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/gp/ - Gentlemen Protocol

What is GP?
Gentlemen Protocol is a set of rules that moderators of U-18Chan will be using to handle unwanted posts on U-18Chan. If a post does not follow our rules of netiquette, staff will simply rewrite the post in more suitable manner. This will turn what was previously an unwanted post, into a most excellently worded, formal, and classy post. The goal of this is to prevent these posts from being made in the first place, and keeping U-18Chan an enjoyable, hostility free environment for us all to enjoy.
How do I know if a post has been edited by a moderator?
When a post is edited by staff member following GP, they will add "Sir" to the front of the name. This means any posts by "Sir Furrynomous" or anything similar will have most likely been edited by a staff member.
What sort of posts apply to GP?
The GP covers all infractions to U-18Chan's rules of netiquette, as seen on our Rules page.
U-18Chan Rules of Netiquette
  1. Do not complain about content or people without reason. Critique is one thing, but stating that you do not like something without any given reason or purpose adds nothing to the thread.
  2. Refrain from sliding insults into your conversations with others. Using playful words (by U-18Chan terms) such as faggot or nigger is fine, but no personal attacks or intentional hostility. If you have a good argument, you shouldn't need to support it with insults.
  3. Submit complaints or requests to the staff via the report post feature, or emailing support. Simply complaining on the boards is rude, inappropriate, and counter productive.
  4. Resist the urge to remind people that U-18Chan is a porn site. If people want to talk, they can talk. Stating the obvious only increases your douche factor.
  5. Be the bigger man. If someone attacks you, report them. Don't get mixed up in a flame war or you'll be punished as well.
  6. If your post is not going to contribute in any way, it probably shouldn't be submitted. This includes bumping threads, flame bating, and trolling.
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