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File: 1221840_Fuf_soniaundies_u18chan.jpg - (316.49kb, 920x1380, 1221840_Fuf_soniaundies.jpg) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Watersports? Anonymous 03/11/2016(Thu)02:44:45 No.1171770   
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Watersports. Also Im looking for a comic, I saw it here before. I think it was by Fuf? It had some plushy that wanted to help its owner with their fetishes I think? There weren't any words, just bubbles with pictures explaining their thoughts. Anyways, the plushy hops on the dude, puts the dudes dick in the plush's diaper then gets him to piss.
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Anonymous 03/11/2016(Thu)07:14:06 No.1172027
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(1.59mb, 1236x1600)
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(2.4mb, 1600x2071)
(2.06mb, 1236x1600)
I belive you may be talking about the comic titled "The Blankie From Your Closet"
Anonymous 03/11/2016(Thu)07:15:49 No.1172033
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(1.61mb, 1236x1600)
(1.57mb, 1236x1600)
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(1.54mb, 1236x1600)
(1.5mb, 1236x1600)
Anonymous 04/11/2016(Fri)12:08:10 No.1172168
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File: TBfYC_p09_u18chan.png - (917.86kb, 1236x1600, TBfYC_p09.png)

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