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File: furrybeachclub_u18chan.gif - (151.15kb, 265x274, furrybeachclub.GIF)
Agent9 14/10/2016(Fri)04:30:29 No.1163240   
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Furry Beach Club. It up and working!

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Furrynomous 14/10/2016(Fri)05:39:15 No.1163274
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Yeah.. another paying for play game. Slow game/server, few characters, few "interactions", few anims and sex scenes, few locations, everything cost 25 coins and you had to pay with real dollars to buy them. There's others fus games to play with free and pay. Still better one is SL, aside you had to pay for some stuff you can create your own avatars/models etc. also there's other "graphic novels" around with better gfx and lot of chars. :/
Furrynomous 14/10/2016(Fri)06:02:44 No.1163278
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so this is just a knock off of HTH, which was already the bottom of the barrel in terms of furry porn games.
Agent9 14/10/2016(Fri)07:21:50 No.1163310
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I don't want to call it a knock off of HtH, but they are similar. At least here when you pay for a scene, you keep it. I looked around, and I did find a free girl, it's that vixen that's into studying bugs. I didn't really get in too deep with the game though.

If anything at all, I want to at least give this the benefit of a doubt. I don't want HtH screw ups to give this a bad image.
Furrynomous 14/10/2016(Fri)10:05:06 No.1163361
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I tried it for a few minutes, and I already have no faith on this.
Furrynomous 14/10/2016(Fri)10:16:30 No.1163362
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maybe it will get better or the payed scenes are better but so far the game is meh at best boring at worst, i couldn't imagine dropping any money on it.

its bares bones and simplistic with nothing in game to do. this is another "come back in a few years and see how things are" type of deal, but we've all seen how the last one turned out COUGH COUGH HTH COUGH

although it is interesting to see that a lot of the game is voiced, even thou the sex scene has subs that don't match the audio.

also "Similar to a dating sim" again this might change or be different for coin based characters but 5 dialog steps to bone someone isn't really "Similar to a dating sim"

i know the response is going to be this game is early access so that's why there's nothing too do and that they need money to make it better but so far nothing iv seen about this game makes me think its going to become anything worthwhile, not unless the whole thing gets overhauled. i just don't see anything about this game that's different or innovative, i just don't see any real potential in to be anything but a clone of what HTH already offers i mean they might end up doing it better then HTH which is already a low bar to aim for, and if they do i don't see them surpassing it by much.

i would love to be proven wrong and see this game turn into something great but from what iv seen im not holding my breath.

TLDR game isn't worth it, come back in a year or two.

Edited at 14/10/2016(Fri)10:24:39
you can call me al 15/10/2016(Sat)12:28:28 No.1163410
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not even 5 minutes in the game and it already want me to BUY coins
wow! just wow!
Furrynomous 15/10/2016(Sat)10:19:07 No.1163706
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File: fail_u18chan.gif - (376.28kb, 1386x621, fail.gif)
The art/porn in this game is terrible. Way worse than the promo art that was produced years ago.

Looks like they changed artists. I always thought it used to look like Insomiacoverlord was working on it anonymously.

The voice acting is also a cringefest, though I mean at least they tried?

Its hard not to be mad when they are asking money for it, and in an obnoxious micro-transaction way.
Furrynomous 16/10/2016(Sun)07:10:02 No.1163862
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I was really excited for this when I stumbled across it on Twitter. A competitor for HTH? Finally! Sign me up, just so I don't have to sign up for HTH!

And then within the five minutes of starting up the game, I went from kinda hopeful to actually intrigued about the whole concept... before belly flopping back down to the earth with a heavy disappointment.

Now yes, I know it's early access and very bare bones and the creators need more money and all that... but this is NOT the way to launch a new game.

Just a horrible cash-grab and a complete fucking tease... and not in a good way. A large world with barely anything with actual substance in it and you won't get even 5 minutes in without the game asking you for real life money for the sex scenes. This is like a hooker, who barely even touches your dick, before calling it quits and then bills your credit card for a full hour.

You wanna start off a game like this, you better have something to hook the people in with.
Even the dozens of crappy Facebook games know that the best way to hook a person in, is to give you a lot at the beginning and then tell the player that with money/support, you can get even more out of it.
Or if you don't want to do that, then just make it a compact little demo with like two of three areas that showcases what your game is about and what it aims to do. Hype it up with promises of what's to come and then at the end of the demo, ask people for their help/support. Yes, basically what sites like Kickstarter and Patreon are based on. You know, stuff that ACTUALLY makes people money!

Just all around horrible start for a game that actually shows promise within the first couple minutes, only to get trampled by the creator's over eagerness to cash in and show off.
Furrynomous 18/10/2016(Tue)03:15:57 No.1164922
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It isn't free to play if you have to pay for everything in the game lol.
Furrynomous 18/10/2016(Tue)03:40:47 No.1164925
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where do you find the mask for the otter girl?

also, is there only 3 girls to pick from?!

i had high hopes for this..
Furrynomous 19/10/2016(Wed)05:17:57 No.1165320
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>free to play
>...but everything in the game requires real money to do anything :^)

Wow! it's like I'm REALLY playing freemium phone games but on my PC!

