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File: 0001_4_u18chan.jpg - (1.44mb, 2549x3299, 0001.jpg) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Otoko Matsuri Jin comic 2019/03/30 17:51:25 No.1569936   
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This is Jin's short comic from the first volume of the Otoko Matsuri anthology. I couldn't put the proper title because I don't speak Japanese. The pages had to be scanned as there's no digital version I could find. If someone could translate it would be much appreciated.
Edited at 2019/04/16 16:49:35
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Otoko Matsuri - Jin comic 2019/03/30 17:51:27 No.1569937
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File: 0002_5_u18chan.jpg - (1.1mb, 2549x3299, 0002.jpg)
Otoko Matsuri - Jin comic 2019/03/30 17:51:30 No.1569938
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File: 0003_4_u18chan.jpg - (1.07mb, 2549x3299, 0003.jpg)
Otoko Matsuri - Jin comic 2019/03/30 17:51:32 No.1569939
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File: 0004_5_u18chan.jpg - (1.23mb, 2549x3299, 0004.jpg)
Furrynomous 2019/03/30 18:25:02 No.1569951
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A rare find.

Kemono art is becoming a dying breed nowadays

Thank you

Edited at 2019/03/30 18:25:38
Furrynomous 2019/03/30 21:55:00 No.1569993
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Cut of Cuts revision digital

Furrynomous 2019/03/30 23:24:34 No.1570005
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Furrynomous 2019/03/31 14:03:12 No.1570246
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You're welcome. I love Jin's work, especially their canines.

I wish I had know about that one before I posted. Thanks for providing the link. I see it was uploaded about a month ago. Before that I had searched online and couldn't find anything.
Eru 2019/04/10 14:19:02 No.1574570
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Oh my, I have been looking for this for agesss, thank you so much
Furrynomous 2019/04/10 17:24:57 No.1574615
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It was already on e e-hentai month ago digital wise


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