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File: 6_130796324552_u18chan.jpg - (138.29kb, 554x884, 1304692002_schnurrbart_wons_v__2.jpg) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wons !Z.5vZT76o6 13/6/2011(Mon)11:07:25 No.974141   
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Post your fursonas drawings here.
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virtualfox!!LlAJL2MwWv 13/6/2011(Mon)04:51:45 No.974144
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As ones you've drawn yourself, with artistic skill? Might be a slight problem for me.
Wons !Z.5vZT76o6 13/6/2011(Mon)04:58:02 No.974146
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File: 6_130798428244_u18chan.jpg - (135.87kb, 500x806, wons v1.jpg)
heh, i have no drawing skill too.

This one's drawn by

and pic related is drawn by
Pwny !snowPwny6k 14/6/2011(Tue)07:25:12 No.974152
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File: 6_130803631119_u18chan.jpg - (276.67kb, 1159x1280, 1289720228_dabble_pwny3029.jpg)
Two done for me without any request from me. Apparantly the general consensus is that my fursona is feral :S
Pwny !snowPwny6k 14/6/2011(Tue)07:27:00 No.974153
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File: 6_130803641968_u18chan.jpg - (370.43kb, 1280x1041, 1299610223_terradragon_snow_leopard.jpg)

Pwny !snowPwny6k 14/6/2011(Tue)07:28:56 No.974154
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File: 6_130803653642_u18chan.png - (73.87kb, 500x500, yayrepeatingtexture.png)
No offence to the artist, but the repeating texture really detracts from the picture. :(
Virtualfox!!LlAJL2MwWv 15/6/2011(Wed)04:18:29 No.974176
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I always use this pic:
It's from a page in the webcomic VG Cats.
Lanoya 18/6/2011(Sat)03:14:14 No.974185
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File: 6_130841005474_u18chan.jpg - (286.72kb, 1475x1475, bunneh bunneh.jpg)
i'm a bunny. in a poncho.
Koshka_Polinski!!sTCDfvKCr6 18/12/2011(Sun)03:34:48 No.1027831
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Fiiine. I'll fix the damn spot texture. I needed a friend to help me with the spots before. I'll try a different style.
Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM 02/3/2012(Fri)04:10:06 No.1044402
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File: koji1_u18chan.png - (199.95kb, 439x386, koji1.png)
Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM 02/3/2012(Fri)04:11:46 No.1044403
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File: koji2_u18chan.gif - (76.44kb, 332x504, koji2.gif)
Ro Koji !RoKoji3/cM 02/3/2012(Fri)04:13:13 No.1044404
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File: koji3_u18chan.png - (240.81kb, 552x504, koji3.png)
Vector 02/3/2012(Fri)08:54:03 No.1044433
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File: afternoon_u18chan.jpg - (582.14kb, 1000x1415, afternoon.jpg)
This is mine. Does it count? It was originally meant to vaguely resemble a huge, upright mouse, but has become more humanoid with time.
Vector 02/3/2012(Fri)08:56:26 No.1044434
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File: Vector3_Final_u18chan.jpg - (546.07kb, 1000x1415, Vector3_Final.jpg)
and another, slightly older one. You get the idea.

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