Furrynomous 20/10/2016(Thu)08:11:22 No.1165619
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sarcasm? :D
Furrynomous 20/10/2016(Thu)06:08:53 No.1165824
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Honestly it should go freemium and get hosted by Nutaku, but it needs actual free content and reasons to pay for convenience lol
Furrynomous 20/10/2016(Thu)11:56:48 No.1165925
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Yeah, I got as far as fucking the fox entomologist before I quit. Nobody in their right mind would pay real money for more of these shitty animatic sex scenes.
Furrynomous 22/10/2016(Sat)01:52:38 No.1166351
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talk to the wolf guy, he'll SELL it to you
Furrynomous 22/10/2016(Sat)03:24:00 No.1166499
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Best thing is, animation seems worse than hth...
Crimson 23/10/2016(Sun)10:47:00 No.1166859
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So far the only free sex scene is the foxgirl who is into bugs. Other than that money
Furrynomous 23/10/2016(Sun)11:16:29 No.1166862
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>Include gender option
>Don't include different animations for each gender
Furrynomous 23/10/2016(Sun)06:38:40 No.1167028
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>it is legal to make a game this slow in 2016
Furrynomous 05/2/2017(Sun)07:33:21 No.1216947
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Guys, don't expect much from this "game". There won't be any interactivity in this, because all scenes are in mp4 format, in other words videos. The only positive it has is that it has slightly better animations than hth lol.
Furrynomous 05/2/2017(Sun)07:34:07 No.1216948
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so how long till it's hacked/all the porn scenes get released somewhere?
Furrynomous 07/2/2017(Tue)07:36:02 No.1217825
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I don't know why but it seems like every furry game based on a beach/tropical place ends up being shit from my experience.

High Tail Hall

Tale of Two

(There was a thread of Tale of Two here long ago before the great purge. The Patreon creator promised a game with like 200 NPCs or something on a beach like HTH. The guy essentially stopped the project altogether and ran off with the money. Some people even continued to give him money for a while after the cancellation.)

And this. I think I lost my faith for the fandom.
Furrynomous 09/2/2017(Thu)07:50:19 No.1218664
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Wait, I recognize High Tail Hall, but not Tale of Two, and googling it isn't giving me information.

Please elaborate
Furrynomous 09/2/2017(Thu)10:35:13 No.1218723
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Like the anon said,

>"There was a thread of Tale of Two here long ago before the great purge. The Patreon creator promised a game with like 200 NPCs or something on a beach like HTH. The guy essentially stopped the project altogether and ran off with the money. Some people even continued to give him money for a while after the cancellation."

To elaborate, the creator, Damian, was advertising a furry game that was pretty much like Todd Howard from Bethesda and Sean Murray (the guy infamous for No Man's Sky). False promises and shit, BUT the biggest difference is, he never even MADE the game! Yep, that's right. People were dumb enough to PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT WASN'T EVEN MADE. He just made some rough sketches.

According to another anon, he claimed to be the animator for this video:


And he put more bullshit like 200 NPCs and lots of replayability! AND IT WOULD BE FREE! Oh wow! Sounds good! Right? There's a saying if it sounds too good to be true, it must be.

The creator then made his "project" only available to Patreon pledgers when he couldn't reach the deadline for the first public beta release, pretty much the first sign that the smell of bullshit was starting to seep through the cracks. People got suspicious but the creator said he didn't cancel it whatsoever.

Then, he fell silent. He never responded to a Patreon pledger who asked him where's the game/project. One by one, people withdrew their support but it was too late. He ran off with whatever money he did grab. This was only a year or two ago.

This is the only proof that it existed. It's not much, if any, but the Patreon creator is real (or was):


Sorry for the long text but man, this feels like only yesterday. I never did give this scammer any money and good thing too but the fact he never got into any trouble is amazing. What he did should quality as false-advertising and scamming.
Furrynomous 10/2/2017(Fri)12:31:25 No.1218760
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So literally nothing? No actual production game or animations?

Complain all you want about Crow, but at least he has actually MADE content.
Furrynomous 10/2/2017(Fri)12:51:20 No.1218768
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Yep, only scraps and nothing else. There never was a release of the game.

True, Crow did make content at least even if it's sub par. However, he never did keep up his promise in finishing the game and releasing a CD version or whatever.
Furrynomous 10/2/2017(Fri)12:52:19 No.1218769
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Still, I'm curious to see what they were like, the scraps I mean.
Furrynomous 10/2/2017(Fri)02:28:25 No.1218791
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Wasn't all that much to be honest. Only one was publicly shown, of which was a female shark. Maybe two. The rest were only for Patreon pledgers and only the tiny thumbnails could be seen. All I saw were just rough sketches of the proposed environments.

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