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Akira the Singarti Hunter - first mission Chan 2019/01/10 14:43:52 No.1537439   
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In the unknown future there's an alien race called "Singarti", conquering the whole earth.
These aliens look similar with werewolves. They're bigger than Human, physically more powerful and they own a special drug called "Revatim". It makes Singarti-soldiers invincible and their wounds heal exceptionally fast. The only way humans can kill them, they have to destroy their bodies or cut their heads off.

After a hard and brutal war, the human military were defeated.

Only a handful of scientist and the rest of the world's army headed into underground basis to create a plan(projects) for getting the earth back to humans.

One of these project was a new species, called "Hybrids".
The Hybrids have been created by mixing human DNA with Singarti DNA. Because Hybirds can still see humans as an enemy, their Singarti DNA has been partly replaced and mixed with Wolf DNA, so human could have a full control on them.
Hybrids need the Singarti DNA, because all weapons and technology can only be used by them.

After 20 years of hard work, the humans succeeded to create a small group of Hybirds. These creatures have been created and taught to kill, fight and sabotage against Singartis. Only one of these hybrids was different. His name is Akira. Grown up by Dr. Tado, Akira reminds his old son so much, that he gave him the same name. Akira was much more like a son for Dr. Tado than just a hybrid.

Only moments before Akira and the other Hybrids were planned to have their first mission, the underground basis was betrayed by a scientist.

Only Akira and his father were able to escape. Dr. Tado gives him a Storage medium, including a new DNA code. With that Storage medium, the Hybrids can be grown up less than 5 years. After that, his father was killed by Singarti.

Two years later, Akira searches for any traces of human resistance, but he can't find them.

A woman called Amber attacks and kills a Singarti patrol. one of them survived the attack and began hunting Amber.
As the Singarti tries to kill her, Akira saves her life. She brings Akira to the resistance, but he must be accepted there first.

Artist is (c) ymymy
Story is (c) Kellion featuring the Negative
Akira is owned by (c) Shane

Story can be read here

You can Support if you like it here
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Akira the Singarti Hunter - first mission Chan 2019/01/13 07:01:03 No.1538499
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Akira the Singarti Hunter - first mission Chan 2019/01/17 11:53:57 No.1540353
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