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File: PlanesOfExistenceScreenshot_u18chan.gif - (148.67kb, 680x382, PlanesOfExistenceScreenshot.gif) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The Gateway Of Realities Furrynomous 24/7/2016(Sun)06:35:38 No.1097457   
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Furrynomous 28/9/2016(Wed)11:21:01 No.1155919
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File: afsdfsdfsdf_u18chan.gif - (412.1kb, 1477x894, afsdfsdfsdf.gif)

Furrynomous 28/9/2016(Wed)11:21:18 No.1155920
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File: xsdfgddbvt_u18chan.gif - (3.42mb, 3840x2160, xsdfgddbvt.gif)

Furrynomous 28/9/2016(Wed)11:23:49 No.1155921
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File: ghjghjghj_u18chan.gif - (2.1mb, 2731x1474, ghjghjghj.gif)
and all the videos about it and progress so far. i completely forgot to keep up with this game.

TLDR it will have sexy time dino action, but its not simply a sexy time dino simulator.

Furrynomous 01/11/2016(Tue)03:27:55 No.1170896
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File: serg_u18chan.gif - (762.8kb, 1920x1080, serg.gif)

Furrynomous 01/11/2016(Tue)03:28:11 No.1170897
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File: ssdfsdf_u18chan.gif - (741.3kb, 1920x1080, ssdfsdf.gif)

Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:07:58 No.1175232
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File: asset_u18chan.gif - (2.05mb, 1920x2160, asset.gif)
Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:32:40 No.1175240
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File: asset2_u18chan.gif - (485.54kb, 1360x768, asset 2.gif)

Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:32:48 No.1175241
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File: asset3_u18chan.gif - (468.31kb, 1360x768, asset 3.gif)

Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:32:56 No.1175242
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File: asset4_u18chan.gif - (413.26kb, 1360x768, asset 4.gif)

Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:33:09 No.1175243
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File: asset5_u18chan.gif - (476.81kb, 1360x768, asset 5.gif)

Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:33:25 No.1175244
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File: asset6_u18chan.gif - (444.92kb, 1360x768, asset 6.gif)
dat ass
Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:33:36 No.1175245
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File: asset7_u18chan.gif - (423.8kb, 1360x768, asset 7.gif)

Furrynomous 09/11/2016(Wed)11:33:45 No.1175246
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File: asset8_u18chan.gif - (118.58kb, 1360x768, asset 8.gif)

Furrynomous 18/11/2016(Fri)03:11:34 No.1179171
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Memes become reality.
But then I realize there will also be shit and piss bars.
Furrynomous 18/11/2016(Fri)04:20:36 No.1179206
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>Hurr durr it's a life simulator animals poop irl

I hate getting the worst fetishes pushed on me in the best looking furry games.
Furrynomous 19/11/2016(Sat)01:10:56 No.1179334
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How the fuck does a game where you apparently walk into a giant stone dinosaur cloaca have such great-looking concept art?
Furrynomous 19/11/2016(Sat)02:30:26 No.1179371
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isn't he supposedly a professional game dev outside of furry or something like that? i cant remember, he does some kind of entertainment creation for a living.
Furrynomous 14/2/2017(Tue)06:11:53 No.1220962
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File: 8520803713379936680_u18chan.gif - (4.15mb, 480x270, 8520803713379936680.gif)

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