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File: vlcsnap-2016-07-25-21h08m30s440_u18chan.gif - (772.67kb, 1920x1090, vlcsnap-2016-07-25-21h08m30s440.gif) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Samm Short Furrynomous 25/7/2016(Mon)08:12:42 No.1105231   
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Re-posting for people
Edited at 27/7/2016(Wed)10:12:39
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Furfan 30/7/2016(Sat)12:16:56 No.1116489
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Any more of this? If not please grant the source
Furrynomous 03/8/2016(Wed)06:14:55 No.1123235
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Furrynomous 05/8/2016(Fri)05:44:20 No.1125435
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Anything on him ? his last post seems to be almost 1 Year old.
Which is a shame, because if someone can make Furry Cgi this good , he could score at Patreon.
Furrynomous 06/8/2016(Sat)11:10:14 No.1125968
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Anyone got the bunny video? He published the password but the link is gone.
Furrynomous 15/1/2017(Sun)02:44:00 No.1206269
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Furrynomous 16/1/2017(Mon)01:54:01 No.1206530
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No more galleries or artwork from this artist? Not even a patreon? its rare find good 3D furry artists....
Furrynomous 16/1/2017(Mon)02:35:50 No.1206551
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They stepped away from the furry fandom. Like most furry animators who vanished suddenly, chances are they got a job in animation and either don't have the time, or they're afraid of it getting tracked back to them. (Guessing it's time based, since usually they purge if they're worried about being found.)
Furrynomous 16/1/2017(Mon)02:39:38 No.1206554
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Too bad :( that style looks unique

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