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Orekemo 俺の獣を見てみるか? Furrynomous 22/12/2016(Thu)05:24:53 No.1194014   
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So, whatever happened to this?
Happen to come across it today and realise the old thread was deleted.

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Furrynomous 22/12/2016(Thu)06:51:24 No.1194266
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Will this have an English translate?
Furrynomous 22/12/2016(Thu)07:28:19 No.1194274
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it will not have translate in short time
Furrynomous 22/12/2016(Thu)08:42:51 No.1194318
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$11,000? Something about that figure throws up a sizable red flag. If they meant ¥11,000, that's not even $100 in most major countries' various denominations. They could probably get that in donations in under a day. This is the furry fandom we're talking about.

If they don't want to, they should just say so. Someone would probably be more than happy to wander along and do it for free eventually. There was an entire forum community dedicated to the translation of one VN. It's not unreasonable to assume something similar wouldn't happen here.
Furrynomous 22/12/2016(Thu)08:44:41 No.1194324
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That's pretty much a lie, beneath the lie you can see ``we don't care about gaijin''
Orekemo translation. crescent 20/1/2017(Fri)02:50:09 No.1208220
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Orekemo is available for purchase on Digiket only. They are still working on building a fanbase. it won't be getting a translation anytime soon.

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