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Furrynomous 02/8/2016(Tue)03:38:36 No.1120986   
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"Horse Transformation [Current WIP]
Submitted on: August 1st, 2016
Views: 90

So, this is the largest of the projects I have been working on with the good and amazing support and encouragement from Narse.

He has been providing as much as he can to make this idea a reality for such a long time that I certainly cannot thank him enough for not only believing in making this idea, but letting me be a part of that. I am truly grateful to him.

Now, what is this? This is a sneek peek of what I have been working on.

You can see the current full sketch board and latest WIP for it, but there are A LOT of edits to do. Many scenes are to be shortened, cut, added in, and the whole extended beyond what is shown. So there is so much work to do, and this is one of the things I'd love to continue. Hopefully with enough coming in from the sketches or from support from the community I'll be able to devote more time and energy to making this come to a satisfying conclusion.

You will be able to see the work here and only here. All flash WIPS from here on out will be loaded to FN only.

For those Patreon believers and supports, thank you so much. I never say it enough and if you see this I have recorded all your names and history before this and have made note. When I can I will make sure each of you get a little special piece for you to have for holding on to the hope and will to make this happen.

If you guys want to support this and make this truly happen, we welcome your support.

I have a patreon page if you would like to support, though currently it isn't letting me update it properly for the current state. When I can edit it I will let you know."
Edited at 02/8/2016(Tue)03:40:07
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