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Kyle the Fox Runs Away (compfive) 14/12/2016(Wed)03:07:02 No.1190531   
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The stranger sees a cute fox kid approach him while he is walking back to his house.

"Hey mister. I ran away from home and need a place to stay tonight. You look nice, can I stay with you?"

The gears are turning and nasty plans begin to appear in the stranger's head on how to take advantage of the situation.

"Of course you can, squirt. It's just a block away. What's your name?" He asks the Boy.

"I'm Kyle! Thanks a bunch!"
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Kyle the Fox Runs Away (compfive) 14/12/2016(Wed)03:07:50 No.1190532
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(410.47kb, 796x1502)
(286.64kb, 820x824)
(336.64kb, 960x810)
(294.5kb, 846x862)
(338.25kb, 925x1000)
Kyle the Fox Runs Away (compfive) 14/12/2016(Wed)03:08:12 No.1190537
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(311.44kb, 1085x800)
(288.52kb, 518x1500)
(466.8kb, 915x1334)
(480.54kb, 1274x1041)
(400.89kb, 900x1221)
Kyle the Fox Runs Away (compfive) 14/12/2016(Wed)03:08:31 No.1190542
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(339.24kb, 925x1000)
(222.28kb, 1015x1015)
Anonymous 11/1/2017(Wed)02:26:11 No.1202784
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I've got to wonder, based on that ending... did he fuck Kyle again? Did the gator eat him? Or did he screw the fox and he just moved on to the next place he was running off to? Hmm
Anonymous 11/1/2017(Wed)10:38:50 No.1203262
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I don't think he ate him. the gator is a pedophile who likes to have sex with children. comp5 drew pics of the gator grabbing a young boy off the street, and fucking him in his van. the gator probably just kept him for himself.
Anonymous 11/1/2017(Wed)03:24:38 No.1203492
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anyone got the rape version of this? I can't find it anywhere but I know I've seen it before somewhere!
Anonymous 11/1/2017(Wed)09:53:01 No.1203642
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didnt take me long to find it i just googled compfive you can see the name compfive next to the name of this Comic
Your welcome :)
Anonymous 12/1/2017(Thu)01:13:14 No.1203678
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That's not it, although hot! What I'm looking for is this exact comic but it gets a lot more rapey.
Anonymous 12/1/2017(Thu)02:50:40 No.1203700
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This is how it should end.

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