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File: L6nxryr_u18chan.jpg - (92.45kb, 1600x400, L6nxryr.jpg) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
VR Ferals Furrynomous 24/7/2016(Sun)06:40:12 No.1097515   
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Edited at 24/2/2018(Sat)02:43:27
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Furrynomous 02/8/2016(Tue)05:21:15 No.1121758
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File: maxresdefaultgig_u18chan.gif - (938.31kb, 1920x1080, maxresdefaultgig.gif)

"VR_Ferals Version 0.12 - Alpha - by RyanDunn

Another review for VR Ferals. =) This time for the Oculus Rift version and the new user interface. Also some nice improvements for the physics and a nice little easter-egg. =D

MegaLink: https://mega.nz/#!ml4gUZzL!yXcVm7oT.....bSQYuk7lv0Nuog
The longer video is here -> https://e621.net/post/show/959890/3.....dage-bound-cla


Gallery control:

LMB = Rotare camera
RMB = Deselect menu option

TAB = Change gender
SPACE = Lock camera
ALT = Hide user interface
+/- = Scales the UI (Only VR mode)

1 = Select Model (Swap Models)
2 = Select Appearance
3 = Select InteractiveMode
4 = Select PoseMode
5 = Select Animations
6 = Select Import
7 = Select Help

Main Menu control:

+/- = Increase/Decrease rotation speed of raptors. =D

New features:
- Fixed Oculus Rift + DK2 support
- Added HMD detection
- Added Normal Camera mode for users without an Oculus
- Added the gallery
- Added user interface for the gallery
- Reworked the Kennels
- Reworked raptor meshes
- Reworked penis meshes
- Added tail physics to one of the raptors
- Added a rubber suit head for the raptors
- Added a "slut" collar for the raptors
- Improved physics.

Known issues:
- Sometimes OR is not working. Restarting the oculus runtime will fix this in most cases.
- In some cases the user interface in the gallery is not working. Restarting the oculus runtime will fix this in most cases.
- In some cases the cursor in the gallery is displaced. Reorientating the Rift on load will fix this in most cases. But you can still use the keyboard to navigate in the gallery.
- Toy physics are ridiculously bugged since they are force to a fixed position. This will be fixed when i use forces to move the objects. :)

Have fun guys! "

Edited at 02/8/2016(Tue)05:21:55
Furrynomous 07/8/2016(Sun)12:11:01 No.1126369
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"Patreon campagne for VR_Ferals online.

By RyanDunn, 4 hours ago

Hello guys!

Its finally done. The patreon campagne for VR_Ferals is finally online! =)


Cheers guys! =D
Furrynomous 14/8/2016(Sun)05:56:32 No.1131584
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File: cfb56_u18chan.gif - (443.41kb, 1244x1280, cfb56.gif)
"Exactly. =D

Well today i thought it was time for some modelling after all the codeing. So i worked on the first custom model for VR_Ferals.

Custom models are like the Judy model. Not entirely made by me and not supporting all the features of VR_Ferals. But you can still import and posed them in the gallery. And of course who doesnt want a great jaggi from monster hunter in a virtual reality environment? =D

So i found those nice monster hunter models and i thought they would be a nice "addition". So i modelled, textured and rigged a modified version of a great jaggi.

Have fun guys. And thanks for all your support. :)"

Edited at 14/8/2016(Sun)05:56:40
Furrynomous 16/8/2016(Tue)04:56:03 No.1132799
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Make it HTC Vive compatible, my dude. Can't play this shit in VR
VR_Ferals v0.12 - Alpha mr2cats 17/8/2016(Wed)03:11:57 No.1133648
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Sadly dont have a Vive yet. :< Did u try it yourself? Im using the VR classes but for some reason it seems like it does not support VIVE yet. I really hope Vale/HTC will update their drivers and work better together with Unitry. Buying a vive will be the first thing ill do after reaching the higher patreon goals.

