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File: 1496521587.bowserboy101_banjo_celest_u18chan.jpg - (827.27kb, 832x1280, 1496521587.bowserboy101_banjo_celest.jpg) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Banjo (Banjo Kazooie) Furrynomous 2019/01/02 19:58:27 No.1534317   
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Furrynomous 2019/01/02 23:11:08 No.1534399
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File: 1957253-BanjoBanjo-Kazooieseyrmo_u18chan.jpg - (89.16kb, 1280x914, 1957253 - Banjo Banjo-Kazooie seyrmo.jpg)

Furrynomous 2019/01/02 23:11:11 No.1534400
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File: 1526185931.seamaster_banjo_bed1_u18chan.jpg - (78.32kb, 800x800, 1526185931.seamaster_banjo_bed1.jpg)
Forem 2019/01/03 20:16:02 No.1534698
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Furrynomous 2019/01/03 21:21:24 No.1534719
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File: 1523820624.furryratchet_fnztthu_u18chan.png - (532.39kb, 1500x1192, 1523820624.furryratchet_fnztthu.png)

Furrynomous 2019/01/03 21:28:31 No.1534726
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File: 1543697200.inked-waffle_banjo_sketch_u18chan.png - (66.25kb, 1000x779, 1543697200.inked-waffle_banjo_sketch.png)

Furrynomous 2019/01/05 20:01:01 No.1535350
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File: 1532841859.dragoaojiro88_banjo_winky31_u18chan.png - (98.41kb, 1061x1280, 1532841859.dragoaojiro88_banjo_winky3[1].png)

Furrynomous 2019/01/05 20:01:04 No.1535351
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File: 1532844101.dragoaojiro88_banjo_winky21_u18chan.png - (102.45kb, 1101x1280, 1532844101.dragoaojiro88_banjo_winky2[1].png)
Furrynomous 2019/01/08 19:23:07 No.1536727
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File: 84536f5400930e00174581da023585bbf021723f_u18chan.jpg - (658.94kb, 1300x1135, 84536f5400930e00174581da023585bbf021723f.jpg)

Furrynomous 2019/01/08 19:23:14 No.1536728
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File: df0076c67b77b6c4dde988627b8ed842d6f9e8e5_u18chan.jpg - (196.22kb, 1280x917, df0076c67b77b6c4dde988627b8ed842d6f9e8e5.jpg)
Furrynomous 2019/01/09 19:16:28 No.1537098
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File: 1300952469.kirron_banjoboner_u18chan.jpg - (189.16kb, 500x610, 1300952469.kirron_banjoboner.jpg)

Furrynomous 2019/01/09 19:16:45 No.1537100
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File: 1520052984.reignsomead_banjounderwear_u18chan.png - (2.2mb, 3000x2000, 1520052984.reignsomead_banjounderwear.png)

Furrynomous 2019/01/13 11:31:41 No.1538563
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File: f63a3320f5848aa926c8bdeeb6d5b6a5_u18chan.png - (1.32mb, 1500x2000, f63a3320f5848aa926c8bdeeb6d5b6a5.png)
Hello childhood crush.

>dopey and a bit slow, but the warmest guy you'll ever meet; would share his honey with you
>adventurer and woodsman, gets through the dirt and the muck without hesitation
>definitely has a kinky underside to his goofy friendliness
>probably a vers. switch, more bottom, always wants your seed in his tight, fat furry ass while licking the dirt off his feet

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