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File: cobaltsynapse_PleaseStay_comic_frontpage_u18chan.png - (2.03mb, 1238x1613, cobaltsynapse_PleaseStay_comic_frontpage.png) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Please Stay by CobaltSynapse Anonymous 2019/03/02 17:13:14 No.1558600   
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Does anyone have the rest of this comic?
I found the title page and the 12th page WIP but I can't find anything in between. I found the 12th page in a patreon bundle but so far nothing else.
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Please Stay by CobaltSynapse Anonymous 2019/03/02 17:13:15 No.1558601
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File: cobaltsynapse_PleaseStay_page12_wip_0_u18chan.png - (1.03mb, 1238x1613, cobaltsynapse_PleaseStay_page12_wip.png)
Please Stay by CobaltSynapse Anonymous 2019/03/02 17:16:20 No.1558604
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Hold up, is Colbalt drawing again? I've never seen that piece before...
Anonymous 2019/03/05 01:00:42 No.1559747
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a better question is, how is that page 12 and where are the other 11?
Please Stay by CobaltSynapse Anonymous 2019/03/08 19:49:04 No.1561535
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Look at the file name, I got that from CobaltSynapse's Patreon files mixed together with a lot of other random sketches and pictures he made.

It's clearly the same character. It would be weird for him to name it page 12 if it wasn't. plus they're also in bed...in underwear just like the title. Perhaps this is a sketch he made and wanted to keep as a filler page for the comic but never got around to actually progressing the rest of the comic.

Edited at 2019/03/08 19:51:02
Anonymous 2019/03/14 06:58:05 No.1563862
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File: cobaltsynapse_PleaseStay_page1_WIP_u18chan.png - (532.39kb, 1238x1613, cobaltsynapse_PleaseStay_page1_WIP.png)
Anonymous 2019/03/14 20:25:52 No.1564145
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no, cobalt isn't coming back any time soon, but apparently there are some pictures of his that are going to be released soon by someone else. His simba dakimakura is also for sale again with the permission from someone else.

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