For now you still can watch the stuff without a HMD.
mr2cats 17/8/2016(Wed)03:13:29 No.1133649
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Mmmmh u know what? I just downloaded the steamVR package. And if you want i can send you a developer version which hopefully runs with the VIVE. Would be really cool if it works for you.

mr2cats 17/8/2016(Wed)03:50:16 No.1133692
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Okay here is the Link to a Vive Testbuild. Please tell me if its working.

Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)12:30:12 No.1134072
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Just tried that one out and nope. I run SteamVR, my headset is up and ready, and when I run the game's exe it just says no VR device found and boots to normal mode.
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)12:36:43 No.1134076
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It's just a shame to see it in regular mode when it's called VR ferals, that's definitely the best part about it! I'm glad someone is making a feral VR game, since VR porn at the moment for this sort of thing is very limited (aka: none)
I mean the VR itself is going to look just like what you see with a Rift, just on a different HMD, even if you don't have a Vive yourself you're basically seeing the finished product on your Rift. You don't know a single buddy with a Vive that can test builds for you? if you need a vive guinea pig feel free to let me know. I could test builds for you to see if it's Vive ready. As for Unity I'm guessing you have the plugin for Vive, right? It's:


and the video that's recommended with it:

mr2cats 18/8/2016(Thu)06:49:42 No.1134256
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Giving it another try. The problem is that im currently using Unity.VR to check if a HMD is conected Sadly Vive is not supported there. And the SteamVR code is badly documented.

I tried different flags to check if the Vive is connected. There is no documentation for the flags so its pretty bad to test myself with no Vive and whatsoever.

else if(SteamVR.enabled || SteamVR.active || SteamVR.initializing)

Hopfully this will work.

Keep in mind that ne HTC Camera Rig is only in the main menu. Which means that it should only work there. After you guys can confirm that its working i can implement the camera rigs for the kennels and the gallery.

Cheers and thanks for helping out with this!

Downloadlink: https://mega.nz/#!fkZxUYIJ!2h4HuiAFgVsDpsgEz8cCegy_Uo91708lMA4AUkEGFIk
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)03:04:55 No.1134500
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It's my pleasure to help. I'm massively interested in getting more furry/scaley porn incorporated into VR. It's the early days of VR and it's good to get the ball rolling!

Also I'm happy to report that yes, it did work this time! like you said, only the main menu, but yep. That did it. I'll test kennels/gallery version when it's ready to make sure they work.
mr2cats 18/8/2016(Thu)04:08:39 No.1134519
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Holy shit thats good to know. How about this version?
Link: https://mega.nz/#!C1x0EZCK!phCJnUhWMCwh8Wz69aRrAOe8v_TshFMmFQ5JK23Zqz0

I removed one tag that forced the Vive but this disabled normal mode completely. Now i hope normal mode AND the Vive is working.

Would be also interesting to know how the Vive Camera behaves in the gallery since it is floating around a target point and people should be still able to move around.

I guess thats all i can do for now until i get a Vive for experimenting and science, of course. Have fun and thank you for your help!
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)04:49:29 No.1134526
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No go on that one, it just gives the "No vr device detected" error again.

Try what you did with this version
but implementing the gallery/kennels with the camera
mr2cats 18/8/2016(Thu)05:17:45 No.1134529
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Wait Kennels and Gallery also not working? Thats strange since i only removed the extra flag in the main menu.
mr2cats 18/8/2016(Thu)05:25:18 No.1134530
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Also simply putting the Camera prefab is not working since i need a flag to check if a Vive is conected, cause i currently use 3 different cameras prefabs.

1 for normal Mode
2 for Oculus Rift
3 for Vive

Since there is no real documentation for steam VR(Or maybe i just dont find it) i need to test which flag could be the right one for that task.

If this is also not working. I´ll give up for now until i got myself a VIVE.


