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Hey guys Anonymous 19/2/2017(Sun)05:14:33 No.1224042    [Reply]
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I probably look like a total fag, but I wanted to see what people thought.
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Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)08:48:15 No.1226258
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"to put it simply, since any moron can repost things from wikipedia" Haha woah, can we keep this civil? I don't think the lazy insults are very productive. If you're going to try and hurt my feels (if I have any left) you'll need to be more creative, harder hitting, maybe make fun of my dog, or say my hair looks gay. Something that requires a lot of wit and intelligence.

I wish I could keep up with more "wikipedia" references to combat your baseless assertions and speculations, you know being the only person to really mention any evidence what-so-ever, as much as your word counts as evidence, I try my best to entertain you. It seems you have a lot of emotional investment in some facet of this conversation. I have a simple point to make, I made it, and now I'm just showing people that you might be able to scare off a idiots with a few scientific terms and get them on your side cause apparently you just proved their mutilated as normal somehow, good for...them...you? That sounded fancy, that person must be winning and he's defending my penis, so I like that! You go girl.

"You didn't say, 'too bad you're cut" you went off.....

REALLY....well, let's use both our combined massive IQs to go back and see what the first thing I said was....Oh here it is, "too bad you're cut" damn, the first thing I said was those exact words...not telling you how to science but you might want to work on that.

"Instead, you had to go off and be a fucking cunt about it" Oh okay, so when did being offended start becoming an acceptable argument?
"You hurt my feelings..." yeah so what? What's your point? You being offended doesn't influence anything I said. If someone thinks the electric universe theory is accurate and I call them an idiot while simultaneously teaching them how the universe works and they get offended, that doesn't influence anything at all, definitely not the argument.

"but sure not agreeing with your apparently unchecked urge to demean people who had no choice in the matter. "

Oooooh so you have some sort of qualm with the freedom of the internet to house all free thought on any subject without fear of social repercussion? I'm strongly in favor of voicing any opinion online. If you had a problem with what I said, open a dialogue, and guess what, that sure happened. Did you want me to apologize for offending you? I'm waiting to find out what I did wrong exactly, I'm sure your objective analysis of my words will bring to light what is okay and not okay to say. Please, enlighten me on internet etiquette. Should I have complimented him on his mutilation? When you see a person with triomy 21 do you compliment them on their diversity? Oh wow, you look beautiful today Birtha, your drool is exceptionally thick this morning! No...why entertain a lie? People are stronger when they embrace reality.
Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)08:49:22 No.1226259
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"Would you tell someone missing a leg because of an incident outside of their control that they are hideous because they are missing a leg?"

Really? Outside of their control? If we are taking social responsibility into account it was definitely controllable to have children forcefully mutilated at birth. It seems many places outside of the US have that under control. There is even legislation in the UN that makes female genital mutilation an INTERNATIONAL CRIME. But hey, it can't be helped when it's a male.

But yes, if the person lost their leg because of the stupidity of someone else that would be unfortunate, and it sure as hell is unfortunate for any circumcised male but your analogy falls apart when the person who is missing that limb or leg or whatever then tries to be proud of their missing limb and actually tries to demonize anyone not missing a limb and name them all unlimbless. Seems counter productive to your analogy, not entirely fitting, but I can see your point, albeit, sticks and stones kind of deal. But hey, im glad you are admitting the similarities between limb amputations and circumcision. It's a step in the right direction.

"Or maybe you think that's a false equivalence" Nah, I value logical discourse too much to ever pretend we are engaged in logical discourse to the manner that requires ridiculous fallacy counting. Non equivalence, nah, bad analogy. You had a point to make, and the analogy was extrapolated to show the ridiculousness of it.

and yes, if someone had 9 out of 10 toes I would consider that gross. Telling them that or not would depend how proud they are.

Genetic defences, mutilations, bodily disfigurements of any form should not be seen in high esteem or desired because you are admiring a malfunction something that actively discourages human well-being.

"you do nothing for the cause of trying to overturn religious and traditional mutilation of children." Really? Well, difference of opinion, you're entitled to one, wish you were entitled to a foreskin like you were entitled to an opinion. But apparently I'm harming in your eyes, as one would expect in a position contrary to my own. (despite agreeing with me).
Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)08:49:50 No.1226260
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"you can't just let victims of the acts try to find some acceptance." Why would I when there is nothing acceptable about mutilated genitals....? If beating kids is wrong, why would I be okay with looking at the bruises of a child who was beaten? One might call it being triggered, but I prefer being intellectually activated. I was being open and honest with the individual that the only flaw with their bodies is the fact they have mutilated genitals. Just like I'm sure parents are really nice when they aren't beating their kids. That's what I notice, that's what I convey.

