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VR_Ferals v0.12 - Alpha Furrynomous 05/8/2016(Fri)06:56:15 No.1125181   
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Hey guys my name is RyanDunn or mr2cats and im currently working on a virtual reality project that is called VR_Ferals. Would be peretty cool if you guys try it out and give me some response how you like it so far. =)

You can find my FA profile here:http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ryandunn/

DownloadMirror1: mega:///#!T553RYRC!5ie2jjtu-YeoYdBFwyrXU_Q3SBIgV27QXMTdPceqnQY
DownloadMirror2: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ra18fz

VIDEO LINK -> https://e621.net/post/show/959890/3d_-artwork-animated-anthro-bdsm-bondage-bound-cla


Gallery control:

LMB = Rotare camera
RMB = Deselect menu option

TAB = Change gender
SPACE = Lock camera
ALT = Hide user interface
+/- = Scales the UI (Only VR mode)

1 = Select Model (Swap Models)
2 = Select Appearance
3 = Select InteractiveMode
4 = Select PoseMode
5 = Select Animations
6 = Select Import
7 = Select Help

Main Menu control:

+/- = Increase/Decrease rotation speed of raptors. =D

New features:
- Fixed Oculus Rift + DK2 support
- Added HMD detection
- Added Normal Camera mode for users without an Oculus
- Added the gallery
- Added user interface for the gallery
- Reworked the Kennels
- Reworked raptor meshes
- Reworked penis meshes
- Added tail physics to one of the raptors
- Added a rubber suit head for the raptors
- Added a "slut" collar for the raptors
- Improved physics.

Known issues:
- Sometimes OR is not working. Restarting the oculus runtime will fix this in most cases.
- In some cases the user interface in the gallery is not working. Restarting the oculus runtime will fix this in most cases.
- In some cases the cursor in the gallery is displaced. Reorientating the Rift on load will fix this in most cases. But you can still use the keyboard to navigate in the gallery.
- Toy physics are ridiculously bugged since they are force to a fixed position. This will be fixed when i use forces to move the objects. :)

Have fun guys!
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VR_Ferals v0.12 - Alpha Furrynomous 05/8/2016(Fri)07:00:43 No.1125183
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FAQ for VR_Ferals. What is comming next?

What is VR_Ferals?
VR_Ferals is an adult-themed fully interactive virtual reality simulation, that uses most modern virtual reality devices (, and can be used without VR device as well) .It will be possible to pose your models and to re-arrange parts of the 3d environment and build-in 3D-assets, create animations and customize your 3d models. VR_Ferals also uses physics for limb simulation and will use this physics engine for particles in a later state.

Who are you?
I know the furry fandom since early 00s formerly known as gitarrendrache and a big fan of the artistic stuff that is going on in this community. Im working with VR technology since 2012, before that i created apps and tools for Unity3D for many years.

Which fetishes will be included in VR_Ferals?
User based content is awesome and i really like the idea of yiffalicious to let the users upload preset poses and animations. Even if im not fan of all the hardcore stuff around here. lol. Letting the users pick the size of the feral will make the macro fans happy. Modeling and rigging the mouth and throat down to the stomach will make the vore fans happy. This also includes an option for the particle color and viscosity, without turning VR_Ferals in a main-themed scat simulator of course. But you get the idea. ;) Giving the users the ability is pretty nice.

Why are you creating VR_Ferals?
Well, mainly to improve my programming and 3d modeling skills. I love this stuff very much and with the hype of VR technology i felt that there was a gap of missing feral- and furry-themed stuff. ;3 And I also want to give something back to this awesome community. =D

What are you currently working on?
Im currently working on the UI so you guys can putt all the lewd dresses on your favorite ferals. ;3 It will be possible to switch and combine different dresses in body slots. For example a collar can be combined with stockings. I also think it would be nice for some items to be in the same body slot as dressing variations. Attaching those items to certain rig bones is also possible but still wip. Some of those features are also included in VR_Ferals v0.12.

What is planned for the near future?
Current focus is on finishing the Raptor in the main gallery of VR_Ferals. This includes improving skinning, model parts., textures and of course procedural animations. This also includudes the programming of some main features for other ferals as well. For example particle effects and a interactive pose option which also leads to a loading and save function. Im also working on improving the current state of the body physics.

What is planned in the mid future?
- Support of all kind of VR devices like Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE and OS systems, including Android, Linux and MAC.
- More Ferals. =D After finnishing the raptor i will keep working on the male/female dragon and other top secret ferals. ;3
- Anthros. Yes. There will be anthros as well. A Raptor anthro is already wip
- Body morphers. This is also planned for the custom character editor.

What is planned in the long run?
Well it would be wrong to be to specific at this point. Since im working mostly on and off on this project. But some stuff that i would really like to do is a multiplayer mode and a chat client or maybe an overlay interface for face rig. This would be pretty cool. =D

What is the monetizing model of this project?
Well, im planning to keep VR_Ferals for free. Of course it would be awesome to work on this project full-time but in the current state this is sadly not possible. Im planning to create a Patreon campaign for this project, as soon as the interest raises. There will be irregular uploads of new builds for VR_Ferals on my FA, inkbunny and sofurry profile.
I will also offer some comissions from time to time for individualized 3d models that can be used in VR_Ferals.

Can I rip your models and use them?
You can freely use and modify them. But keep in mind to put an info for the model about the source if you plan to release them. This should include at least the link to my FA profile. The only thing that i will not accept is the use of any of my content or the modification of those for a sold product.

Okay guys. Thats all for now.
Furrynomous 05/8/2016(Fri)02:43:37 No.1125315
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theres already a thread
VR_Ferals v0.12 - Alpha Furrynomous 09/8/2016(Tue)05:56:52 No.1128837
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File: lewd2_u18chan.gif - (151.36kb, 1920x884, lewd2.gif)

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