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File: angelswithscalywingslogo_u18chan.gif - (114.79kb, 500x375, angelswithscalywingslogo.gif) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Angels with Scaled Wings (Demo) - Visual Novel Furrynomous 02/9/2016(Fri)12:50:26 No.1142861   
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Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/angels-with-scaly-wings#/
Tumblr: http://angelswithscalywings.tumblr.com/
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=portuguese&id=536041813

Angels with Scaly Wings is a unique visual novel for Windows, Mac OS and Linux set in a world populated by dragons.

A mysterious portal is discovered and you, the player,
are selected as one of the few humans to travel to the
world of dragons. While you serve as an ambassador,
you learn more about the strangely familiar place, and
discover that your human colleague knows more than
he's letting on...

It will be up to you and the friends you make to uncover
the conspiracy that threatens the newly discovered
world... and in the process, you may even find love.

As far as I played, I couldn't find the Perfect Ending in
Remy's Rote. Does anyone got it? How?
Edited at 02/9/2016(Fri)12:54:28
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Furrynomous 02/9/2016(Fri)01:30:10 No.1142999
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So, there is no dragon porn in this game?
Well, then I'm not interested.
Furrynomous 02/9/2016(Fri)02:08:32 No.1143120
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too bad :(

Edited at 02/9/2016(Fri)02:10:46
Furrynomous 02/9/2016(Fri)04:11:47 No.1143164
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Dunno as far as I know.
Furrynomous 02/9/2016(Fri)04:51:51 No.1143171
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no dragon dicks? then no one cares.
Furrynomous 09/9/2016(Fri)04:04:18 No.1146918
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Please continue. I really love reading. And the first chapter have raised my interest. What will happened next?
Furrynomous 13/9/2016(Tue)03:17:46 No.1149136
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Same here i am loving it so far.
Furrynomous 15/9/2016(Thu)04:00:34 No.1149778
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Where is the download Link?
Furrynomous 16/9/2016(Fri)03:44:16 No.1150244
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Not bad, like the story so far.
Furrynomous 21/9/2016(Wed)05:08:13 No.1152230
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So, when the next update?
Furrynomous 17/11/2016(Thu)08:56:34 No.1178789
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I managed to get Remy insisting on taking me to dinner, not sure how exactly but it happened when I replayed the scene without touching any of his stuff other than the coffee and the computer.

Did you get a perfect Chapter 1 with Adine? I couldn't seem to get anything other than Neutral and it's driving me nuts.

Anna's Chapter 1 good ending is pretty easy, just make sure you answer the questions correctly. However I couldn't seem to get anything other than Neutral for Bryce in Chapter 1.

EDIT: Ok I think I know how to get good ending for Remy now. I think it's just based on the scores for your interaction in the character scene, and has nothing to do with what you did in his room.

Here's what I did:
* better safe than sorry
* expert on everything
* came to ask for myths about humans
* ask how to fit alphabetically
* say that his method sounds intuitive
* get perfect score on book arrangement
* exclaim that it was hard work
* agree to help enthusiastically
* apologize for dropping the stuff
* say that you're familiar with the portal
* agree that the portal is fascinating stuff
* say you're nothing supernatural
* I was speechless as well
* I think I broke it
* I got bored
* say that you understand the feeling of grinding an RPG
* ask more about human myths

And Remy should insist on taking you to dinner to repay your help

Edited at 20/11/2016(Sun)02:52:37
Furrynomous 20/11/2016(Sun)02:44:57 No.1179871
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Finally managed to get Bryce as well.

The trick is to be reluctant about drinking so that when you finally do agree to humor him, you're doing it only for his sake.

The rest should be pretty common sense, just pick whatever choice that produces the best immediate reaction, and if you have only negative things to say, choose to say nothing instead.

Make sure that when you're drunk on the ground, you concede rather than pushing it too far. If you did so, afterwards you will end up arguing about it, whereas conceding will instead cause him to apologize at the end for pushing you to drink.

The good outcome is him inviting you over next time to see what other activities you can do together to see who has better "endurance".

Edited at 20/11/2016(Sun)02:48:11
Furrynomous 20/11/2016(Sun)11:23:07 No.1180050
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This is pretty vague. I've tried what looks like it should have been successful using this strategy with no "good end" hinted at.
Furrynomous 21/11/2016(Mon)01:12:15 No.1180074
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Someone posted walkthroughs of the individual character scenes in the demo on YouTube.


Edited at 23/11/2016(Wed)02:48:27
Furrynomous 21/11/2016(Mon)03:12:07 No.1180083
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whats the order for the books for Remy
Furrynomous 21/11/2016(Mon)03:20:47 No.1180085
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The Inception
The First War
The Tribe
The Second War
The Invention
The Spark
The Third War
The Enlightenment

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