(Sun)05:36:32 No.1240717
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Furrynomous 27/3/2017(Mon)09:13:01 No.1240927
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