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File: HTBD_001_u18chan.jpg - (178.82kb, 720x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Here There be Dragons by Karno Anonymous 02/9/2016(Fri)12:21:46 No.1142788    [Reply]
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The Classic Returns!
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Anonymous 01/12/2016(Thu)03:25:33 No.1184833
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File: HtbD_3_page_59_inks_by_Karno_u18chan.jpg - (406.57kb, 778x1152)
Anonymous 17/1/2017(Tue)04:59:10 No.1207334
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any updates lurking around?
Anonymous 18/1/2017(Wed)01:44:05 No.1207639
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obviously not

File: 1461535179.thesecretcave_slitdaycomiclettering-13_u18chan.png - (783.73kb, 819x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hidden Desires Gramble!/2TAP8gbg6 22/11/2016(Tue)03:39:31 No.1180569    [Reply]
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There is a comic pack for 5 USD which includes the comic in full resolution, 2,968 x 4,637 px according to TheSecretCave, with bonus images and sketches. Read if you're interested:

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Edited at 22/11/2016(Tue)03:41:01
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Anonymous 22/11/2016(Tue)06:32:26 No.1180637
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it's not just you.
Anonymous 15/1/2017(Sun)10:24:51 No.1206463
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This is some serious "having your cake and eating it too" bullshit. They have vaginas... oh but wait! they also have penises in those vaginas. It's like they wanted them to be strictly male so it could appeal to gay audiences and to do that they had to find a way to keep the character from being a cunt boy. Would it have been so terrible to just give the character a vagina?

Edited at 15/1/2017(Sun)10:26:24
Anonymous 16/1/2017(Mon)09:20:03 No.1206634
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Someone doesn't know how cloacae work.

To be fair, the artist/writer doesn't fully get it either, but they are dragons. They don't exist anyway.

Edited at 16/1/2017(Mon)09:34:26

File: cff09df8-f6f4-4641-9a2f-6e01674ca122_u18chan.png - (1.73mb, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Argonian Sisters Anonymous 14/1/2017(Sat)10:15:15 No.1205447    [Reply]
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Argonian sisters

File: aaff2aff-23fa-4091-8c54-91446b75fd0b_u18chan.jpg - (333.79kb, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Argonian Sisters Anonymous 14/1/2017(Sat)10:14:15 No.1205446    [Reply]
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Argonian sister

File: ---furry--scaly-scalie-2359704_u18chan.gif - (1.67mb, 800x485) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ewgengster All the dubstep and breaks producers in the World 17/8/2016(Wed)02:10:30 No.1133490    [Reply]
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He is not a well known artist, but I get pretty much delighted with his every new work. Hope you enjoy, sorry if shouldn't have created a new thread or any other noob shit i may have just performed
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Anonymous 02/11/2016(Wed)05:40:19 No.1171243
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File: ---furry--ewgengster-3462822_u18chan.jpeg - (860.38kb, 2226x2240)
Anonymous 30/11/2016(Wed)03:12:12 No.1184493
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File: ---furry--scaly-scalie-3516897_u18chan.jpeg - (747.65kb, 1326x1616)
Anonymous 13/1/2017(Fri)11:16:44 No.1204302
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File: ---furry--scaly-scalie-3600648_u18chan.png - (608.78kb, 811x689)

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