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File: 3zi69scaq4zz_u18chan.gif - (23.17kb, 300x225, 3zi69scaq4zz.gif)
Sora Ero Animation Furrynomous 28/8/2016(Sun)09:00:59 No.1140097   
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Most recent Rush Rise Line video. Not very impressive (not surprising after the disappointing Renamon set). Just 2 long-drawn blowjob scenes, some teasing, and lots of text filler at the end.

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Furrynomous 28/8/2016(Sun)01:15:19 No.1140194
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Furrynomous 28/8/2016(Sun)02:09:34 No.1140221
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Can you please submit it to mega, dropbox or anything else.

I have the feeling that MediaFire hates me.
Here Mewster 04/9/2016(Sun)06:10:23 No.1144048
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Ceth 05/9/2016(Mon)05:11:36 No.1144543
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how many animations has she done so far? three.....four?
Furrynomous 08/9/2016(Thu)12:54:07 No.1146315
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I think with the last one are 5
Furrynomous 09/9/2016(Fri)02:21:38 No.1146893
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Wait, 5? I only know of the two digimon ones, and this one. What are the other two?
Furrynomous 10/9/2016(Sat)07:06:01 No.1147321
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Is it just me or would this be better as like 3 gifs basically? I want to enjoy this and God knows there needs to be more Solatorobo porn but the crazy lighting and blurry Cloverfield Blair Witch cam makes it a giant headache.
Furrynomous 10/9/2016(Sat)01:19:39 No.1147395
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yeah they have 5 now along with a game and a bunch of doujins and image sets. One is a chick doing it with various ferals, another is a short stack girl getting fucked by two feral horses, the two digimon animations, and now this one of Sora Ero.

Furrynomous 10/9/2016(Sat)04:05:11 No.1147512
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Wow. So uh. Can we get these other two animations uploaded, then? And this game you mentioned?
Furrynomous 11/9/2016(Sun)04:12:15 No.1148029
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you can probably find them on https://sukebei.nyaa.se/ its where i personally go to for hentai and such, they're all torrents though.

As for the game you can see it in their list of published things on dlsite on the right hand side of the page. Although the game is just about a giant like 8 foot tall black dude with a 12 ~ 24 inch dick who fucks this petite japanese school girl and only has one scene where a pink horse sucks him off. But hey if you're into hyper BBC then it might be up your alley.


Although if you search for stuff on sukebei you might need the japanese names instead so heres the japanese dlsite page for rush rise line


Edited at 11/9/2016(Sun)04:13:50
Furrynomous 12/12/2016(Mon)01:29:36 No.1189829
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Disappointing. Nice art but this should have been a gif. This was mostly a tease then actual thing. I would be mad if I threw money at this...
Furrynomous 07/1/2017(Sat)05:20:44 No.1201187
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Is there any chance of getting the Renamon scenes without the ads?
Furrynomous 08/11/2017(Wed)05:42:37 No.1345356
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File: 23456236_u18chan.png - (365.61kb, 856x480, 23456236.png)
Please abandon all hopes and dreams.
Furrynomous 04/2/2018(Sun)09:46:36 No.1386690
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so bad...so so bad. The sound effects, being blurred, the constant talking. Not being able to tell what was going on half the time.
Furrynomous 05/2/2018(Mon)12:03:56 No.1387239
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