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File: Picture1664_u18chan.jpg - (178.38kb, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anonymous 19/6/2017(Mon)05:55:05 No.1279099    [Reply]
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Sitting Position
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Anonymous 07/8/2017(Mon)05:43:21 No.1303160
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I would kiss and then finger you gently until you make sounds of great pleasure then we will make passionate love.
Anonymous 14/8/2017(Mon)08:57:07 No.1306571
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my dear, I will spank your bottom and you will be good girl.
Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)05:30:50 No.1308696
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what else can I do but cum as I look at your nice looking warm pussy!

File: tumblr_ooehxl1ScG1wnoo6vo5_1280_u18chan.jpg - (431.08kb, 1147x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
yournakedtoy 18/8/2017(Fri)04:32:56 No.1308683    [Reply]
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I have a tumblr! https://yournakedtoy.tumblr.com/

very fat and furry Anonymous 16/8/2017(Wed)03:32:00 No.1307392    [Reply]
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(7.13mb, 5520x4140)
(6.27mb, 5520x4140)
(6.06mb, 5520x4140)
(6.96mb, 5520x4140)
(6.95mb, 5520x4140)
I know I'm ugly but, What do you think of people?
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Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)08:36:46 No.1308036
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Omg, your'e precious :P
Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)09:04:30 No.1308573
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I love to see those balls of yours dump their load <3
Anonymous 18/8/2017(Fri)12:10:01 No.1308624
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What do I think of people? The hell sort of odd question is that?

File: 20170817_125629_u18chan.jpg - (623.32kb, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ask a trucker anything Tsumaro 17/8/2017(Thu)02:47:12 No.1308179    [Reply]
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Yo, dragoness trucker just bored and willing to answer questions. Just enjoyed a nice bath.
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Ask a trucker anything Tsumaro 17/8/2017(Thu)09:03:47 No.1308336
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I'm out of the bath, and lazy. Got no more now
Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)09:51:21 No.1308371
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What is the truck stop sex scene like? Actual question I hear it's a thing.
Ask a trucker anything Tsumaro 17/8/2017(Thu)10:44:41 No.1308384
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I've never heard that, likely because I was never involved in it. Most who would be familiar are those that buy services from lot lizards. I have seen a few lizards though. Haven't spoken to them. And I also have a fiance, so I never really got involved.

File: 147759057829s_u18chan.png - (30.86kb, 191x115)
Genitals Anonymous 17/8/2017(Thu)03:06:29 No.1308186    [Reply]
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People are being poisoned,infected,numbed,crippled,blinded and spotted by the shampoo,pills,beverages and food.

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