Oh wow, you're flopping around like a fish out of water now with the random statistics bringing up REPRODUCTIVE rates which no one was referring to, definitely not myself. You see humans are fairly effectively at making babies (unfortunately for the dumb ones) so when continents like Africa have these massive population rates it's usually because if they didn't they would collapse, not having a very high life expectancy thus having a large birth rate and high circumcision rate, yet having the worlds highest rates of sexually transmitted disease. It might have a lot to do with the desperation of the US funded efforts to bring circumcision into Africa despite all the statistics that show an increase in disease contraction. It's weird right, how a place that is a festering pit of disease seems to have access to medical procedures that the world considers elective. I'm old fashioned but I think water and food might be a higher priority over having parts of my body cut away. but lets focus on disease prevention by introducing a surgery that has no reliable results that decrease sexual disease instead of promoting condoms use. But hey, it's hard to practice safe sex when your entire population relies on constant offspring else it collapses....so yeah pointing to the circumcision rate and reproduction when no one brought it up isn't really effective.

"But this again doesn't mean I disagree with you on if circumcision on new born children is okay or not. It absolutely isn't okay."

Yes I know that, I'm glad you have intellectual integrity too! It was hard to see among all the petty wikipedia remarks. Your science boner is definitely over 9000 compared to mine. Don't forget that. You need it a lot more than me.

"But you're just such a high horse mounted shit bag that I would rather tear you down to size than say I am on your side and give you some obviously much needed humility."

Oh, wow, now I feel like shit, if only I wasn't riding a 20 hand Clydesdale (thats tall, in case you were unaware of the unit of measurement) <3 You might need an ever higher horse to knock me down. I say that ironically because you were ironically unaware that your own posturing put you on a horse of your own. This was fun though.

So in conclusion, you got offended and you decided your best attack was science. It wasn't very effective.

I'm glad we all agree on one thing though, I am right and you agree with me entirely. You just think I'm a cunt. I'm okay with that. That's doesn't , influence my argument, beliefs, or opinions.

This was my legit reaction to your response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-Eg_xUFhbU

P.S. I look forward to your TLDR response.

Edited at 23/2/2017(Thu)08:52:02

File: image1_u18chan.jpg - (74.44kb, 720x760) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are they too small? Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)08:04:23 No.1226220    [Reply]
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Shes very insecure with her breasts specially when big breasted girls are around. I think hers is nice, what do you all think?
Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)08:10:55 No.1226225
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they look fine to me. but truth be told, the breasts don't matter that much. It's the ass that's important

File: IMG_20170117_160001_u18chan.jpg - (1.83mb, 3264x1836) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anonymous 20/2/2017(Mon)04:23:37 No.1224320    [Reply]
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Hi I'm a smol boy
3 post(s) and 3 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/2/2017(Wed)01:46:36 No.1225595
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got skype or telegram?
Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)12:45:49 No.1225894
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File: IMG_20170117_160526_u18chan.jpg - (607.11kb, 1920x1080)
Waffles 23/2/2017(Thu)06:47:52 No.1226196
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I'd like to know too, except in the kik variety. o3o;

Needs a filling Anonymous 22/2/2017(Wed)06:25:06 No.1225470    [Reply]
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(352.88kb, 800x600)
(376.26kb, 800x600)
Just my booty that could nice a nice filling.
you samuelblack 23/2/2017(Thu)02:58:02 No.1225936
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So where do you live at? Maybe we can meet u and have some fun!
Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)04:52:10 No.1226157
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Southern Germany. So I guess not even close?

File: 20170222_115510_u18chan.jpg - (1.4mb, 2576x1932) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Naked me Haj 22/2/2017(Wed)01:50:51 No.1225597    [Reply]
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GreyFox 23/2/2017(Thu)11:46:50 No.1226067
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50 more please
Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)02:20:17 No.1226103
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Got a Kik? I like to RP and talk dirty and your cock looks delicious.

EarthLumino Kik me ;)
Anonymous 23/2/2017(Thu)02:59:07 No.1226112
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Such an odd looking dick.

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