I really hope they will just put the Vive inside Unities VR class. This would be much easier to handle.
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)06:09:08 No.1134535
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Main menu works for this one and the Gallery works as well, but when you try going to kennels it locks up the game, have to force close it. Gallery is working fine though
mr2cats 18/8/2016(Thu)06:11:36 No.1134537
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cool. How is moving around in the gallery working ?

can you confirm that normal mode is not working and it shows "HTC Vive detected" even if the vive is not connected?
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)06:31:33 No.1134542
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I booted it up in another PC (that has never had a VR device attached) and it does say Vive detected, so yeah. Normal mode still works using the keyboard to select, however. Also in normal mode the Kennels still work, so it's just VR mode that crashes it. If you could add VR to kennels it's pretty much 100% working in VR up till the current version.

Also whatever changes you are making, be sure to pass them along to this dude
That way he can incorporate them in future updates! it's good we (and by we I mean you) got the Vive working on this, though.

As for movement in the gallery I just use the mouse to rotate/zoom and the head tracking works fine. I can stand up and walk around the dino as well, looks great. Keyboard controls are not functioning, though. So instead of hitting 1/2/3 etc. I have to look in the direction of the option and left click as I'm looking to select the different tabs. Same for the menus on the right. It works, though takes a bit to get the option centered.
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)06:32:05 No.1134543
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Woops I'm dumb, just noticed that's the same person. Disregard that : p
mr2cats 18/8/2016(Thu)06:59:57 No.1134546
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Well the cursor is locked when the Vive is forced so thats the reason you can only select the menus with the keyboard.

Thats what i meant with "normal mode is disabled"

Still pretty cool that we come this far. :)
I hope i can fix this soon. I really need to grab a Vive for tha polish i think.

But for now i will work on some other features for VR Ferals. Poseable Ferals for example. =D

Another fix: https://mega.nz/#!21o11TyB!FK5kb58NgNiJFoe3C4XLkR-zVgOYdLC14MDtnNWJxc4
mr2cats 18/8/2016(Thu)07:01:06 No.1134547
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Btw last link should fix the Vive support for the kennels.
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)07:24:09 No.1134556
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Yup, very nice. It works in all the modes now! One thing I notice however is that in VR mode in the kennels I'm unable to move around with neither arrow keys nor WASD. In normal mode you can walk around with the arrow keys. Those get disabled in VR mode? the esc key and 1/2/3 keys options (in gallery mode) work fine now, so honestly this is the best build yet. It is pretty funny when you zoom into the Raptor in the gallery so he's in your room-scale space, he's literally massive. Unsure if that's the same effect you get when you "walk up to him" with the Rift?

Normally for movement the Vive uses the motion controllers to either do "teleport movement" (which I personally don't like much) or just standard d-pad like movement with the track pad. However this is a whole nother thing to consider in the future, that's more a Vive exclusive feature since (as far as I know) Rift has no motion controls until they release that newer version of it. Rift touch or something it was called?

Still, adding keyboard arrow key functionality to kennel mode would solve the issue of only being able to stand in place.
Furrynomous 18/8/2016(Thu)07:34:37 No.1134559
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Also will be heading out to dinner and such, but I can test any changes later tonight.
mr2cats 20/8/2016(Sat)03:47:59 No.1135201
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File: stuff_u18chan.gif - (123.97kb, 1280x784, stuff.gif)
Productive day :3

Pose feature nearly finished. Uploading the nightly build now.
mr2cats 27/8/2016(Sat)06:12:32 No.1139229
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File: felkin3_u18chan.gif - (109.29kb, 1544x916, felkin3.gif)
Currently workin on this handsome creature. :3
Anon98127 15/9/2016(Thu)10:39:38 No.1150063
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Right now it's nothing more than a glorified walking simulator.
mr2cats 17/9/2016(Sat)09:42:45 No.1150749
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File: Felkin_crotch_u18chan.gif - (322.22kb, 1280x720, Felkin_crotch.gif)
But it has crotchboobies
Anon98127 17/9/2016(Sat)11:17:34 No.1150769
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Doesnt change the fact that those crotchboobies will just stand there or walk around. Needs seeeeeex!
mr2cats 17/9/2016(Sat)11:57:14 No.1150775
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Yeah i know dude. =\ I really want to do some sex animations as well but i want to finish the pose and import features first.

Its just awesome to let people import whatever 3d model they want.

