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File: 2328468_CampionL_kalebcouch1_u18chan.png - (407.32kb, 1200x1720, 2328468_CampionL_kalebcouch1.png) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
CampionL's old art Anonymous 2019/02/28 02:27:16 No.1557324   
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This guy used to have an old account that featured an incestual brown-furred anthro cub character with his father under a different name, but he nuked it. I want to say that name started with a J. Some pictures with watersports, some with scat, but the majority nudity and cum. Can't find them anywhere. The old account was on Inkbunny. Anyone got 'em?
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CampionL's old art Anonymous 2019/02/28 02:35:56 No.1557328
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File: 2622140_CampionL_cubsn1adultnotext_u18chan.png - (2.84mb, 5000x1769, 2622140_CampionL_cubsn1adultnotext.png)
the other of his two public non-comic posts.
CampionL's old art Anonymous 2019/03/01 03:49:45 No.1557783
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Goddamit, his penis is hideous.
Anonymous 2019/03/01 11:01:39 No.1557890
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That dick looks like a hairless chimpanzee.
Anonymous 2019/03/02 01:54:50 No.1558132
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File: 281_2_u18chan.jpg - (27.59kb, 500x491, 281.jpg)
Dat bunny's penis.
Anonymous 2019/03/17 08:34:39 No.1565116
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Here ya go

Anonymous 2019/06/27 03:07:44 No.1606784
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Man, this Campion guy is one hypocritical piece of shit.
Itsme 2019/06/27 09:08:10 No.1606897
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How so?
Anonymous 2019/06/28 07:35:13 No.1607204
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T. Rodriguez aka Campion draws a comic strip in which he claims to depict child abuse in an objective and non pornographic way.
Up until a couple of years ago he was drawing incest cub porn under a different alias.

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