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File: peony_cubwork_1_u18chan.png - (790.43kb, 920x784, peony_cubwork_1.png) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Peony/Helical Anonymous 2018/11/05 16:27:00 No.1513986   
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Over a month ago, an artist on IB by the name of Peony, now referred to as Helical, deleted all their cub content and left the site. Another case of falling for the pedo boogeyman. Less than 24 hours ago, they returned but claiming they will not be doing anymore cub content or reposting what was made. A reply to a user in the return journal suggests that they might come back to cub porn someday, but there's a good chance we won't see their old content again.

As expected, too, they've scrubbed all image hosting sites of their art and been placed on the DNP list. Some pics are still here and there, but most of it is gone.

Did anyone manage to save their cub stuff before the purge? If so, here's the thread to post it. I'll start with what I managed to scrounge up.
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Peony/Helical Anonymous 2018/11/05 16:29:59 No.1513987
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File: peony_cubwork_2_u18chan.png - (823.3kb, 850x836, peony_cubwork_2.png)
And, that's it, sadly. If I had known about their leaving sooner, I would have mass-downloaded everything, but they had already purged everything by the time I found out. Hope someone else has stuff to contribute.


Edited at 2018/11/05 16:34:12
Anonymous 2018/11/05 22:18:50 No.1514077
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File: 1340324_Peony_shadowjumper_comm_2_u18chan.png - (1.05mb, 936x1150, 1340324_Peony_shadowjumper_comm_2.png)
i only have a couple
Anonymous 2018/11/05 22:20:47 No.1514078
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File: Peony_balmung_comm_04_fixed_smaller_u18chan.png - (1.97mb, 1250x1200, Peony_balmung_comm_04_fixed_smaller.png)
and two
Peony/Helical Anonymous 2018/11/05 22:30:58 No.1514090
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File: Peony_cub_bukkake_u18chan.png - (1.21mb, 920x997, Peony_cub_bukkake.png)
would love to see more

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