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File: 1483499049.seth-iova_mongo_and_foxv3_u18chan.png - (1.64mb, 1000x1294, 1483499049.seth-iova_mongo_and_foxv3.png) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Shio 05/1/2017(Thu)09:27:07 No.1200497   
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Have you guys ever feel that the artist always do the art which you being onto it? Seth-iova really always knew what I wants.

(Mungo and Fox is now my favorite couple of 2016, maybe 2017 the same)
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Furrynomous 05/1/2017(Thu)09:53:52 No.1200506
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Oh God

My boipussy is just getting damp looking at that

Let it happen
Furrynomous 05/1/2017(Thu)10:43:19 No.1200741
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Null-ghost used to be something like that for me, along with fdokkaku, Pirun, and seth-iova.
Furrynomous 06/1/2017(Fri)12:33:29 No.1200785
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File: english_u18chan.jpg - (46.99kb, 560x370, english.jpg)
Furrynomous 06/1/2017(Fri)02:08:13 No.1200811
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Since this is the /gfur/ board, he's making a thread about ``what's your favorite gfur artist?''
It's on-topic for this board.
Furrynomous 06/1/2017(Fri)05:53:18 No.1200844
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this could have been pposted on the housepets thread, you know
also discuss artists go to /discuss board
Furrynomous 06/1/2017(Fri)02:49:17 No.1200952
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I thought the discussion board was for discussion unrelated to /gfur/. This is a /gfur/ discussion.
Furrynomous 07/1/2017(Sat)07:27:17 No.1201357
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I hear that. This couple about makes me cream my pants.

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