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Completed TL RQ Anonymous 03/12/2016(Sat)08:08:26 No.1185683   
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Fulfilling request from https://u18chan.com/board/u18chan/rs/topic/1185001
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Completed TL RQ Anonymous 03/12/2016(Sat)08:08:27 No.1185684
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File: p1_u18chan.png - (436.94kb, 480x600, p1.png)
Completed TL RQ Anonymous 03/12/2016(Sat)08:08:28 No.1185685
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File: p2_u18chan.png - (442.81kb, 480x600, p2.png)
Completed TL RQ Anonymous 03/12/2016(Sat)08:08:30 No.1185686
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File: p3_u18chan.png - (392.73kb, 480x600, p3.png)
Orig. Text + TL Text Anonymous 03/12/2016(Sat)08:10:03 No.1185688
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(also is this cub?? i'm not sure i'm sorry if it's in the wrong place ;-:)

Is U-18 allergic to UTF-8 AND Shift-JIS?? Anyway, enjoy

Edited at 03/12/2016(Sat)08:12:11
Anonymous 03/12/2016(Sat)10:59:11 No.1185725
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Do you think you can translate this? Https://myreadingmanga.info/grenade-bomb-relationship-superiors-subordinates-jp/
Anonymous 03/12/2016(Sat)11:26:59 No.1185738
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"my friends from school . . . won't find a kid my size"
That line he's expressing the idea that the only thing big about his brother is his body, and his cock is even smaller than that of his friends at school (an elementary schooler's, I'm guessing)."

"It's embarrassing but it feels really good inside..."
That line he's saying that it's embarrassing to have a brother with such a tiny cock, but maybe if he deposited some of his superior genes into him that might help him out a little.

>I'm fucking my
Just from looking at the picture you should be able to tell that in that line it's the other way around.

>If you're just gonna cum...
He's saying that it's pointless for his brother to be the one who cums (because the point of the entire exercise was to pass his big-cock genes on to his little-cock big brother).
Anonymous 04/12/2016(Sun)12:26:50 No.1185772
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Is no one really working on this??
Anonymous 04/12/2016(Sun)12:29:46 No.1185774
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I mean in a way I agree with you, I did take quite a few merits (I'm sure a 7am hungover translation may not be the best) - but you're more than welcome to actually translate something instead of correcting something I've already published. But also quick question, why have you read so much into it? lol
Anonymous 04/12/2016(Sun)12:43:38 No.1185776
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Isn't this the guy who made the comic about a student transferring to a school where everyone is pantless?
Anonymous 04/12/2016(Sun)01:19:12 No.1185783
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Subject/object confusion isn't taking merits. It's making mistakes. Also, missing the central premise behind the entire interaction is an embarrassment. I dropped a handful of corrections to clarify what was happening for the sake of the requester and in the hopes that you might take this as an opportunity to improve your ability to translate. In the future, consider looking at freely offered assistance as 'help' instead of seeing it as some sort of a personal challenge.
The Fuck Lemonadrea 04/12/2016(Sun)01:36:26 No.1185785
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Ok , what hte fuck is this shit ? Like really what the fuck is this ?
' Anonymous 04/12/2016(Sun)02:39:58 No.1185802
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Basically the most f-ed up thing ever. It's cub, hyper, and sounding.
Anonymous 05/12/2016(Mon)07:38:29 No.1186349
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Anonymous 06/12/2016(Tue)02:23:37 No.1186782
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I know cub porn is generally bad but the reaction of some people is over the top :V
Michael Saunders 12/12/2016(Mon)09:36:03 No.1190016
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Actually, this comic is pretty cancerous.
Anonymous 13/12/2016(Tue)05:30:45 No.1190262
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Ever? Oh, you innocent child.

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