The felkin was just a little side project from that. You will have your feral sex animations, promised!
Furrynomous 17/9/2016(Sat)07:14:53 No.1150878
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File: Dont-like_u18chan.gif - (219.12kb, 1024x768, Dont-like.gif)
Furrynomous 18/9/2016(Sun)09:02:31 No.1151380
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Are there actual female ferals in this game or is this just another maximum overgay thing?
mr2cats 19/9/2016(Mon)04:26:01 No.1151615
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File: mf_u18chan.gif - (171.91kb, 1400x864, mf.gif)
Each feral will have its Male and Female version.
For the Felkin there is currently only a female version and for the Great Jaggi there is only a male version for obvious reasons.
mr2cats 19/9/2016(Mon)04:26:02 No.1151616
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File: Felkin_NSFW_u18chan.gif - (324.84kb, 1280x720, Felkin_NSFW.gif)
Fling 25/10/2016(Tue)06:36:47 No.1167807
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Anyone have link for v0.13?
Furrynomous 11/11/2016(Fri)01:06:24 No.1175790
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File: ajshbdfhjabdhjasb_u18chan.gif - (198.69kb, 902x840, ajshbdfhjabdhjasb.gif)

"Patchnotes VR_Ferals v0.13

-Added posing for rigged models. It is recommended to use the pose feature in normal mode.
-Changed rotator gizmo color to teal
-Pose mode is available for the Male/Female Raptor, Great Jaggi and the Male/Female dragon( No Felkin yet :( )
-Added the Bone info control UI
-Added a interactive reticle to VR_Ferals
-Added colliders to every Menu to improve selection precision of the menu in VR mode
-Added a distance check for the reticle
-Added the female Felkin. Thanks dog-bone!!! (No textures and no Rig for now.)
-Added the “Great Jaggi” custom edit model
-Added Vive support thanks to a tester (But disabled it again. Since i dont have a HTC vive. I will only make it available for my patrons if they ask and can test it.)
-Increased texture and material quality of the Great Jaggi custom edit
-Increased the quality of the penis mesh of the Great Jaggi custom edit
-Improved quality of the Great Jaggi mesh
-Improved the Great Jaggi rig( Added tongue, ridge, belly and pubis bones)
-Improved the overall lighting and performance
-Added a base texture for the female dragon
-Added local and global bone transform control
-Added a slider to scale the models in the galleries edit pivot menu
-Added buttons for additive model swapping in the gallery
-Added button to hide the turn table socket/scene
-Added a button show the pivot info screen
-Added a button to edit the transform of the current selected model
-Added an info window to show the position and rotation of the current model pivot
-Added an info window to edit the position, rotation and scale of the current model
-Added “Custom Models” for imported models in the gallery
-Fixed a bug with an appearing arrows while using the position tracking of the oculus Rift
-Added “Show Bones” in the Pose menu
-Added BoneGizmos for normal, hovered and selected bones
-Added a Rig for the Male and Female Dragon
-Fixed some scale issues with the UI Canvas in the gallery
-Fixed the position of the UI Canvas in the gallery
-Fixed some issues with model selections
-Fixed some issues with the one raptor in the gallery with interactive tail
-Fixed some bugs that break the UI in the Gallery

Known Issues:

-In VR Mode: To pose you need to move your head AND you mouse while left mouse button is clicked. This will be fixed soon!
-It is not possible to save the poses yet.
-It is not possible to click on the rotation gizmos for posing yet.
-Sometimes the ORift is not working. Restarting the oculus runtime will fix this in most cases.
-In some cases the user interface in the gallery is not working. Restarting the oculus runtime will fix this in most cases.
-In some cases the cursor in the gallery is displaced. Reorientating the Rift on load will fix this in most cases. You can still use the keyboard to navigate in the gallery.
-Toy physics are ridiculously bugged since they are forced to a fixed position.
-It is currently possible to select bones through the Bone Info UI.
-In some cases the “Draw Bones” button in pose mode displays a wrong state."
Furrynomous 16/11/2016(Wed)02:13:44 No.1178242
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I'm not really sure what to do with this program/game. You just WADS around some still models. All I'd really want from this is to see some random human on feral animations. Or POV stuff.
Furrynomous 16/11/2016(Wed)04:16:33 No.1178256
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maybe someone could message the creator to clarify.

buy ya, its not entirely clear what exactly this is supposed to eventually become, if it is meant to have more game play to it or if its just going to be a posable model viewer.

