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File: coca-cola_polar_bear_ummm_delicious_1993_0_u18chan.jpg - (477.91kb, 1000x761, coca-cola_polar_bear_ummm_delicious_1993.jpg) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Mario583 02/1/2017(Mon)11:04:30 No.1199161   
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Request: A cub comic featuring two cubs and their mom or babysitter driving around in an RV and there is an Amazon Drone in one of the pages.

Where I first saw: Inkbunnty
Edited at 02/1/2017(Mon)11:06:59
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Anonymous 03/1/2017(Tue)10:57:46 No.1199712
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I would believe the artist you're thinking of would be ChocolateKistune
Anonymous 03/1/2017(Tue)01:05:47 No.1199745
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unrelated to this request but would anyone be able to generate an invite for me to the cub discord server?
Mario583 05/1/2017(Thu)03:02:20 No.1200582
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