I mean standing under a giant dragon dick in vr is fairly interesting but unless things happen the novelty wears off pretty quick. So, unless he plans to ever do more with the project then that I predict its going to slowly loose support until it dies..kind of like pokehoes. Which is a shame as its only one of two games along with gateway of realities that offe5rs feral characters and the only one to offer VR… although now that I think about it gateway of realities has that visualizer which is basically a model viewer, he said it may get VR support and all he has to do is slap a few dick into it you’ve basically replaced vr ferals, although he said the full game probably wont get VR support and has said its going to be a game that has a few naughty thing in it as opposed to a naughty game.
Either way, hopefully theres going to be more to this game then what has been shown sofar. We need all the feral game options we can get.
Furrynomous 17/11/2016(Thu)08:14:45 No.1178771
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Well, I tried it in VR with Vive. Nothing special because moving is hard when you also need the keyboard and can't see... and nothing is really going on.
Furrynomous 06/12/2016(Tue)06:49:08 No.1187419
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PSVR version? PSVR is the only VR I can afford.
Furrynomous 06/12/2016(Tue)07:16:28 No.1187424
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uh no.

PlayStation VR is proprietary software and must be certified in order to run on the system. the major console companies dont certify porn, thats the reason you dont see porn games on consoles since like before super Nintendo. So, either pony up for a vive or rift cuz you air playing it in VR otherwise.

Edited at 06/12/2016(Tue)07:20:52
Furrynomous 06/12/2016(Tue)11:48:30 No.1187543
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if you really dont have the money you can try using riftcat and ps move/eye cameras. PSVR integration is coming apparently, but not done yet, you need a google cardboard headset for now. its pretty janky but it works and with second hand move controllers and your own phone its <200$.
One of the tutorials
Example gameplay
Furrynomous 07/12/2016(Wed)03:23:56 No.1187884
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File: dsfgdfgdfg_u18chan.gif - (254.1kb, 1068x605, dsfgdfgdfg.gif)

Furrynomous 21/2/2017(Tue)08:13:43 No.1225283
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File: 1484358556.ryandunn_wow_u18chan.jpg - (102.19kb, 1280x527, 1484358556.ryandunn_wow.jpg)

Furrynomous 02/3/2017(Thu)08:58:53 No.1229954
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Is there any other team out there doing feral stuff in vr? Because this guy obviously isn't going anywhere interesting with this stuff.
Furrynomous 02/3/2017(Thu)09:51:05 No.1229969
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Custom Maid 3d2 has furry mods and dogs i think, not sure if it counts
Furrynomous 03/3/2017(Fri)01:51:49 No.1230088
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may or may not get VR support, the feral visualizer is probely going to get VR.

it will have feral sexy time but apparently also nonsex gameplay.
Furrynomous 28/10/2017(Sat)04:00:22 No.1340484
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File: 200_s_7_u18chan.gif - (45.76kb, 303x200, 200_s.gif)
*looks at one year mark on calendar since last update*
Furrynomous 24/2/2018(Sat)02:44:09 No.1396350
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File: Bu7tdWU_u18chan.jpg - (155.29kb, 835x778, Bu7tdWU.jpg)

Furrynomous 24/2/2018(Sat)02:44:10 No.1396351
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File: nM1hUVJ_u18chan.jpg - (144.37kb, 1289x586, nM1hUVJ.jpg)
Furrynomous 12/3/2018(Mon)11:51:51 No.1405308
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So... dud?
Furrynomous 12/3/2018(Mon)03:44:44 No.1405370
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there has been activity on the patreon but everything is behind the paw wall so not sure what its about, apparently the guy has been working on a big change to the whole game but hasnt posted an update for two months.

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